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This page is about the Gowngoat, a small monster found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. More information about Gowngoats will be announced as soon as Sunbreak is released, so stay tuned to this page for more updates on Gowngoats.

Gowngoat Basic Information

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Type Herbivore
Official Description
Much of this monster's tail is covered in slate gray-colored hair, which is thought to have evolved in order to help it blend in with the surrounding rocks when it curls up into a ball. It is mostly quiet by nature and tends to live in groups, and it will flee on a moment's notice if the group ever comes under attack.

Gowngoat Materials and Drops

Master Rank

Material Drop Rate
Gowngoat Thickfur 42%
Large Herbivore Bone 28%
Gowngoat Fleeceball 20%
Raw Meat 10%

Gowngoat Quest Appearances

Master Rank

Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest M★3 Soft or Spotty?

Gowngoat Locations

Farm Gowngoat at the Citadel

Outbreak of Boggi 1 / 2
Outbreak of Hornetaur 1 / 2
Outbreak of Pyrantula 1 / 2
Normal Quest 1 / 2

Take note that the Citadel is accessible at Master Rank 3. No outbreaks of this monster have been encountered yet.

Make sure to pick up some wirebugs along the way to travel faster!

Recommended Quest to Farm Gowngoats

It is recommended to farm Gowngoats by doing the Soft or Spotty? Master Rank 3 quest. This will highlight all Gowngoats on the Citadel map!

Gowngoat Characteristics

Blends To Their Surroundings

MHR Sunbreak - Gowngoat 2

According to the description published by Capcom Asia, Gowngoats were able to survive monsters around the Citadel by blending to its surrounding. It's white to gray-ish fur acts as a camouflage against bigger and stronger monsters.

Generally Docile

MHR Sunbreak - Gowngoat 1

These small monsters are docile by nature and feed on grass around the Citadel. They will run away at the first sign of danger or curl into a ball.

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