Red and Yellow Item Icons Explained

Starfield - Red and Yellow Item Icons Explained

Items with red and yellow icons are deemed illegal to carry in Starfield. Learn more about these items, how you can avoid getting caught while in possession, and where to sell these.

Red and Yellow Item Icons Explained

Red Icons are Stolen Items

Stolen Item with Red Icon

Items in your inventory bearing a red icon are stolen items. You can see the red icon when hovering over items in the over world that are owned by someone.

A bounty will be placed when you are caught stealing. These items will be confiscated by security when you pay off your bounties by talking to guards or by serving time in jail.

Stealing Guide

Yellow Icons are Contrabands

Starfield - Yellow Contraband Icon

Items with a yellow icon are considered contrabands. Carrying contrabands risk getting caught by scans from security and will detain you until you pay off your bounty, serve your time in jail, or fight back.

You can avoid these scans by installing the shielded cargo holds in your ship. The contrabands need to be placed in your ship's cargo hold to bypass the scans.

How to Smuggle and Sell Contraband

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