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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Switch Axe Builds and Best Equipment Guide

This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Switch Axes in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn about the best Switch Axes for the Sunbreak expansion and the best Skills and Armor pieces to use with the Switch Axes for Low, High, and Master Rank.

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Latest Sunbreak MR Build

Lucent Power Phial

Weapon ATK DEF Affinity
MizarMizar's Asterism
340 0 0%
/ Status
Slots Rampage Slots
Poison Image 18
Phial Type Power
Armor Slots Skills
Kaiser Crown XKaiser Crown X ①①①
Archfiend Armor BauloArchfiend Armor Baulo ③②ー
Golden LunebracesGolden Lunebraces ④②①
Rathalos Coil X Rathalos Coil X ②ーー
Malzeno GreavesMalzeno Greaves ④①①
Talisman Critical Eye Lv.3
Rampage Decoration
Rampage Skill Spiribird Doubled
Build Merits We built around Lucent Nargacuga's Switch Axe and complimented its raw stats with a good blend of damage and survivability. Offense is bolstered through your usual staples, plus Chain Crit. The Switch Axe's QoL is improved via Protective Polish, Speed Sharpening, and Rapid Morph. Lastly, Evade Extender is added to provide much-needed mobility to the build.
As with most Lucent Nargacuga weapons, we recommend Attack Boost or Rampage Slot Upgrade Qurious Augments for more damage. The latter allows you to slide in Wyvern or Fanged Exploit while Attack Boost is a less potent, but universal damage increase.

Master Rank Switch Axe Builds

High Rank Build

MH Rise - High Rank Switch Axe Builds

Gathering Hub HR 4 - HR 100+

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Switch Axe builds to spice up your hunts.

►High Rank Switch Axe Builds

Latest Builds Rank
3.0 Morphing Rampager Build HR 100+

Low Rank Build

MH Rise - Low Rank Switch Axe Builds

Village Quests - Low Rank Hub

Check out the best Switch Axe builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.

►Low Rank Switch Axe Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Razor Sharp Build Village Quest ★4 to ★6

Best Switch Axe Skills

Best Skills for Switch Axe
Rapid Morph
Speeds up morph speed and damage.
Weakness Exploit
up to 50% bonus affinity when striking enemy weakspots.
Critical Eye
Higher affinity means more damage. Try to aim for at least 80-100% affinity for final builds.
Evade Extender
More distance covered per dodge means you can easily get out of harms way or move to a better position faster to hit enemy weakspots.
Attack Boost
More damage. Try to aim for level 4 for extra stat bonus.
Razor Sharp
Switch Axes are known for their rapid sharpness loss. Razor Sharp allows you to efficiently maintain your sharpness during hunts.
Evade Window
Longer invincibility frames greatly improves the Switch Axe's survivability since the Switch Axe can't guard and must only rely on evasion.
Power Prolonger
Extends buffed up state.
Faster Switch Axe charging.
Flinch Free
A must have skill for multiplayer.

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