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This page is about the Delex, a small monster found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Delex locations, as well as Delex dropped materials, carves, and more can all be found here!

Delex Basic Information

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Type Piscine Wyvern
Official Description
Carnivorous desert monsters that travel in schools of four or five. Delex often follow large predators in the hope of scavenging leftovers. They are extremely sensitive to sound.

Known Habitat

Map Visited Areas
Sandy Plains.pngSandy Plains 9 / 10

Delex Materials and Drops

Low Rank
High Rank
Master Rank
Material Drop Rate
Monster Guts 45%
Big Fin 40%
Sharp Fang 15%
Material Drop Rate
Quality Fin 40%
Monster Guts 40%
Acute Fang 20%
Material Drop Rate
Monster Guts 40%
Crushing Fang 30%
Quality Fin 30%

Delex Quest Appearances

Does not appear in any quest.

Delex Locations

Delex in Sandy Plains

Sandy Plains
Outbreak of Delex 9 / 10
Outbreak of Kestodon 9 / 10
Outbreak of Rhenoplos 9 / 10
Normal Quest 9 / 10

Delex Farming Video

Look Out for Delex Outbreaks

Although they spawn at the same spots during their own outbreaks, more Delex will appear than their usual numbers at the following areas, allowing you to slay more Delex during the outbreak!

Drag a Delex with a Flash or Sound Bomb

Hunting Delexes could be a bit difficult because they are always submerged under sand. They can be dragged out of the sand using a Flash Bomb or a Sound Bomb. You can also make use of the Flashfly around the area.

Attack While Riding a Palamute

Delex moves across the sand faster than a hunter so it is quite difficult to hit them with weapons. We suggest riding your Palamute and attacking with X. This allows you to chase Delexes as they swim across the sandy sea!

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