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This page is about the Izuchi, a small monster found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Izuchi locations, as well as Izuchi dropped materials, carves, and more can all be found here!

Izuchi Basic Information

small monster Izuchi icon.png
Type Bird Wyvern
Official Description
An omnivorous bird wyvern that has a characteristic scythe-shaped tail. It uses this tail to attack, but also to climb trees and chop down fruit. Most Izuchi fall into herds led by a Great Izuchi; in each herd, the two best fighters are selected by the leader to help it hunt their prey.

Known Habitat

Map Visited Areas
Shrine Ruins.pngShrine Ruins 3 / 4 / 8 / 12
Frost Islands.pngFrost Islands 4

Izuchi Locations

Izuchi in Shrine Ruins

Shrine Ruins
Outbreak of Izuchi 3 / 4 / 8 / 12
Outbreak of Gargwa 4 / 8
Outbreak of Bnahabra 4
Normal Quest 4 / 8

Look Out for Izuchi Outbreaks

Izuchi are more common when there is a Izuchi Outbreak in the Shrine Ruins. They tend to appear in more areas than normal so this is the optimal time to hunt them!

Izuchi in Frost Islands

Frost Islands
Outbreak of Gajau 2 / 4
Outbreak of Zamite 2 / 4
Outbreak of Baggi 4
Normal Quest 2 / 4

Low Chance to Appear in Baggi Outbreaks

Look out for Outbreaks of Baggis in the Frost Islands because Izuchi appear in less areas (only in Area 4!) during this time. Refresh your expedition if you have a Baggi outbreak.

Recommended Quests to Farm Izuchi

Izuchi are easily farmed with two quests in Low Rank and High Rank:

Low Rank ★1 Village: Help with Maintenance
High Rank ★4 Hub: Dango Duty

Izuchi are marked on the map and spawns more frequently so it's easier to farm them! You can even get bonus Izuchi materials from Quest Rewards!

Izuchi Materials and Drops

Low Rank


Material Drop Rate
Izuchi Tail 52%
Izuchi Pelt 33%
Sharp Claw 15%

High Rank


Material Drop Rate
Izuchi Pelt+ 53%
Izuchi Tail 32%
Piercing Claw 15%

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