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This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Insect Glaive weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Insect Glaive, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Insect Glaive Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Rising Slash Combo
Buttons A.png Wide Sweep
Button zR.pngButtons X.png
Kinsect: Harvest Extract
Button zR.pngButtons A.png
Kinsect: Recall
Button zR.pngButton R.png
Kinsect: Fire
Button zR.png
Kinsect: Mark Target
Button zR.pngButtons B.png
Buttons X.png in midair
Aerial Attack
Buttons A.png in midair
Jumping Advancing Slash
Buttons B.png in midair
Midair Evade
Buttons zL.pngButtons X.png
Silkbind Attack: Silkbind Vault
Buttons zL.pngButtons A.png
Silkbind Attack: Recall Kinsect

Useful Combos

Combo for Brief Openings

Thrust to Reaping Slash to end with Double Slash

Button L.png + Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png

Basic Combo with Red Extract Stocked

Leaping Slash to Strong Rising Slash Combo to end with Tornado Slash

Button L.png + Buttons A.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons A.png

Mid-air Combo

Vault to Midair Evade to Jumping Advanced Slash

Button zR.png + Buttons B.png to Buttons B.png to Buttons A.png

Insect Glaive New Moves

Official Insect Glaive Preview Video

Knockback Protection


Button zR.png +Buttons X.png to Button zR.png + Buttons A.png

Normally getting all three buffs (Red/Orange/White) grants Knockback Protection in combination with Earplugs. With the demo, it seems that the earplugs effect will be making a comeback.

Effect of each extract

Extract Color Description

Increases Attack

・Movement speed boost
・Jump height boost

・Knockback protection when attacking
・Armor ×1.05

(Red / White / Orange)
・Attack ×1.15
・Armor ×1.1
・Expanded attacking moveset
・Earplugs effect and knockback protection

・Small Health recovery

(Red / White)
・Attack ×1.15
・Attack Boost
・Movement speed boost
・Jump height boost

・Armor ×1.1
・Expanded attacking moveset
Earplugs effect

Silkbind Vault

silkbind vault.png

Silkbind Vault is a Silkbind Attack, where you can jump forward and upward midair, making you gain more air time. This move can be comboed into a variety of attacks, making it a highly useful lead.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Recall Kinsect

recall kinsect.png

Recall Kinsect is a Silkbind Attack where you can recall your Kinsect while simultaneously avoiding attacks from opponents. Players can also recall their Kinsect midair, whereas you would normally have to be on the ground to do it. While moving, the Kinsect will also execute spinning attacks. When your Kinsect returns to you, you will get healed and your Kinsect's stamina will be fully restored.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Insect Glaive Strengths and Weaknesses


Check IconHigh mobility and aerial attacks

Check IconStrong buffs from Kinsect

Check IconGreat at mounting monsters

High Mobility and Aerial Attacks

aerial attacks.png
The Insect Glaive offers the most mobility out of all the weapons in Monster Hunter. You can attack midair and keep attacking if you do the correct moves.

Strong Buffs from Kinsect

The Kinsect can get different extracts from various parts of a monster, giving the Insect Glaive user a number of buffs to their attack power, speed, and defense.

Extract Color Description Duration

・Expanded attacking moveset
・Multi-stage hits

・Movement speed boost
・Jump height boost

・Knockback protection when attacking
・Armor ×1.05

(Red / White / Orange)
・Attack ×1.15
・Armor ×1.1
・Expanded attacking moveset
・Earplugs effect and knockback protection

・Health recovery
・Heal Dust recovery rate boost

Great at Mounting Monsters

Being mostly airborne, Insect Glaive users are the best at mounting monsters.


Check IconIceborne buffs removed in Rise

Check IconWeak without Kinsect extracts

Check IconCan quickly lose sharpness

Check IconNo guarding option

Iceborne Buffs Removed in Monster Hunter Rise

The release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne brought new buffs to the Insect Glaive in the form of the Descending Thrust attack and the Charged Kinsects features. These options have been removed in Monster Hunter Rise, limiting the extent of the Insect Glaive's power and effecitvely nerfing it.

Weak Without Kinsect Extracts

The Insect Glaive is much weaker if you don't make use of the buffs. You will suffer from less attack speed, less attack power, less vault distance, and less defense. These buffs do not last for a long time either; you will have to refresh them every few minutes or so.

Can Quickly Lose Sharpness

quick attacks.png
With the Insect Glaive's fast attack speed, you will find yourself losing sharpness quicker than most weapons. Keep an eye out for skills that enhance sharpness like Master's Touch, Protective Polish, Razor Sharp/True Shot or Handicraft.

No Guarding Option

midair dodge.png
Insect Glaive users will have to time their dodges precisely and take advantage of their aerial abilities, because the Insect Glaive cannot guard.

How to Use the Insect Glaive

Collect and Maintain Extracts

extracts 2.png
Try to collect extracts before you start seriously fighting the monster. The red extract is particularly important; the Insect Glaive has two different movesets for those with and without the red extract. Keep an eye out for when your extracts expire and make sure you maintain them. In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), recalling your Kinsect can also heal you, so recall wisely.

Use aerial attacks to aim for out-of-reach weakspots

Aerial Attacks.jpeg

The Insect Glaive is capable of great leaps to reach high locations and attack from the air. Monster Hunter Rise lacks the advantage of the Descending Thrust, but it still provides the advantage of allowing players to attack weakspots which would be difficult to reach with other melee weapons.

Trigger Environmental Hazards With Kinsect

Insect Glaive users can direct their Kinsect to trigger things in the environment like Flashflies, Poisoncups, and Falling Boulders, so make sure to keep an eye out for these.

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