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rakna-kadaki banner.png
This is an article about Rakna-Kadaki, a new monster appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn everything we know about Rakna-Kadaki, the currently revealed Rakna-Kadaki armor sets, and the effects of its attacks.

Rakna-Kadaki Latest Information

Rakna-Kadaki New Monster.png
Type Neopteron
Element Fire Ailment Webbed
Breakable Parts
Coming Soon!
Official Description
This creature's body is covered in webbing, as if it's wearing a white gown. It uses its webs to stop hunters in their tracks, before attacking them with burning gas. It is always seen carrying its offspring with it. Known as "Rachnoid," these little creatures provide their mother with support in moving around and catching prey. Be very careful of their combined attacks.

Location and Areas Visited

Coming Soon!

Appeared in the Rampage Trailer

During the Nintendo Direct on February 17, the rumored Rakna-Kadaki was finally announced! It previously appeared for a brief moment in the Announcement Trailer as a teaser, but was not formally introduced.
Nintendo Direct February 17 New Monsters and Summary

Rakna-Kadaki Armor Set Preview

Rakna-Kadaki Armor Set (Male) Rakna-Kadaki Armor Set (Female)
rakna-kadaki male armor and charge blade.pngEnlarge rakna-kadaki female armor and charge blade.pngEnlarge
Rakna-Kadaki Palamute Armor Rakna-Kadaki Palico Armor
rakna-kadaki palamute armor set.pngEnlarge rakna-kadaki palico armor set.pngEnlarge

It's finally confirmed that the armor set in the Charge Blade video is indeed Rakna-Kadaki's! The Palamute and Palico armor were also revealed in the same tweet.

Rakna-Kadaki Characteristics

Spider-like Monster Using Webs and Fire

rakna-kadaki 2.png
Rakna-Kadaki is a spider-like monster covered in its own webs, residing in the Lava Caverns. It can also unleash fiery hell with its breath, fitting for the locale.

Accompanied by Rachnoid

rachnoid with rakna-kadaki.png
If the idea of facing off against a giant spider wasn't bad enough, it also has little spiders along for the ride: Rachnoids. While Rachnoids might not be deadly alone, they might prove troublesome when they're with Rakna-Kadaki.

Rakna-Kadaki Attack Patterns

Webbed Status Effect

rakna-kadaki wide range web attack.png
When Rakna-Kadaki hits you with one of its web attacks, you will get Webbed. Being Webbed means you get trapped, making you vulnerable to its other attacks.

Fire Breath

fire breath rakna-kadaki.png
One such attack that it will do when you are webbed is its Fire Breath. Normally webs would be burned by fire, but Rakna-Kadaki's webs might be heat-resistant, considering that it lives in the Lava Caverns.

Long-Range Rush Attack

rakna-kadaki long range attack.png
Bowgun users will often play from a distance, but Rakna-Kadaki makes sure you're in close contact with its long-range rush attack. It flings Rachnoids ahead of it with its webs attached, and pulls itself towards them with a slam.

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