Genshin Impact

Neuvillette Rating and Best Builds

Genshin Impact - Neuvillette Rating and Best Builds

Neuvillette is a catalyst user and a Hydro Main DPS character best built with Charged Attacks in Genshin Impact 4.5. See their best weapons and artifacts, team comps, and our rating of this character in this guide!

Story Quest
Neuvillette's Character Guides
Genshin - Neuvillette Builds and RatingBuild Guide Consomme Purete ImageSpecialty Dish
Diluvies Chapter
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Neuvillette Rating and Info

Character Information

SS Rank Icon
Voice Actors EN Voice Actor: Ray Chase
JP Voice Actor: Hiroshi Kamiya

Tier List Rankings

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Exploration

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Neuvillette's Stats

HP Attack Defense Ascension Stat
Lvl 20 2,967 42 116 CRIT DMG 50%
Lvl 80 14,695 208 576 CRIT DMG 88%

Neuvillette Strengths and Weaknesses

• High scaling and fast tick of his Charged Attacks can output high amounts of damage per second.
• Can fit into multiple Hydro-related team comps due to his passive talent.
• Hovers during casting of Charged Attack; contributes to fast mobility in the battlefield.
• Floating state can help traverse over waters in overworld exploration. Passive talent greatly helps underwater exploration as well.
• Highly susceptible to interruption when casting Charged Attack unless you have his C1 or a shielder.

Neuvillette Best Builds

Neuvillette DPS Builds

Marechausee Hunter Hydro DPS

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Artifact Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: HP%
Genshin - GobletGoblet: Hydro DMG Bonus or HP%
Genshin - CircletCirclet: CRIT Rate/DMG
Artifact Sub Stats HP%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery

By easing up his CRIT Rate requirements, Marechaussee Hunter is the best build for Neuvillette as it can dramatically increase his DMG output. His HP mechanic can easily activate the artifact's effects, allowing him to build more CRIT damage.

The higher Neuvillette's current HP is at the time of casting his Charged ATK, the more DMG it will inflict on enemies. Hence, try to focus more on increasing his HP when building him.

Wanderer's Troupe DPS

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Artifact Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: HP%
Genshin - GobletGoblet: Hydro DMG Bonus or HP%
Genshin - CircletCirclet: CRIT Rate/DMG
Artifact Sub Stats HP%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery

If you wish to pay less attention to Neuvillette's HP mechanic and purely focus on his DMG output and playing around Elemental Reactions, a full Wanderer's Troupe set that is also filled with HP might be right up your alley.

The Wanderer's Troupe set's Charged Attack increase is unconditional and will always be present no matter the situation. Additionally, more Elemental Mastery couldn't hurt, especially if you'll be matching Neuvillette's attacks up with Elemental Reactions!

Neuvillette Talent Priority

Talent Priority
1st Normal Attack
2nd Elemental Skill
3rd Elemental Burst

Neuvillette's Charged Attack should be your top priority when it comes to his Talents, followed by his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst , with his Skill having a slightly higher priority.

Neuvillette's Skill and Burst provide Sourcewater Droplets, which shortens the charging time of his Charged ATK and increases its DMG. His Elemental Burst comes at a whopping 70 Energy, which may take a while before you get to use it.

Neuvillette Best Artifacts

Neuvillette Artifact Rankings

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
Best Genshin - Marechaussee Hunter Image Marechaussee Hunter 2-PC: Normal and Charged Attack DMG +15%
4-PC: When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 12% for 5s. Max 3 stacks.
2nd Genshin - Wanderer Wanderer's Troupe 2-PC: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.
4-PC: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow.
3rd Genshin - Heart of Depth Image Heart of Depth 2-PC: Hydro DMG Bonus +15%
4-PC: After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 30% for 15s.

Alternative 4-Star Artifact

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
Genshin - Martial Artist Image Martial Artist 2-PC: Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%.
4-PC: After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 25% for 8s.

List of Artifacts and Set Bonuses

Neuvillette Best Weapons

Neuvillette Weapon Rankings

Weapon Weapon Information
1st Genshin Impact - Tome of the Eternal Flow Image Tome of the Eternal Flow Base ATK: 542
Bonus Stat: CRIT DMG 88.2%
Skill Effect: HP is increased by 16%. When current HP increases or decreases, Charged Attack DMG will be increased by 14% for 4s. Max 3 stacks. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s. When the character has 3 stacks or a third stack's duration refreshes, 8 Energy will be restored. This Energy restoration effect can be triggered once every 12s.
2nd Genshin Impact - Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Image Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Base ATK: 608
Bonus Stat: CRIT Rate 33.1%
Skill Effect: Increases Movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, gain an 8% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.
3rd Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Jade Image Sacrificial Jade Base ATK: 454
Bonus Stat: CRIT Rate 36.8%
Skill Effect: When not on the field for more than 5s, Max HP will be increased by 32% and Elemental Mastery will be increased by 40. These effects will be canceled after the wielder has been on the field for 10s.

Best Free-to-Play Weapon for Neuvillette

DPS Free-to-Play Weapon

Weapon Weapon Information
Genshin Impact - Prototype Amber Image Prototype Amber Base ATK: 510
Bonus Stat: HP 41.3%
Skill Effect: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 4 Energy every 2s for 6s. Additionally, all party members will regenerate 4% HP every 2s for this duration.

All Recommended Weapons for Neuvillette

Recommended Weapons How to Get
Battle Pass

List of All Catalyst Weapons

Neuvillette Best Team Comps

Neuvillette Hypercarry

Main-DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Furina Furina Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha Genshin - Baizhu Baizhu
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha Genshin - Zhongli Zhongli

These teams specialize around buffing and enabling Neuvillette's passive as a hypercarry unit. We recommend going for Neuvillette's C1 if you have Furina in your team, but it is otherwise not necessary, as her buffs are enough to compensate its base power.

Other Furina-less teams can be centered around Electro-Charged, as Neuvillette revolves around multiple supports to maximize his DMG output.

Hyperbloom Teams

Main-DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Raiden Raiden Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Baizhu Baizhu
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Collei Collei Genshin - Raiden Raiden Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha

Taking advantage of one of the most powerful and versatile elemental reactions in the game, Neuvillette's AoE Hydro application can play a significant role in Hyperbloom teams, especially when paired with units that deal elemental DMG on hit.

Characters like the Raiden Shogun and Nahida, or AoE units like Collei will make for easy Hyperbloom triggers. Baizhu is a great option for negating DMG and interruption during Charged ATK casting, and Kazuha can Swirl elements around for easier reactions.

Vaporize Teams

Main-DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Xiangling Xiangling Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha Genshin - Bennett Bennett
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Dehya Dehya Genshin - Sucrose Sucrose Genshin - Bennett Bennett

It's a good thing to remember that Hydro does twice as much DMG when triggering Vaporize. Units that provide Pyro application and Swirling it around using Anemo will perfectly set Neuvillette up for increased DMG output.

Kazuha and Sucrose can provide increased elemental reaction DMG for Neuvillette via their own Talents.

Freeze Teams

Main-DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Rosaria Rosaria Genshin - Shenhe Shenhe Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Ganyu Ganyu Genshin - Sucrose Sucrose Genshin - Diona Diona

Freezing opponents is always a sound strategy to minimize as much DMG as possible while still dealing DMG of your own. Since Neuvillette specializes in Charged ATKs and AoE attacks, it would be best to pair him up with Cryo units that can keep up.

Rosaria, Ganyu, and Shenhe can work well with Neuvillette's Hydro attacks, with Anemo units like Kazuha and Sucrose to further their ranges.

Electro-Charged Teams

Main-DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Raiden Raiden Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha Genshin - Zhongli Zhongli
Genshin - Neuvillette Neuvillette Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Sucrose Sucrose Genshin - Zhongli Zhongli

Another good option for taking down mobs of enemies and stunning them continuously is through the Electro-Charged reaction, which also synergizes well with Neuvillette's passive talent.

The Raiden Shogun or Fischl will be able to provide off-field Electro support for Neuvillette, with Zhongli providing shields to prevent interruption. Kazuha and Sucrose can help further elemental ranges.

Neuvillette Constellations

Leviathan Judicator

Constellation and Effects

Neuvillette's Constellations
Genshin - Neuvillette C1 C1 Venerable Institution
When Neuvillette takes the field, he will obtain 1 stack of Past Draconic Glories from the Passive Talent "Heir to the Ancient Sea's Authority." You must first unlock the Passive Talent "Heir to the Ancient Sea's Authority."
Additionally, his interruption resistance will be increased while using the Charged Attack Empowerment: Legal Evaluation and the Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment.
Genshin - Neuvillette C2 C2 Juridical Exhortation
The Passive Talent "Heir to the Ancient Sea's Authority" will be enhanced: Each stack of Past Draconic Glories will increase the CRIT DMG of Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment by 14%. The maximum increase that can be achieved this way is 42%.
You must first unlock the Passive Talent "Heir to the Ancient Sea's Authority."
Genshin - Neuvillette C3 C3 Ancient Postulation
Increases the Level of Normal Attack: As Water Seeks Equilibrium by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Genshin - Neuvillette C4 C4 Crown of Commiseration
When Neuvillette is on the field and is healed, 1 Sourcewater Droplet will be generated. This effect can occur once every 4s.
Genshin - Neuvillette C5 C5 Axiomatic Judgment
Increases the Level of O Tides, I Have Returned by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Genshin - Neuvillette C6 C6 Wrathful Recompense
When using Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment, Neuvillette can absorb nearby Sourcewater Droplets in an AoE. Each absorbed Droplet will increase the duration of Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment by 1s.
Additionally, when Equitable Judgment hits opponents, it will fire off 2 additional currents every 2s, each of which will deal 10% of Neuvillette's Max HP as Hydro DMG. DMG dealt this way will count as DMG dealt by Equitable Judgment.

Best Constellation Rating and Explanation

Rating Constellation Effect / Merits
C4 ★★☆ • More Sourcewater Droplets upon taking field for easier access to Charged ATK.
C1 ★★★ • Contributes to overall DMG output.
• Provides resistance to interruption when casting Charged Attack.
C6 ★★★ • Enables quick absorption of Sourcewater Droplets.
• Easier access to Charged ATK.
• Fires off 2 additional torrents for increased DMG.

Aim for C1 If You Can!

A setback of Neuvillette's is that he is highly susceptible to interruption while casting his Charged Attack, nullifying the point of absorbing the Sourcewater Droplets you just created using his other Talents.

Hence, a shielder is an absolute must when playing him at C0. If you have enough wishes to go for his C1, then we highly recommend you go for it as it will increase your chances of a successful Charged Attack.

Neuvillette Ascension and Talent Materials

Neuvillette Ascension Materials

Mora ImageMora ×20000
Mora ImageMora ×40000
Lumitoile ImageLumitoile ×10
Mora ImageMora ×60000
Lumitoile ImageLumitoile ×20
Mora ImageMora ×80000
Lumitoile ImageLumitoile ×30
Mora ImageMora ×100000
Lumitoile ImageLumitoile ×45
Mora ImageMora ×120000
Lumitoile ImageLumitoile ×60

Neuvillette Talent Level-Up Materials

Daily Domain Drops Enemy Drops Weekly Boss Drops
Genshin Impact - Teachings of Equity Image Teachings of Equity
Fontemer Aberrants
Genshin Impact - Transoceanic Pearl Image Transoceanic Pearl
Apep Boss Challenge Reward
Genshin Impact - Everamber Image Everamber
Genshin Impact - Guide to Equity Image Guide to Equity Genshin Impact - Transoceanic Chunk Image Transoceanic Chunk
Genshin Impact - Philosophies of Equity Image Philosophies of Equity Genshin Impact - Xenochromatic Crystal Image Xenochromatic Crystal

Talent Materials per Level

How to Use Neuvillette

Normal Attack: As Water Seeks Equilibrium

Neuvillette sends forth 3 waves of Hydro to attack enemies.

Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment

Neuvillette's Charged ATK is his strongest asset. After a fixed casting time, Neuvillette sends forth a massive torrent that deals Hydro DMG to opponents in front of him in a straight line.

While charging and casting his Charged ATK, Neuvillette can hover and move around the battlefield.

Elemental Skill: O Tears, I Shall Repay

Neuvillette's summons waterfalls to deal Hydro DMG to opponents in an AoE. Once it hits opponents, it will generate 3 Sourcewater Droplets near those opponents for his Charged ATK.

Sourcewater Droplets

Absorbing Sourcewater Droplets left behind by Neuvillette's Elemental Skill and Burst will increase his Charged ATK DMG, decrease its charging time, and heal him. A maximum of 3 Sourcewater Droplets can be absorbed each time.

Elemental Burst: O Tides, I Have Returned

Neuvillette summons a massive wave that deals Hydro DMG to enemies within a large AoE, with large waterfalls following shortly after.

Neuvillette's Elemental Burst will leave behind 6 Sourcewater Droplets in front of him for his Charged ATK, allowing for 2 Charged Attacks to be executed consecutively.

Neuvillette Passive Talent

Increases the entire party's underwater Sprint SPD by 15%. Ideal for faster and more efficient underwater exploration!

Neuvillette Talents (Skills)

Normal Attack: As Water Seeks Equilibrium

Talent Description
With light flourishes, Neuvillette commands the tides to unleash a maximum of 3 attacks, dealing Hydro DMG.
Charge Attack
Consumes a fixed amount of Stamina to attack opponents with a rupturing blast of water, dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment
Unleashes surging torrents, dealing continuous AoE Hydro DMG to all opponents in a straight-line are in front of him.
Equitable Judgment will not consume any Stamina and lasts 3s. If Neuvillette's HP is above 50%, he will continuously lose HP while using this attack.
Charged Attack Empowerment: Legal Evaluation
While charging up, Neuvillette will form a Seal of Arbitration. While casting, Neuvillette can move and change facing, and also absorb any Sourcewater Droplets in a certain AoE.
Every Droplet absorbed will increase the Seal's charging SPD, and will heal Neuvillette.
If the Seal is halted mid-casting, a Charged Attack will be unleashed.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
1-Hit DMG 54.60%
2-Hit DMG 46.20%
3-Hit DMG 72.30%
Charged Attack DMG 136.80%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 50
Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment 7.32% Max HP
HP Restored 16.0% Max HP/Droplet
HP Loss 8.0% Max HP/0.5s
Plunge DMG 56.8%
Low/High Plunge DMG 114%/142%

O Tears, I Shall Repay

Talent Description
Summons a Raging Waterfall that will deal AoE Hydro DMG to opponents in front of Neuvillette based on his Max HP. After hitting an opponent, this skill will generate 3 Sourcewater Droplets near that opponent.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Skill DMG 12.86% Max HP
Spiritbreath Thorn DMG 20.80%
Spiritbreath Thorn Interval 10.0s
Sourcewater Droplet Duration 15.0s
CD 12.0s

O Tides, I Have Returned

Talent Description
Unleashes waves that will deal AoE Hydro DMG based on Neuvillette's Max HP. After a short interval, 2 waterfalls will descend and deal Hydro DMG in a somewhat smaller AoE, and will generate 6 Sourcewater Droplets within an area in front.
Arkhe: Pneuma
At certain intervals, when the Raging Waterfall descends, a Spiritbreath Thorn will descend that pierces opponents, dealing Pneuma-aligned Hydro DMG.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Skill DMG 22.26% Max HP
Waterfall DMG 9.11% Max HP
CD 18.0s
Energy Cost 70

Heir to the Ancient Sea's Authority

Talent Description
When a party member triggers a Vaporize, Frozen, Electro-Charged, Bloom, Hydro Swirl, or a Hydro Crystallize reaction on opponents, 1 stack of Past Draconic Glories will be granted to Neuvillette for 30s. Max 3 stacks. Past Draconic Glories causes Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment to deal 110%/125%/160% of its original DMG. The stacks of Past Draconic Glories created by each kind of Elemental Reaction exist independently.

Discipline of the Supreme Arbitration

Talent Description
For each 1% of Neuvillette's current HP greater than 30% of Max HP, he will gain 0.6% Hydro DMG Bonus. A maximum bonus of 30% can be obtained this way.

Gather Like the Tide

Talent Description
Increases underwater Sprint SPD for your own party members by 15%.
Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

How to Get Neuvillette

Get from Version 4.5 Phase 2 Banner

Genshin Impact - Decree of the Deeps Gacha and Wish Guide
Banner Status Upcoming

Neuvilette's rerun banner will feature alongside Kazuha's rerun banner during Phase 2 of Version 4.5, which runs from April 2, 2024 to April 16, 2024!

Neuvillete is an exclusive 5-star character, which means you cannot get him by any other means.

New and Upcoming Characters

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Neuvillette's In-Game Information

Neuvillette Voicelines

Thoughts About Neuvillette

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Charlotte ImageCharlotte If you want to interview the Iudex, you have to provide all the interview questions in advance and get them reviewed by the relevant department at the Palais Mermonia, who decide which questions to approve and which ones you're not allowed to ask... It's their way of making sure the interview goes off without a hitch. It's such a rigmarole. I'm losing the will to live just talking about it.
Genshin Impact - Chevreuse ImageChevreuse
Currently Unavailable
Unlock Requirements:
Reach Friendship Level 4 with Chevreuse
Complete "Neuvillette Story Quest"
Genshin Impact - Freminet ImageFreminet One day when I surfaced after a dive, the Chief Justice was just standing there alone on the beach. I don't know whether he had something on his mind, or was just enjoying the view... Obviously, I didn't ask. I only locked eyes with him for a split-second before disappearing back underwater. Thinking back, I must have looked so guilty... (sigh)
Genshin Impact - Furina ImageFurina I'm very grateful to Neuvillette for all the hard work he's done for Fontaine in the past few centuries. It seems he doesn't intend to investigate my crimes of deceiving the people. Anyway, we're no longer working in tandem, and it's been a long time since I've been to the Palais Mermonia. I imagine that this is good for both of us, right?
Genshin Impact - Lynette ImageLynette The Chief Justice always feels strangely aloof, though his words are always humble... or perhaps he just doesn't like dealing with humans? After all, when he speaks with Melusines, he's actually quite friendly.
Genshin Impact - Lyney ImageLyney Monsieur Neuvillette rarely appears in public, almost as if he's intentionally trying to put some distance between himself and the people. At first, I thought it might be just me, but my ever-observant sister noticed it too, so I suppose that must really be the case.
Genshin Impact - Navia ImageNavia Ah, how to describe Monsieur Neuvillette... He's...complex, in some ways - bet very straightforward in others. I guess a good analogy would be rocky reefs in the sea: Trying to navigate through obstacles you can't see makes for a bumpy side, but if you can't figure out how they work, you start to spot the signs.
Genshin Impact - Wriothesley ImageWriothesley I was once summoned by Neuvillette to discuss some matters with him in his office. When I approached the Palais Mermonia, I saw him standing by the road, completely drenched in the rain. I held out an umbrella for him, and while he thanked me politely, his expression was a little... distressed, I guess. I can only assume that I had disturbed him in the middle of something.

Neuvillette's Thoughts About Others

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Clorinde ImageClorinde About Clorinde
Clorinde's peerless skills have made her the most powerful Champion Duelist in our nation. As a successor to the Marechaussee Hunters of old, she plays a vital role in ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the courtroom. Also, she's actually not as stoic as she might appear.
Genshin Impact - Furina ImageFurina About Furina
Now, the curtain has finally fallen on her "performance"... The character she portrayed was an imaginary one, yet in playing. that role she fulfilled her duties... Though she is meek and full of doubt by nature, she was able to use madness to stiffen her resolve and see her duty through to its conclusion. The work that she has done over the centuries is truly immense. If she were to ever make a return to the stage, I should personally attend the performance and give her my heartfelt applause... Yes, I must do so when the opportunity. arises.
Genshin Impact - Lynette ImageLynette About Lynette
Their performances are just fascinating, don't you think? They draw you into a magical world where, on one hand, everything that takes place is part of an elaborate deception - but on the other, all manner of miracles are possible if you are only willing to believe.
Genshin Impact - Lyney ImageLyney About Lyney
Their performances are just fascinating, don't you think? They draw you into a magical world where, on one hand, everything that takes place is part of an elaborate deception - but on the other, all manner of miracles are possible if you are only willing to believe.
Genshin Impact - Nahida ImageNahida About Dendro Archon
Though the day will come when I put her on trial, I must commend the God of Verdure on her sense of responsibility. Few things are without flaws in this world, but the devotion and benevolence she displays are a testament to her commitment to continued progress. I felt enormous regret when I learned of the mistreatment she has endured over the past five hundred years.
Genshin Impact - Navia ImageNavia About Navia
I regret to say that after my various interactions with her - such as when I inadvertently angered her, and when I accepted her apology - and even now, in spite of the guilt I continue to feel over what happened to her father, I feel... very distant from her, as if I'm observing the starry sky from the bottom of a deep lake. It is by no means intentional, and I also know it is not something that I can easily make up for. Unlike water, emotion does not settle quickly once agitated, nor is it naturally inclined towards equilibrium.
Genshin Impact - Raiden ImageRaiden About Electro Archon
As a survivor of the dragon race who has regained my full dragonhood, I must fulfill my oaths and obligations even if it means returning all the water in the oceans back to the heavens. In taking the Authority of Electro, the Narukami placed herself on the list of the usurpers, she will... Oh, you say she has isolated herself in the Plane of Euthymia, and now rarely appears in public? Then I shall pay her a visit in another few centuries.
Genshin Impact - Sigewinne ImageSigewinne About Sigewinne
I don't know how Sigewinne is faring these days. But if I hear so much as the whiff of a rumor that she's being bullied, I shall summon Wriothesley here and demand an explanation. She's so kind and vulnerable... She brought me some Kamera film the last time she visited, and asked to listen to more of my commentary on the water of Natlan... How long is it until her next vacation?
Genshin Impact - Venti ImageVenti About Anemo Archon
I shall fulfill my vow to judge all of The Seven in turn, even if the sky should fall and the ground give way. As the recipient of the Authority of Anemo, the God of Breeze and Hope must also stand trial....Hmm? He spends most of his time being a harmless drunkard? Well, even so, I must meet him for myself and proceed from there.
Genshin Impact - Wriothesley ImageWriothesley About Wriothesley
Wriothesley is a trustworthy man. I fought hard for the title and reputation he now has. I expect you to think that I've simply been duped by his flattery and appearance of loyalty... But to that, I would quote the Inazuman proverb: "The words unspoken are the flower." Which means, some things are best left unsaid.
Genshin Impact - Zhongli ImageZhongli About Geo Archon
Nothing will stop me from rendering judgment on each of The Seven. As the Archon who won the Authority of Geo, Deus Auri must be called to trial. If one does not wish to see us on opposite sides of a conflict, they need not worry, for I intend to stay in Fontaine for the foreseeable future, which could well mean another four hundred years. As another point of consolation, even when the trial eventually takes place, it is still not a given that the judgment will lead to a physical confrontation.

Neuvillette Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 4.1 Phase 2
Genshin Impact - Version 4.1 The Stars Shining in the Depths
Release Date September 27, 2023

Neuvillette made his debut as a playable character on September 27, 2023 in the first phase of the Version 4.1.

Version 4.1 Banners and Characters

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