Commerce Skill Rank Up Guide

Commerce is a Novice Social skill that lets you make better deals when shopping in Starfield. Read on to learn the effects of the Commerce skill, how to unlock and rank up the Commerce skill, and the backgrounds that know it.

Commerce How to Unlock and Overview

Commerce Skill Overview

Commerce Skill
Starfield - Commerce Skill Skill Tree:
In the Settled Systems' free market economy, almost anyone with the right skillset can open and run a successful business.

How to Unlock Commerce

Spend a Skill Point to Unlock Skill

As Commerce is a Novice skill, it can be learned without having to spend skill points on other skills in the Social skill tree. You just need to spend a skill point on Commerce to learn it.

Backgrounds with the Commerce Skill

The Commerce skill is automatically learned by the following backgrounds:


List of All Backgrounds

Applies to Ship Services and Purchases

Commerce Ship Services Discount
The Commerce Skill discount applies not only to regular shops but also to all Ship Services and Purchases. If you plan on modifying or buying a new ship, having this skill can lead to a massive discount, saving you Credits.

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How to Rank Up Commerce Skill

All Rank Challenges and Effects

Rank Challenge Effects
1 - Buy for 5% less and sell for 10% more.
2 Buy or Sell 25 Unique Items Buy for 10% less and sell for 15% more.
3 Buy or Sell 75 Unique Items Buy for 15% less and sell for 20% more.
4 Buy or Sell 150 Unique Items Buy for 20% less and sell for 25% more.

Unique Items are Items You Have Not Bought or Sold Before

Starfield - Trade Items You Haven
The "unique items" in this challenge refer to any item you have not bought or sold before, and therefore, do not refer specifically to Unique Weapons or Unique Armors found in the game.

Items you have sold before will not count towards the challenge progress for buying them, and items you have purchased before will not progress the challenge after selling them. For example, suppose you progress the challenge by purchasing a single Adaptive Frame. In that case, you cannot advance the challenge further by selling an Adaptive Frame.

Buy Low Value Items for Challenge Completion

Starfield - Buy Low-Value Items for Challenge Completion
Some vendors selling general items will often sell various cheap items you can buy to complete the challenge. Items such as ammo, resources, or some aid and miscellaneous items can be bought for very cheap.

Examples of general store vendors are the Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, Shepherd's General Store in Akila, or Trade Authority Locations.

Loot and Sell Multiple Low-Value Loot

Starfield - Loot and Sell Multiple Low-Value Loot
You can complete this challenge by selling your items occasionally. One strategy to meet this challenge is to also sell one of each of your usable items such as one of each ammo type, resources, aid items, or maybe a single digipick.

As this challenge requires you to sell/buy up to 150 unique items, looting or stealing the various miscellaneous items around the galaxy will help you complete this challenge earlier.

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