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How to Bring Followers in Quests - List of Followers

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MH Rise Sunbreak - How to Bring Followers - List of Followers
This is a list of followers found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Find out how to Bring your Followers in Quests, how to get more followers, and more below!

Follower Collab Quests
MH Rise Sunbreak - Follower Quests and RewardsFollower Quests MH Rise Sunbreak - Support Survey Quests and RewardsSupport Surveys MH Rise Sunbreak - How to Bring Followers - List of FollowersList of Followers
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List of Followers

Followers and Weapons

Followers Weapons
Rondine the Trader.pngRondine the Trader
Long SwordSwitch AxeInsect Glaive
Master Utsushi.pngMaster Utsushi
Great SwordLong SwordSword and ShieldDual BladesHammerHunting HornLanceGunlanceSwitch AxeCharge BladeInsect GlaiveBowLight BowgunHeavy Bowgun
Minoto the Hub Maiden.pngMinoto the Hub Maiden
Hunting HornLance
Hinoa the Quest Maiden.pngHinoa the Quest Maiden
Hunting HornBowLight Bowgun
Fugen the Elder.pngFugen the Elder
Long SwordDual BladesHammer
Dame Luchika.pngDame Luchika
GunlanceBowLight BowgunHeavy Bowgun
Sir Jae.pngSir Jae
Switch AxeCharge BladeInsect Glaive
Master Arlow.pngMaster Arlow
Great SwordHammerGunlanceCharge Blade
Admiral Galleus.pngAdmiral Galleus
Great SwordSword and ShieldLanceSwitch Axe
Fiorayne the Knight.pngFiorayne the Knight
Great SwordLong SwordSword and ShieldLanceCharge Blade

List of All Characters and Voice Actors

How to Bring Followers in Quests

Choose the Bring Followers Along Option

MH Rise Sunbreak - Bring Followers Along
After Title Update 3, you can now choose whether to Bring Followers Along, Send Join Request, or to do the quest solo before going on a hunt. You can select up to 2 Followers to bring with you.

Take note that having characters as followers is only available if you have the Sunbreak DLC.

Choose A Weapon & Strategize

MH Rise Sunbreak - Choose Followers at the Quest Counter
Each character have different weapons to choose from. Make sure you're making the most out of your choice by looking at what weapons they can use, what their hunting styles are, and what Switch Skills they have. Use this to your advantage when going on hunts!

Banter Between Followers

Depending on who you bring, you can listen in on different banter between followers. Mix and match to find out some interesting interactions between your favorite characters!

Complete Follower Collab Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Arlow is now a Follower
Make sure you have completed a character's Follower Collab Quests so you can bring them on your hunts. Once you have done enough quests, the game will inform you that the character can now accompany you.

If you haven't done their Follower Collab Quests yet, they won't be on your list of followers to bring.
Follower Collab Quests and Rewards

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