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This is a farming guide for Carbalite Ore, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn how to get Carbalite Ore, all mining locations, drop rates from monsters and quests, also Carbalite Ore uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Carbalite Ore - Basic Information

Name Carbalite Ore ImageCarbalite Ore
Description An ore still being studied. It yields even better metal than dragonite.
Rarity 6 Type Ore
Sell Price 680 Hold Limit 99

Carbalite Ore - Mining Locations

Location Summary
Obtained from high rank Mining Outcrops.

Gathering Spots: High Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Shrine Ruins Mining Outcrop (White)
Flooded Forest Mining Outpost (White, Blue)
Frost Islands Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)
Sandy Plains Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)
Lava Caverns Mining Outcrop (Blue)

Meowcenaries: Low Rank

Map Node Type
Lava Caverns Ore Node

Meowcenaries: High Rank

Map Node Type
Sandy Plains Ore Node
Lava Caverns Ore Node

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 Can't Kill It with Fire -

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½.

▼ Shrine Ruins ▼ Frost Islands ▼ Sandy Plains
▼ Flooded Forest ▼ Lava Caverns

Mining Outcrops in the Shrine Ruins

Shrine Ruins
mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in shrine ruins.pngEnlarge

Mining Outcrops in the Frost Islands

Frost Islands
mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in frost islands (upper level).pngEnlarge Upper Level mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in frost islands (lower level).pngEnlarge Lower Level

Mining Outcrops in the Sandy Plains

Sandy Plains
mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in the sandy plains (upper level).pngEnlarge Upper Level mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in the sandy plains (lower level).pngEnlarge Lower Level

Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest
mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in flooded forest.pngEnlarge

Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns

Lava Caverns
mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in lava caverns (upper level).pngEnlarge Upper Level mining outcrops (carbalite ore) in lava caverns (lower level).pngEnlarge Lower Level

Carbalite Ore - Crafting Uses

Effect Summary
Used as forging material.

Used to Craft Weapons

K. Captain's Blade I (×5) Drill Lance I (×5)
Babel Spear I (×7) Bolt Chamber I (×4)
Cat's Soul I (×3) Cerulean Axes I (×2)
Devil Masher I (×7) Felyne Bowgun I (×3)
Heavy Bagpipe I (×4) Kamura Blade V (×8)
Kamura C. Blade V (×8) Kamura Chorus V (×8)
Kamura Cleaver V (×8) Kamura Glintblades V (×8)
Kamura Gunlance V (×8) Kamura H. Bowgun V (×8)
Kamura Hammer V (×8) Kamura Iron Axe V (×8)
Kamura Iron Bow V (×8) Kamura L. Bowgun V (×8)
Kamura Spear V (×8) Kamura Sword V (×8)
Odyssey Blade I (×5) Suzuka Takamaru I (×2)
Dragon Veil I (×3)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Ash Drache I (×5) Devta Serpentblade (×3)
Gale Horn (×3) Imperial Sword (×2)
Khezu Skards (×5) Wind Thief Crossbow III (×3)
Arzuros' Honeypot (×3) Axenosom III (×4)
Colossal Axeblade (×3) Crystalline Flower II (×5)
Daybreak Cleaver (×3) Daybreak Glaive (×3)
Eager Cleaver II (×5) Elite Blade II (×4)
Elite Switch Axe II (×3) Felyne Fancy (×5)
Frog Flute II (×3) Gelid Mind II (×4)
Giga Grips III (×5) Growling Wyvern II (×10)
Gun Hammer II (×5) Hunter's Stoutbow II (×5)
Hurricane II (×3) Iron Bayonet II (×2)
Iron Beater II (×5) Jaeger II (×4)
Keen Edge II (×4) Khezu Syringe III (×4)
Leaping Glaive II (×3) Meteor Bazooka II (×10)
Meteor Cannon (×20) Mortal Serpent (×4)
Origami Axe II (×2) Paladin Lance II (×5)
Sand Blaster Gunlance (×4) Schirmscorn II (×3)
Snowfall Axe III (×3) Striker's Gunlance II (×6)
Sworn Rapiers II (×5) Tetranadon Cutter (×3)
The Kid (×3) Twin Chainsaws II (×3)
War Stamp I (×4) Tigrex Howl II (×6)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Jelly Boots S (×4) Rhenoplos Coil S (×3)
Wroggi Vambraces S (×1) Baggi Helm S (×2)
Alloy Greaves S (×1) Alloy Mail S (×1)
Chainmail Headgear S (×2) Hunter's Helm S (×2)
Hunter's Vambraces S (×1) Kamura Braces S (×2)
Makluva Sleeves S (×3) Pukei-Pukei Helm S (×2)
Rathian Coil S (×3) Skalda Thorax S / Spio Thorax S (×2)
Vaik Coil S (×3) Volvidon Mail S (×2)
Basarios Mail S (×2) Chainmail Belt S (×2)
Chainmail Gloves S (×2) Chainmail Pants S (×2)
Jelly Gloves S (×4) Kamura Obi S (×1)
Khezu Mail S (×1) Khezu Vambraces S (×1)
Makluva Pants S (×2) Rhenoplos Greaves S (×2)
Tetranadon Braces S (×1) Vaik Braces S (×3)
Volvidon Coil S (×3) Aknosom Mail S (×1)
Alloy Helm S (×1) Chainmail Vest S (×2)
Kamura Garb S (×1) Kamura Head Scarf S (×2)
Kamura Leggings S (×2) Makluva Cover S (×2)
Rhenoplos Helm S (×2) Skalda Crura S / Spio Crura S (×2)
Wroggi Helm S (×3)

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