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Clockwork Meka Location and Enemy Guide

Genshin Impact - Clockwork Meka Enemy Guide
Clockwork Meka in Genshin Impact 4.0 is a type of Machine enemy originating from Fontaine. See what these enemies are, their release date, and all known info about them here!

Clockwork Meka Location

All Clockwork Meka Locations in Fontaine

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Note: This map shows the location of all Clockwork Meka regardless of type, as they all drop the same set of items when defeated!

Clockwork Meka Item Drops

All Clockwork Meka Drops

Drop Level
Lv. 60+
Lv 40+
Any Lv.

Characters that Use Clockwork Meka Drops

Lynette use Clockwork Meka drops as her Ascension and Talent Level-Up Materials! Be sure to gather the required amount in advance so you can Ascend her right away when she hit her level cap.

All Characters
Wriothesley ImageWriothesley Lynette ImageLynette Charlotte ImageCharlotte

Weapons that Use Clockwork Meka Drops

Clockwork Meka materials can be used to ascend certain weapons and make them stronger!

Weapons that use Artificed Dynamic Gear
Tome of the Eternal Flow ImageTome of the Eternal Flow Portable Power Saw ImagePortable Power Saw ProspectorProspector's Drill
Rightful Reward ImageRightful Reward Tidal Shadow ImageTidal Shadow

Clockwork Meka Enemy Information

Machine Enemies From Fontaine

Genshin - Fontaine Clockwork Meka

Clockwork Meka is a term referring to a group of machines from Fontaine powered by Pneuma and Ousia. They seem to be derived from similar materials to the Kamera and other machinery in their region with automaton-like features.

Powered by Pneumosia Energy

Genshin Impact - Clockwork Meka Enemy
Pneumosia Energy exist in all Clockwork Mekas in Fontaine, providing their main source of power. Pneuma and Ousia can clash together and result in an Annihilation Reaction.

What are Pneuma and Ousia?

All Clockwork Meka Types

NPC Clockwork Meka

Genshin - Fontaine - Clockwork Meka in the City

There are Clockwork Meka present in the main cities of Fontaine, and these Meka are completely non-violent towards players. They act more like NPCs, similar to some Eremites in Sumeru!

All Overworld Clockwork Meka Types

Clockwork Meka Enemies
Genshin Impact - Assault Specialist MekAssault Specialist Mek Genshin Impact - Annihilation Specialist MekAnnihilation Specialist Mek Genshin Impact - Suppression Specialist MekSuppression Specialist Mek
Genshin Impact - Construction Specialist MekConstruction Specialist Mek Genshin Impact - Arithmetic Enhancer MekArithmetic Enhancer Mek Genshin Impact - Area Alert MekArea Alert Mek
Genshin Impact - Recon Log MekRecon Log Mek Genshin Impact - Nimble Harvester MekNimble Harvester Mek Genshin Impact - Geological Survey MekGeological Survey Mek

The majority of Clockwork Meka can be found on the surface. Some of them resemble humanoid machines, while others resemble spiders or dogs.

Underwater Clockwork Meka

Underwater Clockwork Meka Enemies
Genshin Impact - Underwater Survey MekUnderwater Survey Mek Genshin Impact - Underwater Patrol MekUnderwater Patrol Mek Genshin Impact - Deepwater Assault MekDeepwater Assault Mek

Clockwork Meka can also be found in Fontaine's water sections. They can be found patrolling the surroundings or guarding treasures while swimming alongside the Fontemer Aberrants.

Maintenance Mek Fish

Clockwork Meka Fish
Genshin - Maintenance Mek - Water Body Cleaner ImageMaintenance Mek - Water Body Cleaner Genshin - Maintenance Mek - Platinum Collection ImageMaintenance Mek - Platinum Collection Genshin - Maintenance Mek - Situation Controller ImageMaintenance Mek - Situation Controller Genshin - Maintenance Mek - Initial Configuration ImageMaintenance Mek - Initial Configuration
Genshin - Maintenance Mek - Gold Leader ImageMaintenance Mek - Gold Leader

In Fontaine's Fishing Spots, you can catch several Maintenance Mek, which resemble small mechanical fishes! Using the Crafting Table, you can convert Maintenance Mek Fish into Meshing Gear, Mechanical Spur Gear, and Artificed Dynamic Gear.

Fishing System Guide

Icewind Suite Meka Boss

Genshin Impact - Fontaine Icewind Suite
The Icewind Suite is a pair of large Clockwork Mekas locked in an eternal dance, and is a boss enemy in Fontaine!

Icewind Suite Boss Guide

Clockwork Meka Release Date

Enemies Released in Version 4.0

Genshin Impact Version 4.0
Genshin - Version 4.0
Release Date August 16, 2023

Clockwork Meka are found in Fontaine, which was released in Version 4.0 on August 16, 2023!

Version 4.0 Banners and Release Date

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