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This is a guide to the Buddy Dojo, a buddy leveling feature in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all about the Buddy Dojo, how to train buddies, where to access the Dojo, and how to use Buddy Dojo.

What is the Buddy Dojo

A Buddy Training Feature

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Dojo

The Buddy Dojo is a buddy leveler feature for your vacant buddies. Buddies that are occupied (in your party, doing meowcenary work, in the Argosy, etc.) cannot be trained.

Set Rounds to Start Training!

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Dojo Rounds

To start your buddy's dojo sessions, you have to pay Kamura points to buy rounds for your Buddies. One round gets consumed per mission so make sure to set a lot of rounds all at once to avoid the need to return to the Buddy Plaza/Home to train your buddies again.

Consume a Lagniapple to Boost Performance

Monster Hunter Rise - Boost Buddy Dojo Lagniapple

Lagniapple are items you can consume to boost the performance of the training session. The effects will be greater so if you wish to speed up your training, don't hesitate to give your session a boost! Boosting will increase the amount of EXP your buddies will receive while training so use it when multiple buddies are training for maximum effect!

How to Access the Buddy Dojo

Go to the Buddy Plaza and talk to Buddy Expert Shirubei

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Expert Shirubei

The Buddy Dojo can be accessed by talking to the Buddy Expert in the Buddy Plaza.

Buddy Plaza Guide

Talk to your Home Caretaker

Monster Hunter Rise - Care Taker Buddy Dojo

The Home Caretaker can also do a lot of tasks from the Buddy Plaza. If you don't wish to roam around the Buddy Plaza, just head straight to your home and take it to the caretaker!

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