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This is a farming guide for Goldlite Ore, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn how to get Goldlite Ore, all mining locations, drop rates from monsters and quests, also Goldlite Ore uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Goldlite Ore - Basic Information

Name Goldlite Ore ImageGoldlite Ore
Description A glittering golden ore. Its sandstorm-polished surface is pleasing to the touch.
Rarity 8 Type Ore
Sell Price 1260 Hold Limit 99

Best Farming Route for Goldlite Ore

Faming Route in Sandy Plains

Sandy Plains
Upper Level Lower Level

Don't forget to eat to maximize your stamina, which will be useful for running around a lot! Palamutes are also useful when you go on expeditions to farm certain items.

You can also use your Palamute when you go on expeditions to farm certain items as you can use their Sniff 'em Out! ability to help you look for farming nodes!

Goldlite Ore - Mining Locations

Location Summary
Obtained from Master Rank mining outcrops in the Sandy Plains.

Gathering Spots: Master Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Sandy Plains Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)

Meowcenaries: Master Rank

Map Node Type
Sandy Plains Ore Node

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Hub Quest M★3 A Sandy Spider Nest ½

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½. Items which are guaranteed a minimum of a set amount are marked as "min."

Goldlite Ore - Crafting Uses

Effect Summary
Used as forging material.

Used to Craft Weapons

Lance Image Royal Order's Guard (×3) Hunting Horn Image Royal Order's Horn (×3)
Lance Image Elder Babel Spear+ (×2) Charge Blade Image Barroth Guardian (×4)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Lance Image Classy Fragrance+ (×2) Gunlance Image Datura Gunlance+ (×2)
Long Sword Image Devil Slicer+ (×3) Lance Image Elder Babel Spear+ (×3)
Bow Image Grand Glowing Oath (×4) Heavy Bowgun Image Meteor Cannon III (×2)
Gunlance Image Praetorian Guardlance+ (×5) Hunting Horn Image Queen Chordmaker+ (×3)
Light Bowgun Image Redeemer's Lotus (×4)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Waist Image Guardian Coil (×2) Waist Image Regios Coil (×2)
Waist Image Basarios Coil X (×3) Torso Image Guardian Suit (×2)
Waist Image Guild Bard Coil / Scholar's Skirt (×1) Arms Image Outpost HQ Braces (×1)
Head Image Rathian Helm X (×3) Legs Image Squire's Greaves (×1)
Head Image Guild Bard Lobos / Scholar's Beret (×1) Arms Image Basarios Vambraces X (×2)
Arms Image Guild Bard Braces / Scholar's Gloves (×2) Arms Image Squire's Braces (×1)
Torso Image S. Studded Vest X (×1) Arms Image Anjanath Vambraces X (×2)

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