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Genshin Impact - All Nations and Regions

This is an article about all the current and upcoming nations and regions in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn more about different regions in the game, and expand your knowledge about the world of Teyvat!

Nations of Teyvat

Here are all of the Nations and Regions that you can currently explore in Genshin Impact


Mondstadt Map.pngEnlarge
Mondstadt Element Genshin - Anemo IconAnemo
Mondstadt Archon
God of Freedom
Venti Image Venti

Maps of all Mondstadt Regions

See all Mondstadt Maps
Mondstadt Maps
Starfell Valley Map.pngEnlarge Galesong Hill.pngEnlarge
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Brightcrown Mountains Map.pngEnlarge Windwail Highland Map.pngEnlarge
Brightcrown Mountains Windwail Hihgland
Genshin - Dragonspine MapEnlarge

Quests in Mondstadt

Domains in Mondstadt


Liyue Map.pngEnlarge
Element Genshin - Geo IconGeo
Liyue Archon
God of Contracts
Zhongli Image Zhongli
Rex Lapis

Maps of all Liyue Regions

See all Liyue Maps
Bishui Plain Map.pngEnlarge Qiongji Estuary Map.pngEnlarge Minlin Map.pngEnlarge
Bishui Plain Qiongji Estuary Minlin
Lisha Map.pngEnlarge Sea of Clouds Map.pngEnlarge
Lisha Sea of Clouds

Quests in Liyue

Domains in Liyue

Upcoming Nations and Regions

Here are nations and regions that cannot be explored in the game. More information will be added as information is officially released!


Element Genshin - Electro IconElectro
God of Eternity
Raiden Shogun

While still not present in the current game, Inazuma has been mentioned a number of times by various characters. It is also the home of the Electro Archon and the Inazuma Bakufu.


Element Genshin - Dendro IconDendro
God of Wisdom


Element Genshin - Hydro IconHydro
God of Justice

Fontaine is another region mentioned by characters in the game. One gadget, the Kamera, originated in this nation.


Element Genshin - Pyro IconPyro
God of War


Element Genshin - Cryo IconCryo

Nation of the Tsarita, the Cryo Archon, Snezhnaya is also the home of the Eleven Harbingers, which is an elite unit of the infamous Fatui.


Element Unknown

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Nations and Regions of Teyvat

Genshin Impact - All Nations and Regions
All Nations and Regions

New and Upcoming Regions

Dragonspine Map Banner

Oculi Locations

Statue of the Seven Items
Anemoculus Icon.pngAnemoculus Geoculus Icon.pngGeoculus

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