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The Blastoad is one of the many useful Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Keep reading to learn all we know about the Blastoad and how you can utilize it in your hunts!

Blastoad Basic Information

endemic life Blastoad icon.png
Type Hunting Helper
Official Description
A large toad with a distinct red body. It stores an explosive gas that, when emitted and mixed with the air, can cause an explosion powerful enough to topple even large monsters.

How to Use Blastoad

Impressive AOE Damage

Dangerous Blastoad Friendly Fire!.png

A Blastoad deals a whopping 140 damage once activated, which does more damage compared to a large barrel bomb than only does 80 damage. This damage, however, is AOE and can also damage the player. Make sure you and your teammates retreat to a safe distance once you trigger it.

Knocks Down Monsters

Magnamalo Bites the Blast.gif

A Blastoad has an explosion large enough to knock a monster off its feet! Be wary of its timing as the Blastoad does not detonate immediately. It's better to place the Blastoad next to a monster once you see an opening, like it being stuck on an attack or rearing for a large swing.

How to Get Blastoad

All Blastoad Locations

Shrine Ruins Area 9, Area 11
Flooded Forest Area 4
Lava Caverns Area 7 underground

Shrine Ruins

Blastoad Locations in the Shrine Ruins.pngEnlarge

Found in Between Areas 9 and 11


On a hill in between areas 9 and 11 is where you can find the Blastoad. Make sure to ride the Great Wirebug only once then wirebug forward, onto a nearby cliff ledge.

Shrine Ruins Maps and Materials

Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest Blastoad

Flooded Forest Map and Materials

Lava Caverns

Lava Caverns Blastoad location

Lava Caverns Map and Materials

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