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This is a guide to the Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials Request in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn how to complete this request, and the rewards for completing it.

Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials - Basic Information

Quest Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials
Client Kagero the Merchant
Objective Bring Requested Items
Lagombi Pelt x1
Monster Bone M x2
Reward Unlock Sandy Plains Sub-camp 2
How to Unlock Find the second Sub-camp Site in the Sandy Plains.

Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials - Walkthrough

Obtain 1 Lagombi Pelt

Monster Drop Rate
Lagombi.pngLagombi Target Reward: 22%
Capture Reward: 16% (x2)
Broken Part Reward: 20% (Head x2)
Carve Reward: 39% (Body)
Dropped Material Reward: 40%, 50%

Obtain 2 Monster Bone M

Location Summary
Target rewards from hunting Aknosom, Great Wroggi, Khezu, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Great Baggi, and Barroth in low rank.

Low Rank Monster Rewards

Target Rewards

Great Baggi ImageGreat Baggi (14%) Kulu-Ya-Ku ImageKulu-Ya-Ku (14%) Great Wroggi ImageGreat Wroggi (13%)
Aknosom ImageAknosom (12%) Barroth ImageBarroth (10%) Khezu ImageKhezu (10%)

Capture Rewards

Great Wroggi ImageGreat Wroggi (18% (x2)) Great Baggi ImageGreat Baggi (18% (x2))


Rhenoplos ImageRhenoplos (20%) Slagtoth ImageSlagtoth (5%)

High Rank Monster Rewards


Rhenoplos ImageRhenoplos (15%) Slagtoth ImageSlagtoth (5%)

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Urgent Village Quest ★3 Feathered Frenzy
Village Quest ★3 The Cactus Diet
Village Quest ★3 Faceless Foe ★★
Village Quest ★3 Spongy Oasis
Village Quest ★3 Fightin' Dirty
Hub Quest ★1 Shady Monster
Hub Quest ★2 Fried and Baptized ★½
Hub Quest ★2 The Path to Royalty ★½
Hub Quest ★2 Blasted Basarios! ★½
Hub Quest ★2 A Pale Shadow
Hub Quest ★2 So Muddy Hardheaded!
Hub Quest ★2 The Flooding Flooded Forest
Hub Quest ★2 Way of the Pukei ★½
Village Quest ★4 A Poisonous Project ★½
Urgent Village Quest ★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans ★½
Village Quest ★4 A Song of Red and Fire ★½
Village Quest ★4 Streaking Shadow ★½
Village Quest ★4 The Queen's Procession ★½
Village Quest ★4 Raging White-out ★½
Village Quest ★4 Infernal Lacrimosa ★½
Village Quest ★5 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz ★½
Village Quest ★5 The Secret Ingredient ★½
Hub Quest ★3 White Knight vs. Hunter ★½
Hub Quest ★3 Zigzagging Zapper ★½
Village Quest ★3 Special License Quest 1 ★½

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½.

Should You Complete Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials?

Rank S Rank.png

Having access to subcamps will allow you to traverse maps far more efficiently and complete Quests more easily. On top of that, this request is one of the easiest to complete, making its high priority a no-brainer.

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