The Well Map, Shops, and Location Guide

Starfield - The Well

The Well is the underground location for New Atlantis in planet Jemison, Alpha Centauri system that you can visit and explore in Starfield. Read on to see a map of the area and to learn all of the shops, points of interests, houses, valuable loot, quests, and collectibles in The Well.

New Atlantis Areas
New Atlantis City The Well

The Well Interactive Map

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The Interactive Map both shows the location of key points on the map, and doubles as a collectible checker.

  1. Click an icon on the right side to show all the pins of a specific type, or click the magnifying glass button to search for a specific pin by name.
  2. Click a pin on the map to see its name and description, and a relevant picture or video if available.
  3. From here, click Mark as Acquired to indicate that you've gotten a collectible already. This will change its icon on the map to show that it has been collected, and add 1 to that pin type's Counter.
  4. To undo this, click on the same pin and click Restore to unclaimed.
  5. To check how many pins you have marked so far, check the Counter in the bottom left, and click the icon that looks like a checklist to see counters for all pin types.
  6. If the collected pins start to get in the way, you can hide them all by clicking the green Show Pins button on the left side.
Icon How to Use
Name Button Show Names
This button reveals the Name of every icon currently shown.
Show Pins Button Show Pins
This button will toggle between showing and hiding all the pins which you have already marked as acquired.
Full Button Fullscreen
This button will change the map display to fill the screen.
Search Button Search Mode Toggle
This button will display a searchbar which you can use to search for an individual pin by its name.
Icon Mode Button Icon Mode Toggle
In Search Mode, this button will toggle you back to Icon Mode, removing the search bar and displaying the icons again.
All Pins Button All Pins
This button is shown along with the Icons on the right when there are over 6 types of pins. Click it for a full selection of all available pin types.
Interactive Map Counter Counter
Tracks the number of pins you have of a certain type. The pin type shown is set to the page and currently cannot be changed; however, all pin type counters can be viewed by clicking the checklist icon on the right side.
Interactive Map View All Counters View All Counters
This icon is found on the right side of the Counter. When a map has more than one pin type, click this icon to see Counters for all pin types.

The Well Shops

The Well Shops and Items for Sale

Shop Items for Sale
Jake's Aid (Food and Drinks)
Apex Electronics Resources and Miscellaneous Items
UC Surplus Weapons and Gear
MedBay Aid and Healing
Kay's House Aid (Food and Drinks)

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The Well Points of Interest

What to Do in The Well Points of Interest

Point of Interest What to Do
Kay's House Restaurant
MedBay Medical Supplies and Healing
UC Surplus General Store
Apex Electronics Electronics Merchant
Jake's Diner

The Well House

The Well Apartment Location

Starfield - Well Apartment Exterior
Well Apartment
Price 30,000 credits
Location The Well

Best Houses and How to Get All Houses

The Well Valuable Loot

Steal Jake's Hangover Cure at Jake's

You can get a particle beam shotgun called Jake's Hangover Cure at behind the counter at Jake's.

Note that taking this unique weapon is considered stealing and you may incur a bounty if someone sees you stealing it.

How to Get Jake's Hangover Cure

The Well Location

Found on Planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System

The Well is the underground area of New Atlantis City.

To reach this area, players can take the Elevators located near the MAST tram station, or beside Jemison Mercantile near the Spaceport in New Atlantis. Alternatively, there is an entrance to The Well from The Lodge's basement.

The Well Quests

The Well Quest Locations and Rewards

Quest Rewards
The Kindness of Strangers EXP: 150
Destroy the Crimson Fleet Ghost at Procyon A EXP: TBD
Kill the Pirate Freebooter on Muphrid VIII-B EXP: TBD
Deliver Specialty Crops to Porrima III EXP: TBD
Supply Argon (AR) to Jemison, Alpha Centauri EXP: TBD
Survey Indum II in Indum EXP: TBD
The Boot EXP: 150
Suspicious Activities EXP: 50
A Shipment for Salinas EXP: 100
Reliable Care EXP: 50

The Well Collectibles

The Well Skill Magazine Locations

Collectible Effect Location
The New Atlantian 05The New Atlantian 05 Permanently grants the recipe for the Shepherd's Pie food item. The Well
Cyber RunnerCyber Runner's Cypher 02 Laser weapons permanently do 5% more critical damage. The Well

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Ka'zaal Sulfur Mine The Key The Well
Autonomous Dogstar Factory Kreet Research Lab Red Mile
Gagarin Landing Mast District Residential District
The Lodge Research Outpost U3-09 Pilgrim's Rest
Paradiso Codos Alu Fortuna
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Deimos Staryard Crucible Tau Gourmet Production Center
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Stroud-Eklund Staryard Derelict Achilles The Colander
Ebbside - Neon Neon Underbelly Lopez's Farm
Starstation RE-939 ECS Constant Vulture's Roost
Deimos Armored Transport Forward Base 441 Derelict Bireme
Eklund Excavation Site CL25 The Haemosu Reliant Medical Organics Lab
Lucky Lu The Clinic

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Deserted Relay Station Abandoned Muybridge Pharmaceuticals Lab Abandoned Gravity Farm
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Abandoned Robotics Facility Spaceship Debris Fracking Station
Abandoned Outpost Deserted Mineral Plant Military Post
Crashed Ship Landing Area Occupied Cave
Scanner Anomaly Abandoned Research Tower Deserted Robotics Lab
Abandoned Biochem Laboratory Abandoned Weapon Station Abandoned Farm
Ancient Ruins Processing Plant Buried Temple
Bindi Mining Outpost Deserted Ecliptic Garrison Abandoned Mining Platform
Forgotten Mech Graveyard Autonomous Staryard Abandoned Deimos Scrapyard
Deserted UC Garrison Abandoned Mining Rig Deserted Biotics Lab
Safe House Gamma


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