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This page is about the Pyrantula, a small monster found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. More information about Pyrantulas will be announced as soon as Sunbreak is released, so stay tuned to this page for more updates on Pyrantulas.

Pyrantula Basic Information

small monster Pyrantula icon.png
Type Temnoceran
Official Description
Offspring of the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki. Pyrantula usually stay put, relying on their progenitor for almost all movement. On the other hand, they treat all who approach as threats, eagerly attacking any invaders they detect. Their bodies contain explosive gasses that the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki can detonate through webs, generating small explosions.

Pyrantula Materials and Drops

Master Rank

Material Drop Rate
Pyrantula Maroon Thread 52%
Monster Essence 31%
Tough Claw 17%

Pyrantula Quest Appearances

Master Rank

Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest M★4 Tears for Temnocerans

Pyrantula Locations

Farm Pyrantula in Lava Caverns

Lava Caverns
Outbreak of Rachnoid 4 / 10
Outbreak of Remobra 4 / 10
Outbreak of Uroktor 4 / 10
Normal Quest 4 / 10

Pyrantula is present in most areas in the game, but it is recommended that you hunt them in Lava Caverns.

Pyrantula is also found at the Citadel (Area 3) but it's not recommended to farm them there because they're sparse.

Take note that Lava Caverns is accessible at Master Rank 4. Make sure to pick up some wirebugs along the way to travel faster!

Recommended Quest to Farm Pyrantula

It is recommended to farm Pyrantula by doing the Tears for Temnocerans quest since it will mark all Pyrantulas in the map. This quest is available at Master Rank 4.

Pyrantula Characteristics

Inflicts Blastblight

MH Rise Sunbreak - Pyrantula Explosion Blastblight

These Pyrantulas can inflict Blastblight on unsuspecting hunters with their explosion attack. Be ready to roll around to remove it!

Fights with Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

MH Rise Sunbreak - Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Habitat

Much like the Rachnoids and the Rakna-Kadaki, Pyrantulas fight with their mother, the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki. So while they're not that deadly when fought alone, they are sure to be a menace with the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki.

Found in Lava Caverns Locale

In the demo, Pyrantula can be found at the Lava Caverns locale only. We think they'll be in the Sandy Plains too in the full game, like the Rachnoids.

Lava Caverns Map and Sub-Camp Locations

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