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This is a guide to Hunting Horn Songs and Effects in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Hunting Horn Note Types, Best Songs, and Song Effects including Sonic Barrier and more!

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Songs and Effects

Best Hunting Horn Songs

Top 5 Hunting Horn Songs

Song Explanation
Sonic Barrier Contrary to its official in-game description, Sonic Barrier doesn't negate damage. Instead, you and your teammates gain a barrier that negates getting flinched or knocked back by attacks, getting stunned from roars, wind pressure, and tremor once. But considering how spammable all the songs are, you can virtually be immune to anything that can stun you!
Attack and Defense Up This is Attack Up and Defense Up rolled into one delicious song. No need for further explanation!
Attack and Affinity Up Much like the previous song, this song is Attack Up and Affinity Up all-in-one meal.
Attack Up More damage is always welcome.
Affinity Up More affinity means more critical hits, which means you do more damage!

Most of these songs are for a more offensive build. There's a ton of songs that give you and your teammates defensive capabilities and utility, so check them all out and see what suits your playstyle the best!

List of All Hunting Horn Songs

List of Miscellaneous Songs

Song Effect
Self-Improvement Temporarily boosts movement speed and prevents your attacks from being deflected.
Sonic Wave Generates a high-frequency shockwave. Deals damage at a short range.
Environment Damage Negated Temporarily nullifies certain forms of terrain-based damage.
Sharpness Loss Reduced Temporarily reduces loss of weapon sharpness.

List of Buffing Songs

Song Effect
Infernal Song Boosts attack considerably for a period of time. (Limited to filling up the Hunting Horn gauge.)
Attack Up Temporarily boosts attack.
Defense Up Temporarily boosts defense.
Attack and Defense Up Temporarily boosts attack and defense.
Affinity Up Temporarily boosts attacks.
Attack and Affinity Up Temporarily boosts attack and increases affinity.
Elemental Attack Boost Temporarily boosts the weapon's element.
Divine Protection Has a chance of temporarily decreasing damage received.

List of Health- and Stamina-Related Songs

Song Effect
Health Regeneration Gradually restores health for a period of time.
Health Recovery (S) Restores a sliver of health.
Health Recovery (L) Restores health.
Health Recovery (S) + Antidote Remedies poison and restores a sliver of health.
Stamina Use Reduced Temporarily reduces stamina depletion.
Stamina Recovery Up Temporarily increases stamina regeneration.

List of Anti-Crowd Control Songs

Song Effect
Sonic Barrier Temporarily creates a barrier of sound that nullifies damage once.
Blight Negated Temporarily nullifies all elemental blights.
Earplugs (S) Nullifies weak monster roars.
Earplugs (L) Nullifies weak and strong monster roars.
Knockbacks Negated Temporarily prevents knockback from enemy attacks.
Stun Negated Temporarily grants protection against being stunned.
Tremors Negated Temporarily grants protection against ground tremors.
Wind Pressure Negated Temporarily grants protection against wind pressure.

Different Types of Hunting Horn Notes

Types of Notes

Blue (X) Red (A) Green (X+A)
blue note hunting horn.png red note hunting horn.png green note hunting horn.png

There are three types of notes you can play through the three different basic attacks.

To activate the song assigned to the note, you'll need to play the same note twice. You can also play all three notes a minimum of one time, then do the Magnificent Trio (zR + X) to activate all the songs along with the Self-Improvement song.

How to Use the Hunting Horn

Songs Expire Over Time

white vs orange songs.png
It should be noted that all songs expire after a period of time, so make sure to keep an eye on their color and keep them active! When the song is white, that means it is inactive. When it's orange, that means it's currently active.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, which are the songs with one-time effects like Health Recovery (S) and Sonic Wave.

Songs Not Exclusive to Notes

It should be noted that songs aren't exclusive to one note. For example, one Hunting Horn could have Defense Up tied to the blue note (Kamura Chorus), while another Hunting Horn can have it on its red note (Zurogong Primo), and another would have it on the green note (Frilled Flute).

So keep an eye on what Hunting Horn you're using and what songs it offers! Not every Hunting Horn is made equal, and some are just bound to be better than others.

Same Melodies Don't Stack

Playing the same melodies at the same time only refreshes the melody timer not stack the effects and time. For example, if you play an Attack Up melody one after another, it will not stack the attack buff and the remaining melody timer.

Infernal Melody Can't Be Played Simultaneously

If there are two Hunting Horn users in your party and both have Infernal Melody ready, only one can play the Song of Raging Flame at a time. The other Horn user must wait for the first Song of Raging Flame to expire before they can play!

Hunting Horn Builds and Best Equipment

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