ArZZZZzzzzuros Request and Rewards | Monster Hunter Rise | MHR (MH Rise)

This is a guide to the ArZZZZzzzzuros Request in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn how to complete this request, and the rewards for completing it.

ArZZZZzzzzuros - Basic Information

Quest ArZZZZzzzzuros
Client Komitsu the Sweettooth
Objective Take a picture of a sleeping Arzuros
Reward Teddybear I (Design)

ArZZZZzzzzuros Reward

Completing this request from Komitsu the Sweettooth will unlock a hammer weapon called Teddybear I. After receiving the design from her go check Smithy to unlock the Teddybear Weapon Tree.

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ArZZZZzzzzuros - Walkthrough

Put That Beast to Sleep

sleepin beasty.jpeg

There are three ways you can get this picture. The first is by weakening the Arzuros, trapping it, then putting it to sleep with Tranq Bombs and snapping the pic. The second is similar to the first: weaken the Arzuros then wait for it to run away. If it's weak enough, it will return to a spot on the map and fall asleep naturally. The third one is to equip sleep weapons and force the Arzuros to sleep while in combat.

Low Rank Azruros Quests

★2 Grizzly Glutton (Key)
★1 A Grizzly Encounter
★4 Third Wheel

High Rank Arzuros Quests

★4 Divine Comedy (Key)
★4 Blue, Round, and Cute

Should You Complete ArZZZZzzzzuros?

Rank B Rank.png

New Weapon Design. it possess low damage but at max upgrade, it features a white sharpness level. It has a high amount of sleep but its super low damage holds it back despite these pros. It's a cute weapon as well so go get it if you want to go for fashion hunting.

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