Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 4.0 Release Date and Banners

Genshin Impact 4.0 Release Date, Banners, and Patch Notes

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 features the banner release of Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet. 4.0 also features the new Fontaine map, as well as reruns, new weapons and artifacts. Check out all new features, release date, and Patch Notes here!

Genshin Impact 4.0 Patch Notes

What's New in Version 4.0?

4.0 News Guides
Patch Notes Livestream Summary
Livestream Codes Battle Pass Updates
Ousia and Pneuma Party Setup Updates
Free Bennett Free Lynette
4.0 Characters
4.0 Map
Fontaine Map Diving Mechanic
4.0 Quests
Chapter 4 - Act 1 Chapter 4 - Act 2
Lyney Story Quest Act 1
4.0 Events
Mega Meka Melee Relic Records
Studies in Light and Shadow Verdict of Blades
Ley Line Overflow
4.0 Artifact Sets
Marechaussee Hunter Golden Troupe
4.0 Weapons
The First Great Magic (5★) Fleuve Cendre Ferryman (Fishing)
Ballad of the Fjords (Battle Pass) Sacrificial Jade (Battle Pass)
Talking Stick (Battle Pass) Scion of the Blazing Sun (Battle Pass)
Wolf-Fang (Battle Pass) Tidal Shadow (Forging)
Rightful Reward (Forging) Flowing Purity (Forging)
Song of Stillness (Forging) Finale of the Deep (Forging)
4.0 Enemies
Icewind Suite Emperor of Fire and Iron
Clockwork Meka

Version Calendar

Genshin Impact 4.0 Release Date

When was Genshin 4.0 released?

Genshin Impact Version 4.0
Genshin - Version 4.0
Release Date August 16, 2023

Genshin Impact 4.0 was released on August 16, 2023. The update lasts 6 weeks, which ends on September 27, 2023 to make way for Version 4.1!

Maintenance Date and Times for 4.0

Server Release Date and Timezones
North America July 4, 2023 6:00 PM~11:00 PM (UTC/GMT-5)
Europe July 5, 2023 12:00 AM~5:00 AM (UTC/GMT+1)
Asia July 5, 2024.0:00 AM~12:00 PM (UTC/GMT+8)
TW, HK, MO July 5, 2024.0:00 AM~12:00 PM (UTC/GMT+8)

Countdown for Version 4.0

Version has now been released!

Genshin Impact 4.0 Character Banners

All Rerun Banners in Version 4.0

Banner Dates Rate-Ups
Genshin Impact - Phase 1 BannersLyney Banner Start: August 16, 2023
End: September 5, 2023
Genshin - Lyney ImageGenshin - Lynette Image
Genshin - Barbara ImageGenshin - Bennett Image
Genshin Impact - Phase 1 BannersYelan Banner Start: August 16, 2023
End: September 5, 2023
Genshin - Yelan ImageGenshin - Lynette Image
Genshin - Barbara ImageGenshin - Bennett Image
Genshin Impact - Phase 2 BannersTartaglia Banner Start: September 5, 2023
End: September 26, 2023
Genshin - Tartaglia ImageGenshin - Freminet Image
Genshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Sayu Image
Genshin Impact - Phase 2 BannersZhongli Banner Start: September 5, 2023
End: September 26, 2023
Genshin - Zhongli ImageGenshin - Freminet Image
Genshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Sayu Image
Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation Phase 1 BannersEpitome Invocation
(Phase 1)
Start: August 16, 2023
End: September 5, 2023
Genshin - The First Great Magic Image Genshin - Aqua Simulacra Image
Genshin - Sacrificial Bow Image Genshin - Favonius Greatsword Image Genshin - Favonius Lance Image Genshin - Sacrificial Fragments Image Genshin - Sacrificial Sword Image
Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation Phase 2Epitome Invocation
(Phase 2)
Start: September 5, 2023
End: September 26, 2023
Genshin - Polar Star Image Genshin - Vortex Vanquisher Image
Genshin - Rust Image Genshin - The Flute Image Genshin - Dragon Genshin - The Widsith Image Genshin - Sacrificial Greatsword Image

Phase 1 Banners: Lyney, Lynette, Yelan

Banners for Lyney and Lynette, alongside Yelan's rerun is available from August 16, 2023 to September 5, 2023.

Expect their best-in-slot weapons, Aqua Simulacra and the new First Great Magic bow, to be featured in the Weapon Banner at the same time.

Phase 2 Banners: Freminet, Tartaglia, Zhongli

Although separated from his siblings, Freminet is featured in the second set of banners in Phase 2, which is available from September 5 to September 26, in Tartaglia and Zhongli's rerun banners!

While not as big as the first banner's weapons, Polar Star, which is Tartaglia's best-in-slot, and Vortex Vanquisher, which isn't recommended to use anymore, are having their reruns as well.

Banner Schedule

Genshin Impact 4.0 Events

Events Description
Genshin Impact - Mega Meka MeleeMega Meka Melee A major event in the Court of Fontaine involving new and exciting mechanisms by helping the Leschots Clockwork Workshop! Get a free Bennett as well!
Genshin Impact - Studies and Light and Shadow A Fontaine of Enchantment - Stages and RewardsStudies in Light and Shadow: A Fontaine of Enchantment Harvest items around Fontaine to get to know the Flora of the region!
Genshin Impact - Relic Records - Creations of Hydro NationRelic Records: Creations of the Hydro Nation Defeat enemies and photograph the landscapes to explore the Fontaine region!
Genshin Impact - Verdict of Blades EventVerdict of Blades Defeat legions of formidable enemies and advance towards victory!
Genshin Impact - Ley Line OverflowLey Line Overflow In need of Mora or Hero's Wit? Version 4.0's got you!

List of Events and Schedule

Genshin Impact 4.0 Map Updates

Fontaine Map Updates

Genshin - Fontaine Teaser in Version 3.8

The biggest highlight of the 4.0 update is the release of the long-awaited region, the land of the Hydro Archon, Fontaine! With the release of the new map, expect big quests, puzzles, items, domains and exciting lore!

See everything we know about Fontaine in our full guide:

Fontaine Map Guide

Hydro Traveler

Genshin - Traveler Hydro Skill Forms

The fifth Element that the Traveler obtains is Hydro! Hydro in itself is a potent element for creating the current best Elemental Reactions, but we'll see how the Traveler fares with it!

Hydro Traveler Teaser

Multi-Layered Map Function

Genshin Impact - Version 4.0 Release Date and Patch Notes - Multi-Layered Map

As the world of Teyvat grows, traversing around increasingly becomes harder! That's why, from the Developer's Discussion last June 20th, developers announced that a Multi-Layered Map will be introduced in Version 4.0.

What this means for everyone is easier and more convenient navigation using the map, without the hassle of using a 2D map that shows a Waypoint above-ground, but is actually located underground (we've all been there, we know.)

Diving Mechanic

The new region features its major exploration mechanic, Underwater Diving! Almost fifty percent of the new region is underwater, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the mechanic before going there!

Underwater Diving Mechanic Guide

Ousia and Pneuma Mechanic

Genshin Impact What are Pneuma and Ousia - Can be Activated by Skills Thru Arkhe

Certain abilities from Fontaine characters trigger the Ousia or Pneuma mechanic. Only with the correct opposite alignment can an Ousia or Pneuma-aligned object be interacted.

Know more about this new mechanic in the guide below:

What are Pneuma and Ousia?

Genshin Impact 4.0 Quests

4.0 Fontaine Archon and Story Quests

Quest Name Type
Fontaine Archon Quest Act 1 Archon
Fontaine Archon Quest Act 2 Archon
Lyney Story Quest Act 1 Story

Know more about the Land of Justice in the Fontaine Archon Quest, which will have two acts in total, and will likely introduce a bunch of new characters! Lyney is one such character, who will also have his own Story Quest!

All Quests and Quest Types

New Character Appearances

Genshin - Clorinde Clorinde Genshin - Charlotte Charlotte Genshin - Freminet Freminet
Genshin - Furina Furina Genshin Impact - Lyney Lyney Genshin Impact - Lynette Lynette
Genshin - Navia Navia Genshin Impact - NeuvilletteNeuvillette

Several new characters also take center stage in the upcoming Archon Quest, including the Hydro Archon Furina, and the Chief Justice Neuvilette!

Other characters like Arlecchino, Wriothesley and Sigewinne are not present sadly, but we may see them in the upcoming patches!

List of Fontaine Characters

Genshin Impact 4.0 Enemies

New 4.0 World Bosses

New Enemies in 4.0
Genshin - Icewinde SuiteIcewind Suite Genshin - Emperor of Fire and IronEmperor of Fire and Iron

New world bosses will be available in 4.0, which will likely be the sources of ascension materials for either Lyney, Lynette, or Freminet.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Artifacts

2 New Artifacts

New 4.0 Artifacts
Genshin - Marechaussee Hunter - FlowerMarechausse Hunter Genshin - Golden Troupe - FlowerGolden Troupe

Artifact sets that increase Elemental Skill DMG (Golden Troupe) and increases CRIT Rate, and Normal and Charged Attacks (Marechausse Hunter) were revealed!

List of Artifacts and Stats

4.0 Artifact Optimizations

New Artifact Strongboxes

Genshin - Developer

After the 4.0 Update, 8 Artifact Sets that can be exchanged will be added to Mystic Offering in the Crafting Bench!

Players will be able to craft Tenacity of the Millelith, Pale Flame, Shimenawa's Reminiscence, Emblem of Severed Fate, Husk of Opulent Dreams, Ocean-Hued Clam, Vermillion Hereafter, and Echoes of an Offering!

How to Use Artifact Strongbox Guide

Artifact Destruction Function

The destruction function of Artifacts in the Inventory will also be optimized, where you can add all 4-Star Artifacts at once! Several optimizations to the Locking and Equipping Artifacts functions are also underway.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Weapons

12 New Weapons

New Special Weapons
CatalystThe First Great Magic SwordFleuve Cendre Ferryman
New Forgeable 4-Star Weapons
SwordFinale of the Deep ClaymoreTidal Shadow
PolearmRightful Reward CatalystFlowing Purity
BowSong of Stillness
New 4-Star Battle Pass Weapons
SwordWolf-Fang ClaymoreTalking Stick
PolearmBallad of the Fjords CatalystSacrificial Jade
BowScion of the Blazing Sun

We'll also get a whopping number of 12 new weapons in Fontaine. These are the five new forgeable 4-star weapons, Lyney's signature 5-star weapon, a sword reward from Fishing, and five new Battle Pass weapon rewards.

Expanded Battle Pass Weapon Rewards

Genshin Impact - Battle Pass Weapons

Players can choose from the new and current weapons after buying Gnostic Hymn and reaching BP Level 30.

New 4.0 Battle Pass Weapons

Genshin Impact 4.0 TCG Updates

New Genius Invokation TCG Function: Observe Duel

Travelers can view the current Genius Invokation TCG match on the Friends or Co-Op Team screen with the upcoming Observe Duel function! Hosts can select whether you allow others to view the duel through the settings in the duel.

See more details and optimizations in the Developers Discussion page linked below!

Developers Discussion (08/02)

Genshin Impact Related Guides

Genshin Versions Slim


Version History

All Genshin Impact Versions
Genshin - Version 4.7 Version 4.7 Genshin - Version 4.6 Version 4.6
Genshin - Version 4.5 Version 4.5 Genshin - Version 4.4 Version 4.4
Genshin - Version 4.3 Version 4.3 Genshin - Version 4.2 [Version 4.2
Genshin - Version 4.1 Version 4.1 Genshin - Version 4.0 Version 4.0
Genshin - Version 3.8 Version 3.8 Genshin - Version 3.7 Version 3.7
Genshin - Version 3.6 Version 3.6 Genshin - Version 3.5 Version 3.5
Genshin - Version 3.4 Version 3.4 Genshin - Version 3.3 Version 3.3
Genshin - Version 3.2 Version 3.2 Genshin - Version 3.1 Version 3.1
Genshin - Version 3.0 Version 3.0 Genshin - Version 2.8 Version 2.8
Genshin - Version 2.7 Version 2.7 Genshin - Version 2.6 Version 2.6
Genshin - Version 2.5 Version 2.5 Genshin - Version 2.4 Version 2.4
Genshin - Version 2.3 Version 2.3 Genshin - Version 2.2 Version 2.2
Genshin - Version 2.1 Version 2.1 Genshin - Version 2.0 Version 2.0
Genshin - Version 1.6 Version 1.6 Genshin - Version 1.5 Version 1.5
Genshin - Version 1.4 Version 1.4 Genshin - Version 1.3 Version 1.3
Genshin - Version 1.2 Version 1.2 Genshin - Version 1.1 Version 1.1

Previous Special Programs

All Previous Special Programs
Version 4.7
Version 4.6 Version 4.5
Version 4.4 Version 4.3
Version 4.2 Version 4.1
Version 4.0 Version 3.8
Version 3.7 Version 3.6
Version 3.5 Version 3.4
Version 3.3 Version 3.2
Version 3.1 Version 3.0
Version 2.8 Version 2.7
Version 2.6 Version 2.5
Version 2.4 Version 2.3
Version 2.1 Version 2.0
Version 1.6 Version 1.5
Version 1.4 Version 1.3
Version 1.2 Version 1.1

Other Version Guides

Other Version Guides
Server Maintenance Guide


3 Anonymous11 months

Rumor/leak: Lyney and Yelan for first half, Childe and Zhongli in the second cycle. Obviously not confirmed.

2 Anonymous12 months

I heard that Lyney is a Pryo bow user, and Lynette is an Anemo sword user. Also even though here weapon is revealed, Furina's (Focolors) element should be Hydro. As for the possible banners in 4.0, It has been rumored that the Archons with not get a rerun, the only archon being Furina in 4.2 (Every archon was introduced in 0.2 of each version).

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