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This is a farming guide for Beast Gem, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Beast Gem locations and drop sources, as well as Beast Gem uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Beast Gem - Basic Information

Name Beast Gem ImageBeast Gem
Description A valuable jewel formed from the coagulated juices of a monster. Glows wildly.
Rarity 7 Type Monster Materials
Sell Price 5100 Hold Limit 99

Beast Gem - How to Farm

Capture Goss Harag in High Rank

MH Rise - Goss Harag

Among all the monsters you can get Beast Gems from, Goss Harag offers the highest probabitilies of getting it. Capturing Goss Harag gives you a higher chance of getting it (10%), as opposed to slaying and carving it (6%).

Goss Harag Guide:
Weakness, Armor, Drops, and Weapons

High Rank Monster Rewards

Target Reward
Capture Reward
Broken Part Reward
Goss Harag ImageGoss Harag (8%) Rajang ImageRajang (8%) Volvidon ImageVolvidon (7%)
Bishaten ImageBishaten (6%) Apex Arzuros ImageApex Arzuros (6%) Arzuros ImageArzuros (5%)
Lagombi ImageLagombi (5%)
Goss Harag ImageGoss Harag (10%) Rajang ImageRajang (10%) Volvidon ImageVolvidon (9%)
Bishaten ImageBishaten (8%) Arzuros ImageArzuros (7%) Lagombi ImageLagombi (7%)
Goss Harag ImageGoss Harag (10% (Head)) Lagombi ImageLagombi (8% (Head)) Bishaten ImageBishaten (5% (Head))
Goss Harag ImageGoss Harag (6% (Body)) Rajang ImageRajang (6% (Body)) Volvidon ImageVolvidon (5% (Body))
Apex Arzuros ImageApex Arzuros (4% (Body)) Bishaten ImageBishaten (4% (Body)) Arzuros ImageArzuros (3% (Body))
Lagombi ImageLagombi (3% (Body))

Dropped Materials

Goss Harag ImageGoss Harag (2%) Arzuros ImageArzuros (1%) Lagombi ImageLagombi (1%)
Rajang ImageRajang (1%) Volvidon ImageVolvidon (1%) Bishaten ImageBishaten (1%)

Master Rank Monster Rewards

Target Reward
Capture Reward
Broken Part Reward
Lagombi ImageLagombi (6%) Arzuros ImageArzuros (6%)
Unobtainable as a Broken Part Reward.
Volvidon ImageVolvidon (5% (Body)) Lagombi ImageLagombi (4% (Body)) Arzuros ImageArzuros (4% (Body))

Dropped Materials

Lagombi ImageLagombi (4%) Arzuros ImageArzuros (4%)

Beast Gem - How to Use

Used to Craft Decorations

MH Rise - Magazine Jewel 2Magazine Jewel 2 (×1) MH Rise - Challenger Jewel 2Challenger Jewel 2 (×1)
MH Rise - Crisis Jewel 2Crisis Jewel 2 (×1)

Decoration List: How to Unlock Decorations

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Light Bowgun Image Wyvern Chaser (×1) Heavy Bowgun Image Anteka Blaster (×1)
Long Sword Image Anteka Rack (×1) Hammer Image Armored Gogue (×1)
Heavy Bowgun Image Arzuros Fishergun (×1) Switch Axe Image Arzuros Revelax (×1)
Long Sword Image Arzuros Strikequill (×1) Bow Image Arzuros' Honeypot (×1)
Dual Blades Image Ashigara Axes (×1) Switch Axe Image Axe of Wisdom (×1)
Hammer Image Barbearic Hammer (×1) Heavy Bowgun Image Bishaten's Grace (×1)
Hunting Horn Image Bombadgy's Cry (×1) Charge Blade Image Bonesilt Veil (×1)
Sword & Shield Image Catburglar (×1) Sword & Shield Image Cocky Comrades (×1)
Heavy Bowgun Image Felyne Cannon (×1) Charge Blade Image Felyne Fancy (×1)
Lance Image Great Demon Lance (×1) Light Bowgun Image Great Lotus Bowgun (×1)
Hammer Image Great Pronged Hammer (×1) Switch Axe Image Grimmige Katze (×1)
Gunlance Image Howlitzer (×1) Bow Image Kelbi Strongshot (×1)
Insect Glaive Image Lagombavarice (×1) Gunlance Image Lagomberatrix (×1)
Switch Axe Image Longear Weiss (×1) Charge Blade Image Rotaxion (×1)
Hammer Image Sleepy Bear (×1) Dual Blades Image Snow Sisters (×1)
Heavy Bowgun Image Spheniscine Ruler (×1) Bow Image Summit's Grand Glow (×1)
Switch Axe Image Vermilingua (×1) Lance Image Volvi Sweep (×1)
Hunting Horn Image Zurogong Secundo (×1) Hunting Horn Image Wild Grunt (×1)
Heavy Bowgun Image Rajang's Rage (×1) Light Bowgun Image Ten Thousand Volts (×1)
Sword & Shield Image Banned Rajang Club (×1) Gunlance Image Great Demon Gunlance (×1)
Long Sword Image Iced Rabbit (×1) Hammer Image Mane Malice Rajang (×1)
Gunlance Image Shatter God (×3)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Legs Image Azure Age Geta (×1) Waist Image Goss Harag Coil S (×1)
Arms Image Lagombi Vambraces S (×1) Head Image Volvidon Helm S (×1)
Legs Image Golden Hakama (×2) Arms Image Arzuros Vambraces S (×1)

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