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This is a farming guide for Sharp Fang, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Sharp Fang locations and drop sources, as well as Sharp Fang uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Sharp Fang - Basic Information

Name Sharp Fang ImageSharp Fang
Name (JP) とがった牙
Description Fangs come in many shapes and sizes—the right fang for the right job.
Rarity 4 Type Monster Materials
Sell Price 50 Hold Limit 99

Sharp Fang - How to Farm

Location Summary
Gathered from a Wroggi.

Low Rank Monster Rewards

Target Reward
Capture Reward
Broken Part Reward
Jaggi ImageJaggi (★ (x2)) Jaggia ImageJaggia (★ (x2)) Zamite ImageZamite (★ ½ (x2))
Delex ImageDelex (★★ (x1) / ★ (x2)) Baggi ImageBaggi (★ ½ (x2) / ½ (x4))
Unobtainable as a Capture Reward.
Unobtainable as a Broken Part Reward.
Bullfango ImageBullfango (20%) Delex ImageDelex (15%) Wroggi ImageWroggi (15%)
Baggi ImageBaggi (15%) Zamite ImageZamite (12%) Gajau ImageGajau (10%)
Jaggi ImageJaggi (10%) Jaggia ImageJaggia (10%)

Meowcenaries: Low Rank

Map Node Type
Sandy Plains Delex

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Hub Quest ★1 A Grizzly Encounter ★½
Hub Quest ★1 A Snowball's Chance... ★½
Hub Quest ★1 Shady Monster
Village Quest ★2 Rabid Rabbit ★½
Village Quest ★2 Grizzly Glutton ★½
Urgent Hub Quest ★2 Dead Ringer ★½
Hub Quest ★2 Fried and Baptized
Hub Quest ★2 Bouncing Brawlers ★½
Hub Quest ★2 The Path to Royalty
Hub Quest ★2 Blasted Basarios!
Hub Quest ★2 Reinventing the Wheel
Hub Quest ★2 A Pale Shadow
Hub Quest ★2 So Muddy Hardheaded!
Hub Quest ★2 The Flooding Flooded Forest
Hub Quest ★2 Way of the Pukei
Hub Quest ★2 I Want Off This Ride
Urgent Village Quest ★3 Feathered Frenzy
Village Quest ★3 The Cactus Diet
Village Quest ★3 Faceless Foe
Village Quest ★3 Spongy Oasis
Village Quest ★3 Fightin' Dirty
Village Quest ★3 Can't Stomach the Thought ★½
Hub Quest ★3 Disastrously Beautiful
Hub Quest ★3 Beastly Chaos ½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★3 Tail to Tail ½ (x2)
Urgent Hub Quest ★3 Hellfire
Hub Quest ★3 A Few Bumps Along the Way
Hub Quest ★3 A Friend in Need
Hub Quest ★3 White Knight vs. Hunter
Hub Quest ★3 Wavering Moon and Thunder
Hub Quest ★3 Champion of the Caverns
Hub Quest ★3 My Muse the Mizutsune
Hub Quest ★3 Twilit Twin Stars
Hub Quest ★3 Bully of the Caverns
Hub Quest ★3 Down 'n' Dirty
Hub Quest ★3 Zigzagging Zapper
Hub Quest ★3 The Blizzard Blender
Hub Quest ★3 Beckoning Slumber
Village Quest ★3 Special License Quest 1
Village Quest ★4 Third Wheel ★½
Village Quest ★4 A Poisonous Project
Urgent Village Quest ★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans
Village Quest ★4 Off Your Rocker
Village Quest ★4 A Song of Red and Fire
Village Quest ★4 Streaking Shadow
Village Quest ★4 The Queen's Procession
Village Quest ★4 Raging White-out
Village Quest ★4 Infernal Lacrimosa
Village Quest ★5 Nosey Nuisances
Village Quest ★5 The Hottest Around
Village Quest ★5 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz
Village Quest ★5 The Secret Ingredient
Urgent Village Quest ★5 Comeuppance
Village Quest ★5 Rathalos Alert!
Village Quest ★5 Waltzing by Moonlight
Village Quest ★5 Nocturnal Tracker
Village Quest ★5 Electrifying Ephiphany
Village Quest ★5 Wind Speed Wyvern
Village Quest ★6 King of the Sky, Bane of the Land
Village Quest ★6 Like a Flash of Lightning
Village Quest ★6 A Test of Courage
Village Quest ★6 Twisted Desire
Village Quest ★6 Thundering Voice
Village Quest ★6 Abominable Snow-beast
Urgent Village Quest ★6 Hermit of the Swamp

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½. Items which are guaranteed a minimum of a set amount are marked as "min."

Hunt Baggis in A Frosty Paradise Quest

Mh Rise - Baggi in Frost Islands

Carving Baggis will yield a better chance of getting the Sharp Fang material. Doing the A Frosty Paradise quest should make it easier to farm Baggi materials and the Sharp Fang.

A Frosty Paradise Quest & Rewards

Sharp Fang - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used to forge Wroggi equipment.

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Bow Image Baggi Bow I (×3) Sword & Shield Image Brash Buddies I (×2)
Light Bowgun Image Cross Bowgun II (×2) Gunlance Image Delex Harpoon I (×2)
Switch Axe Image Delex Sail I (×2) Great Sword Image Hack Blade I (×3)
Lance Image Hard Bone Lance (×1) Heavy Bowgun Image Iron Assault II (×2)
Great Sword Image Jawblade I (×4) Light Bowgun Image Khezu Syringe I (×2)
Heavy Bowgun Image Marino Burst I (×1) Long Sword Image Serrated Jaw II (×2)
Dual Blades Image Rex Slicers I (×3) Hunting Horn Image Striped Dragonga I (×3)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Waist Image Baggi Coil (×1) Waist Image Bone Coil (×1)
Legs Image Bone Greaves (×1) Torso Image Bone Mail (×1)
Waist Image Death Stench Bowels (×2) Legs Image Death Stench Heel (×2)
Head Image Jaggi Mask (×1) Legs Image Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves (×2)
Torso Image Nargacuga Mail (×2) Arms Image Rhenoplos Braces (×1)
Head Image Skalda Vertex / Spio Vertex (×2) Head Image Skull Visage (×3)
Waist Image Uroktor Coil (×1)

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