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Arena Quest 05.png

This is a comprehensive guide on the Arena Quest 05 found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on for a guide on how to beat Rajang in the Arena, how to get S Rank, armor and weapon loadouts, and more!

Arena Quest 05 Basic Information

Slay a Rajang
Locale Arena
Time Limit 50 min.
Avaliable Weapons
Dual Blades Great sword icon LS Lance HBG

Weapon and Armor Sets

Weapon Loadouts
Dual Blades Great sword icon LS Lance HBG

Dual Blades

Dual Blades Loadout
Tigrex Set
Armor Tigrex S
Armor Skills Earplugs lvl 5
Bludgeoner lvl 3
Speed Eating lvl 3
Mind's Eye lvl 2

Weapon and Switch Skills

Weapon Ashigara Axes
Sharpness Ashigara Sharpness.png
Switch Skills Demon Fury Rush
Feral Demon Mode
Piercing Bind

Item Loadout

Item Pouch
Whetstone.png Whetstone
Throwing Kunai.png Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit.png BBQ Spit

Great Sword

Weapon Loadouts
Dual Blades Great sword icon LS Lance HBG
Greatsword Loadout
Barioth Set.png
Armor Barioth S
Armor Skills Critical Eye lvl 3
Critical Draw lvl 3
Quick Sheath lvl 3
Maximum Might lvl 2

Weapon and Switch Skills

Weapon Abominable Great Sword
Sharpness Abominable Great Sword Sharpness.png
Element Ice
Switch Skills Tackle
Rage Slash
Adamant Charged Slash

Item Loadout

Item Pouch
Whetstone.png Whetstone
Throwing Kunai.png Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit.png BBQ Spit

Long Sword

Weapon Loadouts
Dual Blades Great sword icon LS Lance HBG
Long Sword Loadout
Long Sword.png
Armor Mizutsune S
Armor Skills Resuscitate lvl 3
Bubbly Dance lvl 3
Free Meal lvl 2

Weapon and Switch Skills

Weapon Castellum Long Sword
Sharpness Castellum Sharpness.png
Switch Skills Drawn Double Slash
Spirit Roundslash Combo
Soaring Kick

Item Loadout

Item Pouch
Whetstone.png Whetstone
Throwing Kunai.png Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit.png BBQ Spit


Weapon Loadouts
Dual Blades Great sword icon LS Lance HBG
Lance Loadout
Lance Loadout.png
Armor Diablos S
Armor Skills Guard lvl 5
Attack Boost lvl 4
Offensive Guard lvl 3
Speed Sharpening lvl 3
Stamina Surge lvl 2

Weapon and Switch Skills

Weapon Night Rains Black
Sharpness Night Rains Black Sharpness.png
Switch Skills Drawn Double Slash
Spirit Roundslash Combo
Soaring Kick

Item Loadout

Item Pouch
Whetstone.png Whetstone
Throwing Kunai.png Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit.png BBQ Spit

Heavy Bow Gun

Weapon Loadouts
Dual Blades Great sword icon LS Lance HBG
Lance Loadout
Narga Loadout.png
Armor Nargacuga S
Armor Skills Evade Window lvl 5
Critical Eye lvl 4
Evade Extender lvl 3
Free Meal lvl 3
Recoil Down lvl 2

Weapon and Switch Skills

Weapon Sinister Dreadvolley
Bowgun Attributes Deviation: Mild
Reload: Fast
Mods: Power Barrel
Cluster Bomb Type: Arc Shot
Special Ammo: Wyvernsnipe
Switch Skills Tackle
Counter Shot

Item Loadout

Item Pouch
Throwing Kunai.png Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit.png BBQ Spit

Rank Clear Times

S Rank 4 min 30 sec
A Rank 10 min
B Rank 50 min

S Rank Guide - Dual Blades

Dual Blades S Rank Clear

Loadout Advantages

Dual Blades Advantages
This build is designed for the Dual Blades to output as much damage as possible with few interruptions.
Earplugs reduces DPS loss from roar stun.
Bludgeoner reduces DPS loss from sharpening.
Feral Demon Mode Switch Skill deals damage when dodging.

Binding Pierce is Key

Rajang Silkbind

In order to keep the hunting time as low as possible constant use of the Binding Pierce Switch Skill on Rajang's face and tail is paramount. Binding Pierce should be the opening move against Rajang when the quest starts as it takes a few moments to aggro and level 3 Earplugs will ignore the initial roar. Rajang also has several openings that can be used to successfully apply binding pierce.

Binding Pierce Openings
• After or during Thunder Beam
• After rapid punch attacks
• After Belly Flops, slams and cannon ball attacks

Demon Flurry Rush

Demon Mode.png

The first hit of the Demon Flurry Rush combo (Demon Mode + A Button) should be used as the main combo until longer burst damage chances are possible. The first hit spins the hunter in the desired direction allowing them to stay mobile against Rajang's wild swinging attacks as well as remain within optimal melee range. Be careful not to over commit to the Demon Flurry Rush Combo as the second and third hits have locked animations that may cause you to take an unwanted hit resulting in a DPS loss.

Focus Tail and Sides

Rajang Back Attack.png
While Rajang's head should be dealt as much damage as possible, due to its powerful frontal attacks this may not always be possible. Staying at its sides right under its arms is a great way to deal damage to its chest and face with Demon Flurry Rush. Otherwise Focusing the tail, especially when in Super Mode, is recommended.

Try to Keep in Melee Range

Ranjang jumps and moves a lot which can cost a lot of time if it moves to far. Using Demon Flurry Rush try to keep as close as possible while dodging Rajang's AoE slams. If too much distance is created, it will begin to use its Thunder Breath, Grab attacks and Charge attacks resulting in a potential time added to the hunt.

S Rank Guide - Great Sword

Loadout Advantages

Great Sword Advantages
This loadout is designed for tanking through Rajang's attacks.
Rage Slash Grant's Flinch Free and damage reduction while Charging and increases damage if hit.
Charged Adamant Slash grants Flinch Free during the Dash.
Tackle Negates knockback

Tackle into Rage Slash

The Rage Slash Switch skill is the key to S Rank clear times for Rajang. Being able reliably tank through attacks increases overall DPS especially due to the attack boost from being hit while in Rage Slash. If Rajang is setting up one of his multi hit attacks be sure to Tackle through to quickly enter Rage Slash. Keep an eye on your health. Rage Slash reduces damage taken while charging but hunters tanking too many hits from Rajang may find their health at critical levels.

Charge Slash Openings
• Roar after rapid punch attacks
• After Belly Flops, slams and cannon ball attacks
• After or During Thunder Beam.
• Roar when going Super Mode (Tackle through during Super Enraged Mode).

Adamant Charged Slash to Close In

Rage Slash.png
The adamant Charged Slash Switch Skill is both great opener to the fight and the quickest access to Rage Slash. If Rajang has created some distance due to his fist attacks or spin attacks use the Adamant Charged Slash to close in on his head or tail. The combination of a Flinch Free dash into a Rage Slash will keep hunters from being tossed about by Rajang's counterattacks.

Keep Power Sheathe Up

Power Sheathe.png
Hunters should aim to have the Power Sheathe Switch Skill active as much as possible due to the attack boost. Power Sheathe can also be used as a counterattack set up by dashing through or around to flank Rajang before going into an empowered Rage Slash or Adamant Charged Slash.

Keep Wyvern Rides Short

Rajang Riding.png
Since the Great Sword's raw Charge Attack damage is so high, Wyvern Riding Rajang into walls results in a DPS loss and will add more time to your hunt. Toss Rajang to the ground as soon as possible and aim to hit with an aerial Charge Attack or Adamant Charged Slash at his tail or head upon landing.

S Rank Guide - Long Sword

S Rank Long Sword Clear

Loadout Advantages

Long Sword Advantages
This loadout is designed to increase evasion and attack via Bubbly Dance.
Bubbly Dance Applies Bubbleblight after dodging 3 times, negates the negative effects and increases evasion.
Resuscitate grants an attack boost when afflicted with bubbleblight.

Endless Counters

Iai Spirit Slash.png
The key to S Rank with the Long Sword is taking advantage of Rajang's extreme aggression by countering as many hits as possible using Iai Spirit Slash and unleashing a max level Spirit Helm Breaker. The more attacks successfully countered, the higher the DPS and shorter the clear time. Since this is a high risk, high reward play style, hunters may find themselves in a pinch from a single badly timed counter.

Countering Roars

Rajang's intial roar and Enraged Super Mode Roar can be countered with Iai Spirit Slash or Foresight Slash. An optimal opener would be gaining 2 Spirit Gauge levels by countering the initial encounter roar with Iai Sprity Slash then using the Sprit Roundslash combo immediately after.

Foresight Slash in a Pinch

This build does not include Quick Sheathe so the Iai Special Stance will be at the default speed. Using Foresight Slash may be more optimal in situations where Special Stance into Iai Spirit Slash would take too long.

Spirit Helm Breaker Positioning

Spirit Helm Breaker.png
Having a max level Spirit Helm Breaker hit anywhere other than Rajang's head or tail will be a DPS loss and will add time to your run. Be strategic in your positioning and aim to deal the most damage to Rajang's weak points.

Bubbly Dance Application

Bubbly Dance.png
Taking advantage of the Resuscitate and Bubbly Dance attack buff can also help increase overall DPS if you can find a window for 3 consecutive dodge rolls. Bubbly Dance and the attack buff from Resuscitate will fall off when hit so plan your applications wisely.

Bubbly Dance Windows
• Dodging Thunder Beam
• Dodging Rajang's Grab Attack
• After knocking down Rajang

S Rank Guide - Lance

Loadout Advantages

Lance Advantages
This loadout is designed to increase damage output after perfect blocks.
Guard allows most attacks to be blocked and lowers stamina consumption.
Offensive Guard grants an attack boost after a perfect Guard.

Spiral Thrust Counter

Spiral Thrust.png
Similar to the Long Sword, the key to a fast run is a counter heavy strategy using the Spiral Thrust Switch Skill. Perfect counters with Spiral Thrust will not only empower the Lance but also trigger Offensive Guard granting a further attack increase.

Spiral Thrust to Reposition

Spiral Thrust causes the hunter to wiredash and thrust attack in the desired direction twice. Use this to reposition when Rajang's attacks create unwanted distance or to ensure lance attacks are hitting weak spots.

Grab the Extra Wirebug

Extra Wirebug.png
Hunters should pick up the extra Wirebug in the southwest area of the Arena to maximize the number of Spiral Thrust counters.

Insta-Block In a Pinch

If wirebugs are on cooldown then hunters will want to rely on the Insta-Block Switch skill to maintain the attack boost from Offensive Guard as well as create thrust or wide sweep openings.

Incorporate Charged Wide Sweeps

Charge Sweep.png
With a Lance empowered from Spiral Thrust and Offensive Guard, a fully charged Wide Sweep will also do massive damage. Because of the charge up time for this attack it is recommended that it only be used when an ample attack window is available such as when Rajang is knocked down or KO'd.

S Rank Guide - Heavy Bowgun

Loadout Advantages

Heavy Bowgun Advantages
This loadout is designed to easily evade heavy attacks and maintain range.
Evade Extender increases dodge distance.
Evade Window lenthens invincibility frames when dodging.
Recoil Down Reduces Sinister Dreadvolley's recoil.

Recommended Ammo Types

The various ammo types are what makes both Light and Heavy Bowguns versatile. Below are the recommended ammo types for a speedy clear.

Ammo Types

Compensate for Deviation

Bowgun Deviation.png
Shots from the Sinister Dreadvolley Heavy Bowgun deviate to the right mildly and should be accounted for when firing from beyond mid range. Hunters should compensate for this deviation by aiming slightly left at midrange particularly when using Normal Ammo as shooting from too far or missing weak points will cause a DPS loss.

Open With Sticky Ammo

Sticky Ammo.png
Opening with Sticky Ammo on Rajang's head will ensure a fast knock out and potentially a broken horn. This creates a huge DPS window very early on in the fight allow hunters to safely fire power shots at point blank range. Ranjang will most likely go into Super Mode following this opening.

Thunder Beam Counter Shot

Counter Thunder.png
Using the Heavy Bowgun Counter Shot Switch Skill is a key technique to boost DPS. Since hunters will be keeping their distance from Rajang, it will use its Thunder Beam quite often. Hunters should be prepared to use the Counter Shot immediately in order to both negate the attack and deal massive damage to Rajang's head.

Slicing Ammo to Break Parts

Slicing Ammo.png
Slicing Ammo is recommended as the main ammo type once all Sticky Ammo is exhausted. Not only does it deal consistent damage to Rajang's weak points, but can also break parts and knock Rajang out of Super Mode when used on its tail. Part breaking also flinches Rajang and allows for more safe head shots.

Normal Ammo 3 should be used once all Slicing Ammo is exhausted and Hunter's should adjust their range accordingly.

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