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The Lampsquid is one of the many useful Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Keep reading to learn all we know about the Lampsquid and how you can utilize it in your hunts!

Lampsquid Basic Information

Lampsquid Type Description
endemic life Red Lampsquid icon.png
Red Lampsquid
Red Lampsquid ink temporarily increases concentration, granting the consumer a higher chance of landing critical strikes.
endemic life Yellow Lampsquid icon.png
Yellow Lampsquid
Yellow Lampsquid ink temporarily dulls the nerves, making the consumer more resistant to pain.
endemic life Green Lampsquid icon.png
Green Lampsquid
Green Lampsquid ink has curative properties, healing injuries and wounds to an extent.
endemic life Golden Lampsquid icon.png
Golden Lampsquid
The Golden Lampsquid owes its aureate glow to its ink, which is known to promote concentration, fortitude, and the healing of any and all wounds.

How to Use Lampsquid

Intercept their Route!

Chasing Lampsquids.gif

Similar to the Spiribirds, coming into contact with Lampsquids grants you a temporary buff. Unlike Spiribirds, buff from Lampsquids does not last the entire hunt, it only lasts for 1 minute and 8 Seconds.

Get Red Lampsquid for an Affinity Up!

Stats without Red Lampsquid Stats with Red Lampsquid

The Red Lampsquid gives Affinity Up. With an affinity bonus of 50% at max! If you want to dish out some serious damage, make sure to get fully covered in their ink before picking a fight.

Get Yellow Lampsquid for Divine Protection!

Getting the Yellow Lampsquid buff grants Divine Protection. Divine Protection gives a chance of temporary damage decrease. Use this to your advantage and get Yellow Lampsquid if you get the chance.

Get Green Lampsquid for a Quick Heal!

Green Lampsquids give a small amount of healing and are useful for clutch moments when you are low at health while mid-battle. Green Lampsquids are often found trailing alongside Red and Yellow Lampsquids, eliminating the need for you to look far for them.

Get Golden Lampsquid for All Buffs!

The Golden Lampsquid heals you for a good amount and grants you all the other buffs that the other Lampsquids give. The Golden Lampsquid can be often seen traveling solo, so go for them immediately before you start fighting!

How to Get Lampsquid

All Lampsquid Locations

Frost Islands Area 3, Area 7, Area 10, Area 11 underground

Frost Islands

Lampsquids are often found traveling through the watery areas of the Frost Islands.

Frost Islands Map and Sub-Camp Locations

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