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Starfield is an action RPG set in the newest original universe from Bethesda. Check out Game8's Starfield wiki on all weapons, armor, quests, and planets that you can explore in the world of Starfield!

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Ship Manufacturers Planets Star Systems
Cities and POIs Choices Skills
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Companions Builds Ship Designs
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Starfield Main Quests

Starfield - Main Quests

List of All Main Quests

All Main Quest Walkthroughs

# Main Quest Unlockables
1 One Small Step ・The Lodge
2 The Old Neighborhood ・Unlock Sarah Morgan as companion
3 The Empty Nest ・Unlock Sam Coe as companion
4 Back to Vectera ・Unlock Barrett as companion
5 Into the Unknown ・Unlock Andreja as companion
・Anti-Gravity Field
6 All That Money Can Buy None
7 Starborn ・Artifact
8 Further Into the Unknown None
9 Short Sighted None
10 No Sudden Moves None
11 High Price to Pay ・Armillary
12 Unity None
13 In Their Footsteps None
14 Final Glimpses ・Artifact
15 Entangled None
16 Unearthed None
17 Missed Beyond Measure None
18 Revelation ・Artifact
19 One Giant Leap ・New Game Plus
20 Among the Stars None
21 Foreknowledge None

Starfield Faction Questlines

Starfield - Factions

List of All Factions

All Joinable Factions

Faction Questlines
Starfield - UC Vanguard UC Vanguard Starfield - Freestar RangersFreestar Collective
Starfield - Ryujin Industries iconRyujin Industries Starfield - Crimson Fleet iconCrimson Fleet
Starfield - Constellation iconConstellation Ebbside Strikers

All Religions

List of All Religions
The Enlightened House Va'ruun Sanctum Universum

Starfield Side Quests

Starfield - Side Quests
List of All Side Quests and Rewards

List of All Side Quests

Recommended Quests
In Memoriam Divided Loyalties
A Tree Grows in New Atlantis First Contact
Leader of the Pack Run the Red Mile
Operation Starseed Mantis
Groundpounder Peacemaker
Tourists Go Home Due in Full
Infinity's End Start-up Stopped
Burden of Proof Matters of the Hart
Other Quests
Spreading the News False Positives
Left Behind Alternating Currents
Beautiful Secrets Tapping the Grid
Out on a Limb Distilling Confidence
Missed the Mark Sure Bet
A Break at Dawn Missed Connections
Search and Seizure Defensive Measures
Dead Stop Red Tape Blues
Red Tape Runaround Red Tape Reclamation
Power From Beyond Juno's Gambit
Failure to Communicate Overdesigned
Saburo's Solution Special Delivery
Lost and Found Secret Lives
Loose Ends The Boot
Charity of the Wolf Beer Run
Media Sponge Fishy Business
Last Will and Testament Managing Assets
Supply Line Breach of Contract
Heart of Mars Late Bloomer
Apex Predator Two Tales Two Cities
Mob Mentality Primary Sources
Special Sauce Brownout
Top of the L.I.S.T. Rough Landings
Space Frog From Outer Space Runaway
Taste of Home Keeping the Peace
Pirate Activity Blast Zone
A Light in the Darkness Relief Run
All For One The Kindness of Strangers
Exorcism Bare Metal
Ghost Hunt The Great Laredo Caper
Dirty Laundry Superfan
Suspicious Activities Starsap Tours
Captain's Bounty Psyched
Gem Jealousy The Akila Run
Art Dealer Freight Fright
Re-Re-Application Unjustified
Winning Hearts and Minds Proper Tea Theft
Liquid Assets An Invitation
A Shipment for Salinas Olive Branch
UC Wants You! Worlds Apart
Terror Brew A Parting Gift
Reliable Care Refurbished Goods
The Bounty That Got Away Companion's Belongings
Last Resort Debt Forgiveness
Drinks on the House Hard Luck
Family Reunion Wanted Guest
Escape from the Endless Voyage Fueling Greatness
My North Star One Riot, One Ranger
Drydock Blues -

Best Side Quests Worth Doing

Starfield Best Weapons

Starfield - Best Weapons Partial.png

Best Weapons: Weapon Tier List

All Best Weapons Guides

Best Weapon Guides
Best Weapon Combinations Best Weapon Modifiers
Best Melee Weapons Best Shotguns
Best Rifles Best Scoped Weapons
Best Pistols Best Laser Weapons
Best Laser Rifles Best Particle Beam Weapons
Best Heavy Weapons -

Starfield Armor and Gear

Starfield - Armor and Gear Partial

List of All Armor and Gear

All Armor Types

All Armor Types
Spacesuits Helmets
Apparel Packs
Armor Sets Unique Armor

Armor Guides

Armor Guides
Best Armor Sets How to Get All Starborn Armors

Starfield Weapons

Starfield - Weapons

List of All Weapons

Recommended Weapon Lists

All Weapon Categories
Unique Weapons Rifles Pistols
Shotguns Heavy Weapons Melee Weapons

Other Weapon Lists

Laser Weapons
Rifles Pistols
Ballistic Weapons
Rifles Pistols
Particle Beam Weapons
Rifles Pistols
Electromagnetic Weapons
EM (Non-Lethal) Weapons

Starfield Tips and Tricks

Starfield - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks

Starter Guides: Game Features Explained
UI and Menu Explained Periodic Table Explained
All Stats Explained Reputation System Guide
All Religions Explained Level Scaling Explained
Bounty System Explained Digipick Guide
Persuasion Guide Stealing Guide
Durability Guide All Crimes You Can Commit
Zero G Effects Explained How to Cure Infections
Space Piracy Explained What to Do First
Oxygen System Explained All Environmental Damage and Resistances
How to Avoid Getting Encumbered How to Cure All Status Afflictions and Effects
How to Cure Broken Bone Affliction How to Cure Burn Affliction
How to Cure Addiction All Damage Types Explained
Crew Explained Red and Yellow Item Icons Explained
How to Use the Quest Marker Health Bar Explained
Weapon Tiers and Rarity Explained -
Combat Guides
Combat Tips Aiming Guide
How to Stealth Kill Enemies How to Throw Grenades
How to Block Attacks How to Mantle and Climb Ledges
How to Remove Weapon Mods How to Combat Slide
How to Detect and Disarm Landmines -
Ship Guides
Space Battles Combat Guide How to Increase Jump Range
Ship Customization Guide How to Get Fuel
How to Dock Your Ship How to Upgrade Ship
How to Target a Ship's Engine How to Get Shielded Cargo Holds
How to Power Up the Grav Drive How to Fix Unattached Modules
How to Repair Ships How to Get and Fire Turrets
How to Sell Ships How to Rename Ships
How to Change Home Ships What is GRV?
Missing Weapon Assignment Error Explained Ship Classes Explained
Farming Guides
How to Level Up Fast How to Farm Credits
How to Farm Legendary Weapons and Armor How to Get More Digipicks
Infinite Money Glitch Infinite Weapons Exploit
General Tips and Tricks
All Names Companions Can Say Best Settings for PC and Console
Character Creation Options All Romance Options
Where to Sell Items All Planetary Traits
Difficulty Differences Where to Store Items
Crafting Guide: How to Craft How to Increase Companion Affinity
How to Hijack Ships How to Access Computers
How to Pay Off Mortgage and Bank Loans Where to Find Industrial Workbenches
Where to Find Weapon Workbenches How to Install Mods
Where to Find Spacesuit Workbenches How to Get Free Ships
Endings Guide Nova Galactic Staryard Skip
How to Restock Vendors Keybinds and Controls for PC and Xbox
All Missables and Points of No Return Best Mods List
List of All Unlockables List of Easter Eggs and Secrets
How to Show Damage Numbers Language Options and How to Change Language
List of Exploits How to Turn on the Flashlight
List of Error Prompts List of All Random Encounters
New Game Plus Explained All Universe Variations
Where to Find Cooking Stations Where to Find Pharmaceutical Labs
Rescue Barrett Skip How to Speedrun New Game Plus
Quest Objective Guides
How to Dock with the Nova Galactic Staryard How to Complete the Vanguard Simulation
Equipment Guides
How to Get the Hunter Armor and Weapon How to Get the Emissary Armor and Weapon
Exploration Guides
How to Get Cold Resistance How to Get Radiation Resistance
How to Get 100% Survey Score How to Mine Faster
How to Go to the Ocean Biome All Unexplored Ecological Features and How to Scan
Location Guides
Sanctum Universum Location in New Atlantis How to Unlock the Door in the Well
How to Access the Dev Room Almagest Casino Jackpot Location
All Earth Landmarks -
How to Get Rid of Adoring Fan NPC How to Hide Spacesuit and Helmet
How to Change Background How to Change FOV
How to Fast Travel What Happens When You Die
How to Remove Traits How to Wait and Skip Time
How to Skip Dialogue and Cutscenes Best Houses and How to Get All Houses
How to Holster Your Weapon How to Scrap Junk
Can You Change Crosshairs? How to Increase Health
How to Use Photo Mode How to Intimidate People
How to Use Jetpack Can You Kill NPCs?
How to Avoid Jail Are Mechs Usable?
What is the Max Level? Can You Get Pets?
How Does Free Roam Work? Is There Underwater Exploration?
Are There Land or Water Vehicles? Is There Fishing?
Are There Black Holes? Are There Cybernetic Enhancements?
Can You Build a Fleet? How to Pickpocket Successfully
How to Sneak and Avoid Detection How to Increase Carrying Capacity
Is There Fall Damage? How to Increase Jump Height
Can You Adopt Kids? How to Use the Hand Scanner
How to Bribe NPCs What to Do if You Can't Get in the Game?
Can You Change Pronouns? How to Change POV
How to Turn Off XP Pop Up Should You Do the Main Quest First?
How to Claim Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Bonuses Can You Respec?
How to Access Ship Storage How to Use Quick Slots and Switch Weapons
Is there a Survival Mode? What Is Inside the Master Lock in The Lodge?
How to Change Companions and Crew Who to Choose for Your First Follower
How to Change Your Name How to Display FPS Counter
What to Do If You Get Stuck What to Buy First
Where to Sell Survey Data Do Companions Need Ammo?
Reasons Why You Cannot Fast Travel Can You Dismantle Weapons?
How to Save How to Remove Stolen Label on Items
Can You Craft Ammo? Can You Add More Saves?
How to Put Out Fires How Does Procedural Generation Work
Are There Radio Stations? How Do Tiles Work?
How to Reenable Achievements Can You Steal the Fortuna?

Starfield Console Commands

Starfield - Console Commands List and Guide

Console Commands List & Guide

Console Command Guides

All Console Command Guides
Weapons Armor Gear Mods Ammo
Aid Item Food Item Perks Traits
Backgrounds Factions Unique and Legendary Armor Unique and Legendary Weapons
Weapon Modifiers Armor Modifiers Skill Magazines Resources and Materials
Starborn Powers Apparels Locations Enemies
Ships Quests NoClip Command Increase Carry Weight Console Command
All Item IDs

Starfield Ship Parts

Ship Parts Partial

List of All Ship Parts

Ship Parts Guides

Ship Parts Guides
Best Ship Parts All Ship Part Level Unlocks

All Ship Parts

All Ship Part Types
Cowling Shield Generator
Docker Fuel Tanks
Grav Drive Weapons
Hab Engines
Cockpit Cargo Hold
Reactor Landing Bay
Landing Gears Equipment

Starfield Ship Manufacturers

Starfield Ship Manufacturers

List of All Ship Manufacturers

All Ship Manufacturers

All Ship Manufacturers in Starfield
Deimos HopeTech
Nova Galactic Stroud-Eklund
Taiyo Astroneering Amun Dunn
Ballistic Solutions Inc. Deep Core
Dogstar Horizon Defense
Light Scythe Nautilus
Panoptes Protectorate Systems
Reladyne Sextant Shield Systems
Slayton Aerospace Shinigami
Xiang -

Starfield Planets

Starfield -  Planets

List of All Planets

Planets with Cities

All Planets with Main Cities
(New Atlantis)
(Akila City)
Volii Alpha
(Neon City)
(The Key)

Best Habitable Planets for Outposts

Best Planets for Outpost Building
Altair II Cassiopeia I Charybdis II Charybdis III
Codos Eridani II Feynman IV Gamma Vulpes I
Hyla II Kreet Kumasi II Leviathan IV
Masada III Nesoi Newton II Niira
Porrima II Porrima III Porrima IV-c Procyon III-a
Schrodinger III Schrodinger IV Schrodinger VIII-a Strix I
Sumati Tau Ceti II Tau Ceti VIII-b Zeta Ophiuchi I

List of Habitable Planets

Al-Battani II
Altair II
Cassiopeia I
(Eta Cassiopeia)
Charybdis II
Charybdis III
Decaran I
Eridani II
Feynman III
Feynman IV
Gamma Vulpes I
(Gamma Vulpes)
Heisenberg II
Hyla II
Indum II
Ixyll II
Ixyll III-b
Jaffa II
(Alpha Centauri)
Kumasi II
Leviathan IV
Maal IV
Maal V
(Delta Pavonis)
Maheo I
Masada III
Newton II
Oborum I
(Oborum Prime)
Piazzi IV-c
Porrima II
Porrima III
Porrima IV-c
Procyon III-a
(Procyon A)
Schrodinger III
Schrodinger IV
Schrodinger VIII-a
Shoza II
Strix I
Syrma VII-a
Tau Ceti II
(Tau Ceti)
Tau Ceti VIII-b
(Tau Ceti)
Tidacha I
Verne II
Volii Alpha
Zeta Ophiuchi I
(Zeta Ophiuchi)

Starfield Star Systems

Starfield - Star Systems Partial Banner

List of All Star Systems

List of All Star Systems

List of All Star Systems
Al-Battani Alchiba Algorab
Alpha Andraste Alpha Centauri Alpha Marae
Alpha Ternion Alpha Tirna Altair
Andromas Aranae Archimedes
Arcturus Bannoc Bannoc Secondus
Bara Bardeen Barnard's Star
Bel Bessel Beta Andraste
Beta Marae Beta Ternion Beta Tirna
Bohr Bolivar Bradbury
Carinae Celebrai Charybdis
Cheyenne Copernicus Copernicus Minor
Decaran Delta Pavonis Delta Vulpes
Denebola Enlil Eridani
Eta Cassiopeia Fermi Feynman
Foucault Freya Gamma Vulpes
Groombridge Guniibuu Hawking
Heinlein Heisenberg Huygens
Hyla Indum Ixyll
Jaffa Kang Kapteyn's Star
Katydid Khayyam Kryx
Kumasi Lantana Leonis
Leviathan Linnaeus Lunara
Luyten's Star Maal Maheo
Marduk Masada McClure
Moloch Muphrid Narion
Nemeria Newton Nikola
Nirah Nirvana Oborum Prime
Oborum Proxima Olympus Ophion
Piazzi Porrima Procyon A
Procyon B Proxima Ternion Pyraas
Rana Rasalhague Rivera
Rutherford Sagan Sakharov
Schrodinger Serpentis Shoza
Sirius Sol Sparta
Strix Syrma Tau Ceti
The Pup Tidacha Toliman
Ursae Majoris Ursae Minoris Valo
Van Maanen's Star Vega Verne
Volii Wolf Xi Ophiuchi
Zelazny Zeta Ophiuchi Zosma

Starfield Cities, Settlements, and POIs

Starfield - Cities and Points of Interest

List of All Cities and Points of Interests

List of Major Cities

New Atlantis Neon Cydonia
Akila City Hopetown New Homestead

List of Named Points of Interest

Ka'zaal Sulfur Mine The Key The Well
Autonomous Dogstar Factory Kreet Research Lab Red Mile
Gagarin Landing Mast District Residential District
The Lodge Research Outpost U3-09 Pilgrim's Rest
Paradiso Codos Alu Fortuna
New York Landmark The Den The Almagest
Deimos Staryard Crucible Tau Gourmet Production Center
CM Station RC-1 Ecliptic Base The Eleos Retreat
The Lock Nishina Research Station Nova Galactic Staryard
Vlad's Villa Starstation UCN-48 Trident Luxury Lines Staryard
Stroud-Eklund Staryard Derelict Achilles The Colander
Ebbside - Neon Neon Underbelly Lopez's Farm
Starstation RE-939 ECS Constant Vulture's Roost
Deimos Armored Transport Forward Base 441 Derelict Bireme
Eklund Excavation Site CL25 The Haemosu Reliant Medical Organics Lab
Lucky Lu The Clinic

Starfield Choices and Consequences

Starfield - Choices and Consequences Partial Banner

Dialogue Choices and Consequences

All Choices and Consequences Guides

Choices Guides
Should You Have Sarah Morgan Be Your Follower? Should You Kill Brogan?
Should You Defend the Lodge or Go to The Eye? Should You Give Evidence to Louisa or Zoe?
Should You Side with The Hunter or The Emissary? How to Persuade Emilio Hadek
Should You Kill Petrov? Should You Kill Austin Rake?
What is the Vanguard Motto? All Lou Answers Guide Should You Accept Maldonaldo's Offer?
Should You Side With UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet? Should You Skip the Final Boss Fight?
Should You Walk into the Light at the Unity? Should You Use Microbe or Aceles on Terrormorphs?
Should You Destroy Governor Hurst's Ship? Should You Side with Mathis and Kill Delgado?
Should You Kill Tomisar? Should You Kill Marco Graziani?
Should You Kill Maya? Should You Kill Matsura?
Should You Kill Shaw? Most Important Choices
Should You Kill Ron Hope? Should You Betray Huan?
Should You Kill Livvey? Should You Kill Tomo?
Should You Give Naeva the ES Award? Should You Turn In Vae Victis?
Should You Kill Imogene? Should You Kill Larry Dumbrosky?
Should You Buy a Grav Drive or Take the Settlement Deal? Should You Kill Rusty?

Starfield Skills

Starfield - Skills Partial Banner

List of All Skills

Skills Guide

Skills Guides
Best Skills

All Skill Trees

All Skill Trees
Physical Social
Combat Science

Starfield Traits

Starfield - Traits

List of All Traits

All Traits Guides

Traits Guides
Best Traits How to Remove Traits

List of Traits

Starfield -  Alien DNA Trait
Alien DNA
Starfield -  Dream Home Trait
Dream Home
Starfield -  Empath Trait
Starfield -  Extrovert Trait
Starfield -  Freestar Collective Settler Trait
Freestar Collective Settler
Starfield -  Hero Worshipped Trait
Hero Worshipped
Starfield -  Introvert Trait
Starfield -  Kid Stuff Trait
Kid Stuff
Starfield -  Neon Street Rat Trait
Neon Street Rat
Starfield -  Raised Enlightened Trait
Raised Enlightened
Starfield -  Raised Universal Trait
Raised Universal
Starfield -  Serpent
Serpent's Embrace
Starfield -  Spaced Trait
Starfield -  Taskmaster Trait
Starfield -  Terra Firma Trait
Terra Firma
Starfield -  United Colonies Native Trait
United Colonies Native
Starfield -  Wanted Trait

Starfield Resources and Materials

Starfield - Resources and Materials

List of All Resources and Materials

Starfield Outposts

Starfield - Outposts Structures

All Outpost Modules and How to Build

Outpost Modules

All Outpost Modules
Extractors Power Storage
Structures Crafting Defenses
Furniture Decorations Displays
Miscellaneous Robots Builders
Outpost Building FAQs

Outpost Building FAQs

All Outposts Building FAQs
Best Outpost Locations How to Delete Outposts How to Add Doors to Habs
How to Delete Outpost Links Transfer Container Storage How to Raise Flora
How to Domesticate Fauna How to Craft a Greenhouse Animal Husbandry Facility Guide

Starfield Companions

Starfield - List of Companions and Crew Members

List of All Companions and Crew Members

Companions Guides

All Companions Guides
Best Companions and Crew Members

All Companions and Crew

List of Companions and Crew Members
Starfield - Sarah MorganSarah Morgan Starfield - Sam CoeSam Coe
Starfield - BarrettBarrett Starfield - VascoVasco
Starfield - Marika BorosMarika Boros Starfield - HellerHeller
Starfield - Adoring FanAdoring Fan Starfield - AndrejaAndreja
Starfield - Rafael Aguerro IconRafael Aguerro Starfield - Rosie Tannehill IconRosie Tannehill
Starfield - Mickey Caviar IconMickey Caviar Starfield - Jessamine Griffin IconJessamine Griffin
Starfield - Sophia Grace IconSophia Grace Starfield - Dani Garcia IconDani Garcia
Starfield - Lin IconLin Starfield - Simeon Bankowski IconSimeon Bankowski
Starfield - Gideon Aker IconGideon Aker Starfield - Moara Otero IconMoara Otero
Starfield - Andromeda Kepler IconAndromeda Kepler Starfield - Omari Hassan IconOmari Hassan
Starfield - Amelia Earhart IconAmelia Earhart Starfield - EzekielEzekiel
Starfield - Lyle BrewerLyle Brewer Starfield - Betty HowserBetty Howser
Starfield - Erick Von PriceErick Von Price Starfield - Mathis CastilloMathis Castillo-
Starfield - Major Hadrian SanonMajor Hadrian Sanon Starfield - Autumn MacMillanAutumn MacMillan
Starfield - Alternate SelfAlternate Self -

All Non-Companion Characters

List of Non-Companion Characters
Starfield - NoelNoel Starfield - Walter StroudWalter Stroud
Starfield - Matteo KhatriMatteo Khatri Starfield - Vladimir SallVladimir Sall

Starfield Builds

Starfield - Builds

List of All Builds

All Background Builds

Background Builds
Beast Hunter Bouncer Bounty Hunter
Chef Combat Medic Cyber Runner
Cyberneticist Diplomat Explorer
File Not Found Gangster Homesteader
Industrialist Long Hauler Pilgrim
Professor Ronin Sculptor
Soldier Space Scoundrel Xenobiologist

Other Builds

Stealth Sniper Space Pirate Space Cowboy
Unarmed Pacifist -

Starfield Ship Designs

Ship Designs Partial Banner

Best Ship Designs

Best Ship Designs

Best Ship Designs
Starfield - SerenitySerenity (Firefly) Starfield - Millennium FalconMillennium Falcon Starfield - Star DestroyerStar Destroyer
Starfield - Y-WingY-Wing Starfield - RocinanteRocinante Event HorizonEvent Horizon
Starfield - TardisTARDIS Starfield - Thomas the Tank EngineThomas The Tank Engine Starfield - GundamRX-78-2 Gundam
Starfield - Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica Starfield - Swordfish IISwordfish II -

Starfield Ships

Starfield - Ships

List of All Ships

Ship Guides

Ship Guides
Best Ships Legendary Ships

Starfield Starborn Powers

Starfield - Starborn Powers

List of All Starborn Powers

Starborn Powers Guides

Starborn Powers Guides
Best Starborn Powers Tier List

All Starborn Powers

All Starborn Powers
Starfield - Alien Reanimation Alien Reanimation Starfield - Anti-Gravity Field Anti-Gravity Field Starfield - Create Vacuum Create Vacuum Starfield - Creator's Peace Creator's Peace
Starfield - Earthbound Earthbound Starfield - Elemental Pull Elemental Pull Starfield - Eternal Harvest Eternal Harvest Starfield - Grav Dash Grav Dash
Starfield - Gravity Wave Gravity Wave Starfield - Gravity Well Gravity Well Starfield - Inner Demon Inner Demon Starfield - Life Forced Life Forced
Starfield - Moon Form Moon Form Starfield - Parallel Self Parallel Self Starfield - Particle Beam Particle Beam Starfield - Personal Atmosphere Personal Atmosphere
Starfield - Phased Time Phased Time Starfield - Precognition Precognition Starfield - Reactive Shield Reactive Shield Starfield - Sense Star Stuff Sense Star Stuff
Starfield - Solar Flare Solar Flare Starfield - Sunless Space Sunless Space Starfield - Supernova Supernova Starfield - Void Form Void Form

Starfield Collectibles

Starfield - Collectibles
List of All Collectibles

List of All Collectibles

List of All Collectibles
Skill Magazines Quantum Essences
Snow Globes Dragonstar Force Books

Starfield Shops

Shops Partial Banner

List of All Shops and Space Ports

Starfield Items


List of All Items

List of All Items

List of All Item Types
Contraband Aid Food and Drink
Ammo - -

Starfield Houses

Starfield - Houses Partial Banner

Best Houses and How to Get All Houses

List of All Houses
Well Apartment Mercury Tower Penthouse The Stretch Apartment
Core Residence SleepCrate Sky Suite
The Dream Home

Starfield Mission Board

Starfield - Mission Board

Mission Board Quests and Rewards

Starfield Backgrounds

Starfield Backgrounds

List of All Backgrounds

Backgrounds Guides

All Backgrounds Guides
Best Backgrounds Tier List -

Starfield Puzzle Solutions

Starfield - Puzzles

All Puzzle Solutions

List of All Puzzles

List of Puzzles
Mantis Puzzle Glyph Puzzle
Generator Power Puzzle Temple Eta Puzzle

Starfield Enemies

Starfield - Enemies

List of All Enemies

All Enemies

List of Enemies
Albino Terrormorph Alpha Ashta Alpha Terrormorph
Ashta Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Captain
Burrowing Terrormorph Cloaked Terrormorph Controller Terrormorph
Crimson Fleet Captain Crimson Fleet Corsair Crimson Fleet Crew
Crimson Fleet Marauder Crimson Fleet Pilot Crimson Fleet Pirate
Crimson Fleet Robot Model A Crimson Fleet Robot Model S Crimson Fleet Rook
Crimson Fleet Rover Diseased Terrormorph Ecliptic
Ecliptic Agent Ecliptic Commandant Ecliptic Contractor
Ecliptic Executioner Ecliptic Merc Ecliptic Operator
Ecliptic Robot Model A Ecliptic Robot Model S Ecliptic Specialist
Ecliptic Warmonger Hacked Tick Turret MK I Juvenile Grylloba Hunter
Mining Turret MK I Mossgnath Pirate
Pirate Brigand Pirate Captain Pirate Corsair
Pirate Cutthroat Pirate Flayer Pirate Freebooter
Pirate Leader Pirate Legend Pirate Marauder
Pirate Plunderer Pirate Reaver Pirate Rover
Robot Model S Shaw Gang Slayton Security
Spacer Spacer Beast Spacer Captain
Spacer Myth Spacer Predator Spacer Punk
Spacer Savage Spacer Scum Spacer Titan
Spacer Troublemaker Spacer Vulture Spaceroach
Terrormorph Terrormorph Anomaly Terrormorph Thrall Tuskfrog Grazer
Turret MK I Turrets Va'ruun Robot Model A
Va'ruun Robot Model S Va'ruun Zealot

Starfield Research Projects

Starfield - Research Projects

List of All Research Projects

All Research Project Types

Research Project Types
Pharmacology Food and Drink
Outpost Development Equipment

Starfield Weapon Mods

Starfield - Weapon Mods Partial

List of All Weapon Mods

All Weapon Mod Types

All Weapon Mod Types
Barrels Covers Grips & Stocks
Internals Lasers Mags & Batteries
Muzzles Optics Receivers

Starfield Armor Mods

Starfield - Armor Mods

List of All Armor Mods

All Armor Mod Types

All Armor Mod Types
Helmet Mods Spacesuit Mods Pack Mods

Starfield Flora and Plants

Starfield - Flora Partial Banner

All Flora and Plants

Starfield Fauna and Alien Creatures

Starfield - Fauna Partial

All Fauna and Alien Creatures

Starfield Achievements

Starfield - List of All Achievements
List of All Achievements

Starfield Bugs and Errors

Starfield - Bugs and Errors

All Bugs, Glitches, and Known Issues

List of Bugs, Glitches, and Issues

List of Bugs, Glitches, and Issues
Low FPS Performance Issue Failed to Create Save Game
Headless Character Bug Puddle Glitch Explained

Starfield News and Updates

Starfield - News and Updates

Latest News and Updates

Update 1.7.36 Patch

The 1.7.36 update on October 9, 2023 adds a FOV slider, fixed some bugs, and improves performance for some GPUs.

Update 1.7.36 Patch Notes and Fixes

Shattered Space DLC

Starfield has an upcoming story expansion called Shattered Space. Details about the DLC and its release date are still unknown as of writing, but it should be available to owners of the Premium and Constellation editions once it's out.

Upcoming DLC Release Dates

Available as of September 6th!

Countdown to Starfield Release
Starfield is live now for all players!

Starfield has released for all players, regions, and platforms as of midnight on September 6, 2023 (UTC) for both PC and Xbox Series X|S. The release date was confirmed in the Official Launch Date Announcement trailer by Bethesda.

Release Time and Countdown

Starfield PC Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 10 version 22H2 (10.0.19045) Windows 10/11 with updates
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
Intel Core i7-6800K
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
Intel i5-10600K
Memory 16 GB RAM
Graphics Card AMD Radeon RX 5700 (8GB VRAM)
NVIDIA GeForce 1070 Ti (8GB VRAM)
AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT (16GB VRAM)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (8GB VRAM)
DirectX Version 12
Storage 139.84 GB available space
SSD required
Network - Broadband Internet

Given these requirements, we can expect systems at minimum requirements to run the game at at least 30 FPS as well, at 1080p high/ultra settings. This can be increased to 60 FPS by dropping the settings down to medium or low.

PC System Requirements

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About Starfield

Product Information

Starfield Key Cover Art
Price $69.99 (Standard Edition)
$99.99 (Premium Edition)
$299.99 (Constellation Edition)
Platforms Xbox Series X|S, PC
Genre Open World, Action, RPG
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
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