Sunbreak Demo Guide: Monsters and How to Download | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

MH Rise Sunbreak - Sunbreak Demo Guide and Monsters

Experience Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak with the demo. Find out the release date of the Sunbreak demo, how to download it on Nintendo Switch and Steam (PC), and other new features below!

Sunbreak Demo

Demo is Available Now!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Demo Available.png

The demo has been made available as of 1:10 AM GMT on both Switch and Steam. You can start playing as soon as you finish the download, so hop in!

Start Time June 14, 6:10PM PDT / June 15, 2:10AM BST
End Time Unconfirmed

Everything You Need To Know About Sunbreak DLC

Will Replace Base Game Demo

The Sunbreak demo will replace the Monster Hunter Rise base game demo after the entire expansion is released. The old demo which features Magnamalo will no longer be available to download after June 30, 2022.

This news was first announced in Monster Hunter's official Twitter account.

Free Item Pack

MHRise Sunbreak - Free Items from the Demo.png
You get a free item pack upon release day when you play the Sunbreak demo. Be sure to download and play the demo while you can!
Free Rewards: How to Get Free Gifts

How to Download the Demo

On the Nintendo Switch

Go to the Monster Hunter Rise listing on the eShop.
2 Click on Download Demo button just below the purchase button.
Choose the MHR: Sunbreak option.
4 Wait for your download. The file size is 3.2GB so it may take a while.

On PC (Steam)

Search for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo on Steam or go to this link.
Scroll down the page until you see the green Play Game button. Click on it! It should start downloading immediately.
3 Wait for your download. The file size is 7.5GB so it may take a while.

New Sunbreak Demo Features

Hunt Sunbreak Monsters

MH Rise Sunbreak - Sunbreak Monster Quests
You can hunt Sunbreak Monsters with varying degrees of difficulty. These quests are replayable, so you can hunt as much as you want!

Difficulty Monster
Beginner Great Izuchi
Intermediate Tetranadon
Expert Astalos
Advanced Malzeno

Hunt Master Rank Monsters

Tetranadon MR - Self-Inflate

A Tetranodon self-inflating, which it cannot do in Low and High Rank hunts.

The harder quests available in the demo not only feature the new monsters included in Sunbreak, but also the Master Rank versions of older monsters seen in the base game. These monsters now have several new moves on their arsenal, and will pack a stronger punch!

Does MH Rise Have Master Rank?

Try the New Jungle Map

:MH Rise Sunbreak - Explore the new Jungle locale

The Jungle map was first introduced in Monster Hunter 2. Now, all players can explore this tropical thicket at the Sunbreak Demo!

The Jungle

Learn New Skills with Training Quests

MH Rise Sunbreak - Learn Basics with Training Quests
Both veterans and new players can test their skills with Training Quests available at the Sunbreak demo. Learn basic hunting skills, new Switch Skills and Silkbind Attacks, and Wyvern Riding. These quests are replayable so you can try them out as much as you like!
How to Switch Skill Swap

Play with Other Players

MH Rise Sunbreak - Online Lobbies

The Sunbreak demo quests can be played with other players via local multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch and online multiplayer for both consoles. Use this as a chance to hone up your skills and prepare for the arrival of Master Rank hunts!

Co-op Multiplayer Guide

Past Monster Hunter Demos

The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to promoting its releases with demos. Capcom historically drops their final demos a week or two before release!

Game Demo Release Full Release
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate August 16, 2018 August 28, 2018
Monster Hunter World January 19, 2018
(3rd beta)
January 26, 2018
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne August 30, 2019
(Final beta)
September 6, 2019
Monster Hunter Rise March 11, 2021 (Version 2) March 26, 2021

Impressions on Sunbreak Demo

The following contains content from the Sunbreak Demo. Impressions may change once the full version is released.
Comment below on what you think of the demo!

Switch Skills Difficulty

MH Rise Sunbreak - Switch Skill Loadouts
A lot of players may have a hard time mastering the new Switch Skills, and it seems like it will take some time mastering some of the other skills introduced in the demo as well.

Although, according to an official interview on the game, it seems like the balance of the game won't be heavily affected by these skills. So you have the choice of not using these new skills if you are not comfortable.

Wirebug Gauge Use

MH Rise Sunbreak - Wirebug Gauge
With the onset of more powerful Switch Skills for Master Rank in Sunbreak, Wirebug Gauge use will be more prominent. It's important to grab wirebugs along the way, and think before using a skill to manage your gauge properly.

Only Silkbind Attacks Shown

MH Rise Sunbreak - Hammer Impact Burst Silkbind Attack.png
New silkbind attacks were made available in the demo, but no Switch Skills have been officially shown. This is disappointing for fans who want to get ahead and figure out new skills to be released in Sunbreak.
List of All New Silkbind Attacks and Switch Skills

Great Sword's Counter is Powerful

MH Rise Sunbreak - Great Sword Strongarm Stance Silkbind Attack
The silkbind attack Strongarm Stance is a new powerful move for the great sword. Using Strongarm Stance, the hunter reinforces their arms and their weapon to fend off attacks with a counter.

It may take some getting used to since after the counter, changing the direction of your attack doesn't work.
Great Sword Guide

Gunlance's Bullet Barrage is Fast

MH Rise Sunbreak - Gunlance Bullet Barrage Silkbind Attack
The gunlance's new silkbind attack, Bullet Barrage is an easy to use and fast. Using this, you jump at the opponent at high speed and causes great damage.

Overall, this is a good addition to the gunlance's set of moves.
Gunlance Guide

Insect Glaive Buffs and Bonuses

MH Rise Sunbreak - Powder Vortex
The Insect Glaive's kinsect bonus, Powder Vortex, allows the Kinsect to collect dust particles and then concentrates them for an explosion. This move is very powerful in the demo, and can be used to your advantage when fighting tough monsters like Malzeno.

In addition to Powder Vortex, other kinsect bonuses were added. A lot of good buffs were added on Sunbreak which further strengthens the Insect Glaive weapon.
Insect Glaive Guide

The Long Sword Nerf

MH RIse Sunbreak - Long Sword Harvest Moon Silkbind Attack.gif
With Spirit Helm Breaker's damage reduction and Soaring Kick's extended cooldown means that the Long Sword isn't as powerful as it was before.

Although the Long Sword has a lot of great counters for fights, it may not hold it's position as one of the most powerful weapons once Sunbreak releases.

Malzeno Impressions

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno

Malzeno is a moderately strong monster and a great addition to Sunbreak. Although intimidating at first with its teleport skills and slam attacks, it has a lot of weak points that can be exploited.

Since it is not as big as other monsters and its weak points are on its front legs, it can be easily hit and defeated when you know its patterned attacks.

Malzeno Guide: How to Beat

Spirids' Auto Collect

MH Rise Sunbreak - prism spiribird
As you play the demo, you will notice that your maximum HP will increase rapidly. Apparently, a system has been implemented that automatically gathers human soul birds at regular intervals.

The Jungle's Scenic Beauty

MH Rise Sunbreak - The Jungle Demo Impression

We got a preview of the Jungle, and the whole map was nostalgic but at the same time refreshing with its secret passages and tunnels. We can expect more new exciting places to discover with the release of the game!
Jungle Map and Sub-Camp Location

New Powerful Endemic Life

Endemic life like Slicercrabs and Starburst Bugs are very powerful in fighting against enemies, and can even down big monsters. This can make fighting monsters a bit easier, and can end them fast.

It is important to know the lay of the land and find out where these critters are hanging so you can easily lure monsters into their habitat.
List of Endemic Life

New Palico Moves: Lottery Box and Kittenator

MH Rise Sunbreak Kittenator.gif

Although not officially announced, the Palico in the Sunbreak Demo is able to use two new Palico Moves, Lottery Box and Kittenator. The Lottery Box allows your buddy to use a random Palico Move that it wouldn't otherwise be able to, including the powerful Kittenator, which may be exclusive to Lottery Box as a kind of Ultimate Attack.

All Palico Equipped Moves

Other Minor Changes

・Boarding on a Palamute has become faster
・You don't need to jump on the wall to climb it, you can just walk towards it and start climbing (toggle on or off in options: Transition to Wall Climbing)
・You can now choose whether or not to automatically ride a wyvern when attacking it or not (toggle on or off in options: Buttons for Wyvern Riding)
・The route of Great Wirebugs are now displayed on the map.

Everything You Need To Know About Sunbreak DLC

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