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Genshin Impact - List of Items

This is a list of all Items and Materials appearing in Genshin Impact.

List of Items and Materials

NOTE: This list is still incomplete. We are currently searching for all information in-game and adding it as soon as it has been confirmed. If you have found any items that are not yet recorded on this page, please leave a comment with a screenshot and we'll add your input to the page!

Character Development Items

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Character Weapon Recovery
Materials Quest Items Precious Items

Character EXP Items

AdventurerAdventurer's Experience HeroHero's Wit WandererWanderer's Advice

Character Level Up Items

Agnidus Agate Sliver ImageAgnidus Agate Sliver Agnidus Agate Fragment ImageAgnidus Agate Fragment Agnidus Agate Chunk ImageAgnidus Agate Chunk
Agnidus Agate Gemstone ImageAgnidus Agate Gemstone Varunada Lazurite Sliver ImageVarunada Lazurite Sliver Varunada Lazurite Fragment ImageVarunada Lazurite Fragment
Varunada Lazurite Chunk ImageVarunada Lazurite Chunk Varunada Lazurite Gemstone ImageVarunada Lazurite Gemstone Vajrada Amethyst Sliver ImageVajrada Amethyst Sliver
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ImageVajrada Amethyst Fragment Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ImageVajrada Amethyst Chunk Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone ImageVajrada Amethyst Gemstone
Shivada Jade Sliver ImageShivada Jade Sliver Shivada Jade Fragment ImageShivada Jade Fragment Shivada Jade Chunk ImageShivada Jade Chunk
Shivada Jade Gemstone ImageShivada Jade Gemstone Vayuda Turquoise Sliver ImageVayuda Turquoise Sliver Vayuda Turquoise Fragment ImageVayuda Turquoise Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk ImageVayuda Turquoise Chunk Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone ImageVayuda Turquoise Gemstone Prithiva Topaz Sliver ImagePrithiva Topaz Sliver
Prithiva Topaz Fragment ImagePrithiva Topaz Fragment Prithiva Topaz Chunk ImagePrithiva Topaz Chunk Prithiva Topaz Gemstone ImagePrithiva Topaz Gemstone
Brilliant Diamond Sliver ImageBrilliant Diamond Sliver Brilliant Diamond Fragment ImageBrilliant Diamond Fragment Brilliant Diamond Chunk ImageBrilliant Diamond Chunk
Brilliant Diamond Gemstone ImageBrilliant Diamond Gemstone HunterHunter's Sacrificial Knife AgentAgent's Sacrificial Knife
InspectorInspector's Sacrificial Knife Mist Grass Pollen ImageMist Grass Pollen Mist Grass ImageMist Grass
Mist Grass Wick ImageMist Grass Wick Chaos Device ImageChaos Device Chaos Circuit ImageChaos Circuit
Chaos Core ImageChaos Core Dead Ley Line Branch ImageDead Ley Line Branch Dead Ley Line Leaves ImageDead Ley Line Leaves
Ley Line Sprout ImageLey Line Sprout Heavy Horn ImageHeavy Horn Black Bronze Horn ImageBlack Bronze Horn
Black Crystal Horn ImageBlack Crystal Horn Damaged Mask ImageDamaged Mask Stained Mask ImageStained Mask
Ominous Mask ImageOminous Mask Treasure Hoarder Insignia ImageTreasure Hoarder Insignia Silver Raven Insignia ImageSilver Raven Insignia
Golden Raven Insignia ImageGolden Raven Insignia Firm Arrowhead ImageFirm Arrowhead Sharp Arrowhead ImageSharp Arrowhead
Weathered Arrowhead ImageWeathered Arrowhead Divining Scroll ImageDivining Scroll Sealed Scroll ImageSealed Scroll
Forbidden Curse Scroll ImageForbidden Curse Scroll Slime Condensate ImageSlime Condensate Slime Secretions ImageSlime Secretions
Slime Concentrate ImageSlime Concentrate RecruitRecruit's Insignia SergeantSergeant's Insignia
LieutenantLieutenant's Insignia Basalt Pillar ImageBasalt Pillar Hurricane Seed ImageHurricane Seed
Lightning Prism ImageLightning Prism Fragile Bone Shard ImageFragile Bone Shard Sturdy Bone Shard ImageSturdy Bone Shard
Fossilized Bone Shard ImageFossilized Bone Shard Whopperflower Nectar ImageWhopperflower Nectar Shimmering Nectar ImageShimmering Nectar
Energy Nectar ImageEnergy Nectar Hoarfrost Core ImageHoarfrost Core Cleansing Heart ImageCleansing Heart
Everflame Seed ImageEverflame Seed Juvenile Jade ImageJuvenile Jade Crystalline Bloom ImageCrystalline Bloom
Marionette Core ImageMarionette Core Perpetual Heart ImagePerpetual Heart Kageuchi Handguard ImageKageuchi Handguard
Famed Handguard ImageFamed Handguard Old Handguard ImageOld Handguard Dismal Prism ImageDismal Prism
Crystal Prism ImageCrystal Prism Polarizing Prism ImagePolarizing Prism Smoldering Pearl ImageSmoldering Pearl
Chaos Axis ImageChaos Axis Chaos Gear ImageChaos Gear Chaos Oculus  ImageChaos Oculus
Dew of Repudiation ImageDew of Repudiation Storm Beads ImageStorm Beads Spectral Nucleus ImageSpectral Nucleus
Spectral Husk ImageSpectral Husk Spectral Heart ImageSpectral Heart Concealed Claw ImageConcealed Claw
Concealed Unguis ImageConcealed Unguis Concealed Talon ImageConcealed Talon Riftborn Regalia ImageRiftborn Regalia
DragonheirDragonheir's False Fin

Talent Level Up Items

Teachings of Freedom ImageTeachings of Freedom Guide to Freedom ImageGuide to Freedom Philosophies of Freedom ImagePhilosophies of Freedom
Teachings of Resistance ImageTeachings of Resistance Guide to Resistance ImageGuide to Resistance Philosophies of Resistance ImagePhilosophies of Resistance
Teachings of Ballad ImageTeachings of Ballad Guide to Ballad ImageGuide to Ballad Philosophies of Ballad ImagePhilosophies of Ballad
Teachings of Prosperity ImageTeachings of Prosperity Guide to Prosperity ImageGuide to Prosperity Philosophies of Prosperity ImagePhilosophies of Prosperity
Teachings of Diligence ImageTeachings of Diligence Guide to Diligence ImageGuide to Diligence Philosophies of Diligence ImagePhilosophies of Diligence
Teachings of Gold ImageTeachings of Gold Guide to Gold ImageGuide to Gold Philosophies of Gold ImagePhilosophies of Gold
Crown of Insight ImageCrown of Insight Philosophies of Light ImagePhilosophies of Light Guide to Light ImageGuide to Light
Teachings of Light ImageTeachings of Light Philosophies of Transience ImagePhilosophies of Transience Guide to Transience ImageGuide to Transience
Teachings of Transience ImageTeachings of Transience Philosophies of Elegance ImagePhilosophies of Elegance Guide to Elegance ImageGuide to Elegance
Teachings of Elegance ImageTeachings of Elegance

Weekly Boss Materials

Tail of Boreas ImageTail of Boreas Ring of Boreas ImageRing of Boreas Spirit Locket of Boreas ImageSpirit Locket of Boreas
DvalinDvalin's Plume DvalinDvalin's Claw DvalinDvalin's Sigh
Tusk of Monoceros Caeli ImageTusk of Monoceros Caeli Shard of Foul Legacy ImageShard of Foul Legacy Shadow of the Warrior ImageShadow of the Warrior
Dragon LordDragon Lord's Crown Gilded Scale ImageGilded Scale Bloodjade Branch ImageBloodjade Branch
Ashen Heart ImageAshen Heart Hellfire Butterfly ImageHellfire Butterfly Molten Moment ImageMolten Moment
Mudra of the Malefic General ImageMudra of the Malefic General Tears of the Calamitous God ImageTears of the Calamitous God The Meaning of Aeons ImageThe Meaning of Aeons

Weapon Ascension Material

Tile of DecarabianTile of Decarabian's Tower Debris of DecarabianDebris of Decarabian's City Fragment of DecarabianFragment of Decarabian's Epic
Scattered Piece of DecarabianScattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Milk Tooth Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth
Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Broken Fang Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Nostalgia Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageFetters of the Dandelion Gladiator
Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageChains of the Dandelion Gladiator Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageShackles of the Dandelion Gladiator Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageDream of the Dandelion Gladiator
Luminous Sands from Guyun ImageLuminous Sands from Guyun Lustrous Stone from Guyun ImageLustrous Stone from Guyun Relic from Guyun ImageRelic from Guyun
Divine Body from Guyun ImageDivine Body from Guyun Mist Veiled Lead Elixir ImageMist Veiled Lead Elixir Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir ImageMist Veiled Mercury Elixir
Mist Veiled Gold Elixir ImageMist Veiled Gold Elixir Mist Veiled Primo Elixir ImageMist Veiled Primo Elixir Grain of Aerosiderite ImageGrain of Aerosiderite
Piece of Aerosiderite ImagePiece of Aerosiderite Bit of Aerosiderite ImageBit of Aerosiderite Chunk of Aerosiderite ImageChunk of Aerosiderite
Golden Branch of a Distant Sea ImageGolden Branch of a Distant Sea Jade Branch of a Distant Sea ImageJade Branch of a Distant Sea Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea ImageJeweled Branch of a Distant Sea
Coral Branch of a Distant Sea ImageCoral Branch of a Distant Sea Mask of the Kijin ImageMask of the Kijin Mask of the One-Horned ImageMask of the One-Horned
Mask of the TigerMask of the Tiger's Bite Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant ImageMask of the Wicked Lieutenant NarukamiNarukami's Valor
NarukamiNarukami's Affection NarukamiNarukami's Joy NarukamiNarukami's Wisdom

Constellation Activation Material

Memory of Roving Gales ImageMemory of Roving Gales Memory of Immovable Crystals ImageMemory of Immovable Crystals Memory of Violet Flash ImageMemory of Violet Flash

Character Development Items

Weapon Enhancement Items

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Character Weapon Food
Materials Quest Items Precious Items
Enhancement Ore ImageEnhancement Ore Fine Enhancement Ore ImageFine Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore ImageMystic Enhancement Ore

Weapon Enhancement Items

Food and Recovery Items

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Character Weapon Food
Materials Quest Items Precious Items
"Warmth" Image"Warmth" “My Way” Image“My Way” “Sweet Dream” Image“Sweet Dream”
A Buoyant Breeze ImageA Buoyant Breeze A Prize Catch ImageA Prize Catch A Stunning Stratagem ImageA Stunning Stratagem
AdeptusAdeptus' Temptation AdventurerAdventurer's Breakfast Sandwich All-Delicacy Parcels ImageAll-Delicacy Parcels
All-Weather Beauty ImageAll-Weather Beauty Almond Tofu ImageAlmond Tofu Apple ImageApple
Apple Cider ImageApple Cider Bamboo Shoot Soup ImageBamboo Shoot Soup Barbatos Ratatouille ImageBarbatos Ratatouille
Berry & Mint Burst ImageBerry & Mint Burst Berry Mizu Manjuu ImageBerry Mizu Manjuu Bird Egg Sushi ImageBird Egg Sushi
Black-Back Perch Stew ImageBlack-Back Perch Stew Bountiful Year ImageBountiful Year Braised Meat ImageBraised Meat
Butter Crab ImageButter Crab Calla Lily Seafood Soup ImageCalla Lily Seafood Soup Chicken Tofu Pudding ImageChicken Tofu Pudding
Chicken-Mushroom Skewer ImageChicken-Mushroom Skewer Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns ImageChili-Mince Cornbread Buns Cloud-Shrouded Jade ImageCloud-Shrouded Jade
Cold Cut Platter ImageCold Cut Platter Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies ImageCold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies Come and Get It ImageCome and Get It
Crab Roe Kourayaki ImageCrab Roe Kourayaki Crab Roe Tofu ImageCrab Roe Tofu Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake ImageCrab, Ham & Veggie Bake
Cream Stew ImageCream Stew Crispy Potato Shrimp Platter ImageCrispy Potato Shrimp Platter Crystal Shrimp ImageCrystal Shrimp
Cured Pork Dry Hotpot ImageCured Pork Dry Hotpot Dango Milk ImageDango Milk Definitely Not Bar Food! ImageDefinitely Not Bar Food!
Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss (Life) ImageDer Weisheit Letzter Schluss (Life) Desiccant Potion ImageDesiccant Potion Die Heilige Sinfonie ImageDie Heilige Sinfonie
Dinner of Judgement ImageDinner of Judgement Dizziness-Be-Gone no Jutsu Version 2.0 ImageDizziness-Be-Gone no Jutsu Version 2.0 Dragon Beard Noodles ImageDragon Beard Noodles
Dry-Braised Salted Fish ImageDry-Braised Salted Fish Dustproof Potion ImageDustproof Potion Egg Roll ImageEgg Roll
Faith Eternal ImageFaith Eternal Fish-Flavored Toast ImageFish-Flavored Toast FishermanFisherman's Toast
Five Pickled Treasures ImageFive Pickled Treasures Flaming Essential Oil ImageFlaming Essential Oil Flaming Red Bolognese ImageFlaming Red Bolognese
Flash-Fried Filet ImageFlash-Fried Filet Fragrant Mashed Potatoes ImageFragrant Mashed Potatoes Fried Radish Balls ImageFried Radish Balls
Frosting Essential Oil ImageFrosting Essential Oil Frostshield Potion ImageFrostshield Potion Fruity Skewers ImageFruity Skewers
Fukuuchi Udon  ImageFukuuchi Udon Fullmoon Egg ImageFullmoon Egg Ghostly March ImageGhostly March
Golden Chicken Burger ImageGolden Chicken Burger Golden Crab ImageGolden Crab Golden Fried Chicken ImageGolden Fried Chicken
Golden Shrimp Balls ImageGolden Shrimp Balls Goulash ImageGoulash Grilled Tiger Fish ImageGrilled Tiger Fish
Grilled Unagi Fillet ImageGrilled Unagi Fillet Gushing Essential Oil ImageGushing Essential Oil Heartstring Noodles ImageHeartstring Noodles
Heatshield Potion ImageHeatshield Potion Holy Water ImageHoly Water Imported Poultry ImageImported Poultry
Insulation Potion ImageInsulation Potion Invigorating Kitty Meal ImageInvigorating Kitty Meal Invigorating Pizza ImageInvigorating Pizza
Jade Parcels ImageJade Parcels Jewelry Soup ImageJewelry Soup Jueyun Chili Chicken ImageJueyun Chili Chicken
Jueyun Guoba ImageJueyun Guoba Konda Cuisine ImageKonda Cuisine Lighter-Than-Air Pancake ImageLighter-Than-Air Pancake
Lotus Flower Crisp ImageLotus Flower Crisp Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup ImageLotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup Matsutake Meat Rolls ImageMatsutake Meat Rolls
Mint Jelly ImageMint Jelly Mint Salad ImageMint Salad Minty Meat Rolls ImageMinty Meat Rolls
Miso Soup ImageMiso Soup Mixed Yakisoba ImageMixed Yakisoba Mondstadt Grilled Fish ImageMondstadt Grilled Fish
Mondstadt Hash Brown ImageMondstadt Hash Brown Moon Pie ImageMoon Pie Mora Meat ImageMora Meat
More-and-More ImageMore-and-More Mushroom Pizza ImageMushroom Pizza Mysterious Bolognese ImageMysterious Bolognese
No Tomorrow ImageNo Tomorrow Noodles with Mountain Delicacies ImageNoodles with Mountain Delicacies Northern Apple Stew ImageNorthern Apple Stew
Northern Smoked Chicken ImageNorthern Smoked Chicken Nutritious Meal (V. 593) ImageNutritious Meal (V. 593) Omelette Rice ImageOmelette Rice
Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt ImageOnce Upon a Time in Mondstadt Oncidium Tofu ImageOncidium Tofu Onigiri ImageOnigiri
OutriderOutrider's Champion Steak! Pile Pile 'Em Up Prosperous Peace ImageProsperous Peace
Puppy-Paw Hash Brown ImagePuppy-Paw Hash Brown Qiankun Mora Meat ImageQiankun Mora Meat Qingce Stir Fry ImageQingce Stir Fry
Radish and Fish Stew ImageRadish and Fish Stew Radish Veggie Soup ImageRadish Veggie Soup Rice Buns ImageRice Buns
Rice Cake Soup ImageRice Cake Soup Rice Pudding ImageRice Pudding RockinRockin' Riffin' Chicken!
Sakura Mochi ImageSakura Mochi Sakura Shrimp Crackers ImageSakura Shrimp Crackers Sakura Tempura ImageSakura Tempura
Sangayaki  ImageSangayaki Sashimi Platter ImageSashimi Platter Satiety Gel ImageSatiety Gel
Satisfying Salad ImageSatisfying Salad Sauteed Matsutake ImageSauteed Matsutake Shocking Essential Oil ImageShocking Essential Oil
Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup ImageSlow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup Snow on the Hearth ImageSnow on the Hearth Soba Noodles ImageSoba Noodles
Spicy Stew ImageSpicy Stew Squirrel Fish ImageSquirrel Fish Steak ImageSteak
Sticky Honey Roast ImageSticky Honey Roast Stir-Fried Filet ImageStir-Fried Filet Stir-Fried Fish Noodles ImageStir-Fried Fish Noodles
Stir-Fried Shrimp ImageStir-Fried Shrimp Stone Harbor Delicacies ImageStone Harbor Delicacies Stormcrest Pie ImageStormcrest Pie
Streaming Essential Oil ImageStreaming Essential Oil Summer Festival Fish ImageSummer Festival Fish Sunsettia ImageSunsettia
Sunshine Sprat ImageSunshine Sprat Survival Grilled Fish ImageSurvival Grilled Fish Sweet Madame ImageSweet Madame
Sweet Shrimp Sushi ImageSweet Shrimp Sushi Taiyaki ImageTaiyaki Tea Break Pancake ImageTea Break Pancake
Teyvat Charred Egg ImageTeyvat Charred Egg Teyvat Fried Egg ImageTeyvat Fried Egg Tianshu Meat ImageTianshu Meat
Tonkotsu Ramen ImageTonkotsu Ramen Tri-Flavored Skewer ImageTri-Flavored Skewer Tricolor Dango ImageTricolor Dango
Triple-Layered Consomme ImageTriple-Layered Consomme Tuna Sushi ImageTuna Sushi Udon Noodles  ImageUdon Noodles
Unagi Chazuke ImageUnagi Chazuke Universal Peace ImageUniversal Peace Unmoving Essential Oil ImageUnmoving Essential Oil
Vegetarian Abalone ImageVegetarian Abalone Victorious Legend ImageVictorious Legend Wakatakeni ImageWakatakeni
Wanmin RestaurantWanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish Way of the Strong ImageWay of the Strong Windbarrier Potion ImageWindbarrier Potion
Wolfhook Juice ImageWolfhook Juice Woodland Dream ImageWoodland Dream Zhongyuan Chop Suey ImageZhongyuan Chop Suey

Food and Recovery Items

Materials and Ingredients

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Character Weapon Food
Materials Quest Items Precious Items
AkoAko's Sake Vessel Almond ImageAlmond Amakumo Fruit ImageAmakumo Fruit
Amethyst Lump ImageAmethyst Lump Aralia Wood ImageAralia Wood Bacon ImageBacon
Bamboo Segment ImageBamboo Segment Bamboo Shoot ImageBamboo Shoot Berry ImageBerry
Birch Wood ImageBirch Wood Bird Egg ImageBird Egg Blue Dye ImageBlue Dye
Butter ImageButter Butterfly Wings ImageButterfly Wings Cabbage ImageCabbage
Calla Lily ImageCalla Lily Calla Lily Seed ImageCalla Lily Seed Carrot ImageCarrot
Carrot Seed ImageCarrot Seed Cecilia ImageCecilia Cecilia Seed ImageCecilia Seed
Cheese ImageCheese Chilled Meat ImageChilled Meat Cor Lapis ImageCor Lapis
Crab ImageCrab Crab Roe ImageCrab Roe Cream ImageCream
Crystal Chunk ImageCrystal Chunk Crystal Core ImageCrystal Core Crystal Marrow ImageCrystal Marrow
Cuihua Wood ImageCuihua Wood Dandelion Seed ImageDandelion Seed Dendrobium ImageDendrobium
Dust of Azoth ImageDust of Azoth Electro Crystal ImageElectro Crystal EmperorEmperor's Balsam
Fabric ImageFabric Fake Fly Bait ImageFake Fly Bait False Worm Bait ImageFalse Worm Bait
Fir Wood ImageFir Wood Fish ImageFish Flaming Flower Stamen ImageFlaming Flower Stamen
Flour ImageFlour Fluorescent Fungus ImageFluorescent Fungus Fowl ImageFowl
Fragments of Innocence ImageFragments of Innocence Fragrant Cedar Wood ImageFragrant Cedar Wood Frog ImageFrog
Fruit Paste Bait ImageFruit Paste Bait Glaze Lily ImageGlaze Lily Glaze Lily Seed ImageGlaze Lily Seed
Glowgrass Bait ImageGlowgrass Bait Great Snowboar King Meat ImageGreat Snowboar King Meat Ham ImageHam
Horsetail ImageHorsetail Horsetail Seed ImageHorsetail Seed Iron Chunk ImageIron Chunk
Jam ImageJam Jueyun Chili ImageJueyun Chili Jueyun Chili Seed ImageJueyun Chili Seed
Lavender Melon ImageLavender Melon Lizard Tail ImageLizard Tail Loach Pearl ImageLoach Pearl
Lotus Head ImageLotus Head Lotus Head Seed ImageLotus Head Seed Luminescent Spine ImageLuminescent Spine
Magical Crystal Chunk ImageMagical Crystal Chunk Maple Wood ImageMaple Wood Matsutake ImageMatsutake
Milk ImageMilk Mint ImageMint Mint Seed ImageMint Seed
Mist Flower Corolla ImageMist Flower Corolla Mushroom ImageMushroom Mushroom Spore ImageMushroom Spore
Naku Weed ImageNaku Weed Naku Weed Seed ImageNaku Weed Seed Noctilucous Jade ImageNoctilucous Jade
Northlander Billet Trove ImageNorthlander Billet Trove Northlander Bow Billet ImageNorthlander Bow Billet Northlander Catalyst Billet ImageNorthlander Catalyst Billet
Northlander Claymore Billet ImageNorthlander Claymore Billet Northlander Polearm Billet ImageNorthlander Polearm Billet Northlander Sword Billet ImageNorthlander Sword Billet
Ointment of Sight ImageOintment of Sight Onikabuto ImageOnikabuto Onion ImageOnion
Otogi Wood ImageOtogi Wood Pepper ImagePepper Philanemo Mushroom ImagePhilanemo Mushroom
Pine Wood ImagePine Wood Pinecone ImagePinecone Potato ImagePotato
Qingxin ImageQingxin Qingxin Seed ImageQingxin Seed Radish ImageRadish
Radish Seed ImageRadish Seed Raw Meat ImageRaw Meat Red Dye ImageRed Dye
Redrot Bait ImageRedrot Bait Rice ImageRice Sakura Bloom ImageSakura Bloom
Sakura Bloom Seed ImageSakura Bloom Seed Salt ImageSalt Sandbearer Wood ImageSandbearer Wood
Sango Pearl ImageSango Pearl Sausage ImageSausage Sea Ganoderma ImageSea Ganoderma
Sea Ganoderma Cutting ImageSea Ganoderma Cutting Seagrass ImageSeagrass Seagrass Seed ImageSeagrass Seed
Shrimp Meat ImageShrimp Meat Silk Flower ImageSilk Flower Silk Flower Seed ImageSilk Flower Seed
Small Lamp Grass ImageSmall Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass Seed ImageSmall Lamp Grass Seed Smoked Fowl ImageSmoked Fowl
Snapdragon ImageSnapdragon Snapdragon Seed ImageSnapdragon Seed Starconch ImageStarconch
Starsilver ImageStarsilver Sugar ImageSugar Sweet Flower ImageSweet Flower
Sweet Flower Seed ImageSweet Flower Seed Tofu ImageTofu Tomato ImageTomato
Unagi Meat ImageUnagi Meat Valberry ImageValberry Valberry Seed ImageValberry Seed
Violetgrass ImageVioletgrass Violetgrass Seed ImageVioletgrass Seed Vitalized Dragontooth ImageVitalized Dragontooth
Wheat ImageWheat White Iron Chunk ImageWhite Iron Chunk Windwheel Aster ImageWindwheel Aster
Windwheel Aster Seed ImageWindwheel Aster Seed Wolfhook ImageWolfhook Yellow Dye ImageYellow Dye
Yumemiru Wood ImageYumemiru Wood

Materials and Ingredients

Quest Items

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Character Weapon Food
Materials Quest Items Precious Items
A DrunkardA Drunkard's Tale (II) Aphotium Ore ImageAphotium Ore Bag of Flower Seeds ImageBag of Flower Seeds
Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records ImageBathysmal Vishap Experimental Records Before Sun and Moon ImageBefore Sun and Moon DateDate's Key
DateDate's Medal of Recognition Divine Bridle ImageDivine Bridle Dragonbone Orb ImageDragonbone Orb
FateFate's Yearning Funerary Mask ImageFunerary Mask Golden House Maiden ImageGolden House Maiden
Heart of Clear Springs (I) ImageHeart of Clear Springs (I) Heart of Clear Springs (II) ImageHeart of Clear Springs (II) HeartHeart's Desire - Crystal Glaze
HeartHeart's Desire - Moonlight Hex and Hound (I) ImageHex and Hound (I) Hex and Hound (II) ImageHex and Hound (II)
Hex and Hound (III) ImageHex and Hound (III) Hex and Hound (IV) ImageHex and Hound (IV) Hex and Hound (V) ImageHex and Hound (V)
Hilichurl Ballad Selection (I) ImageHilichurl Ballad Selection (I) Hilichurl Ballad Selection (II) ImageHilichurl Ballad Selection (II) Hilichurl Cultural Customs (I) ImageHilichurl Cultural Customs (I)
Hilichurl Cultural Customs (II) ImageHilichurl Cultural Customs (II) Hilichurl Cultural Customs (III) ImageHilichurl Cultural Customs (III) Hilichurl Cultural Customs (IV) ImageHilichurl Cultural Customs (IV)
Husk Gem ImageHusk Gem Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku ImageHydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku In the Light, Beneath the Shadow ImageIn the Light, Beneath the Shadow
Key of the Moon-bathed Deep ImageKey of the Moon-bathed Deep Light Realm Core ImageLight Realm Core Monolith Fragment ImageMonolith Fragment
PriestPriest's Box PrincessPrincess' Box Realm Dispatch ImageRealm Dispatch
Red Wolfhook ImageRed Wolfhook ScribeScribe's Box Star-Shaped Gem ImageStar-Shaped Gem
Story Key ImageStory Key Tainted Blood ImageTainted Blood The Boar Princess (I) ImageThe Boar Princess (I)
The Boar Princess (II) ImageThe Boar Princess (II) The Boar Princess (III) ImageThe Boar Princess (III) The Boar Princess (IV) ImageThe Boar Princess (IV)
The Boar Princess (V) ImageThe Boar Princess (V) The Boar Princess (VI) ImageThe Boar Princess (VI) The Boar Princess (VII) ImageThe Boar Princess (VII)
The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (I) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (I) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (II) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (II) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (III) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (III)
The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IV) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IV) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IX) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (IX) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (V) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (V)
The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VI) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VI) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VII) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VII) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VIII) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (VIII)
The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (X) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (X) The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (XI) ImageThe Fox in the Dandelion Sea (XI) The Legend of Vennessa (I) ImageThe Legend of Vennessa (I)
The Legend of Vennessa (II) ImageThe Legend of Vennessa (II) The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku ImageThe Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku Tokoyo Legume ImageTokoyo Legume
Valley Weaver ImageValley Weaver VeraVera's Melancholy (I) VeraVera's Melancholy (II)
VeraVera's Melancholy (III) VeraVera's Melancholy (IV) VeraVera's Melancholy (IX)
VeraVera's Melancholy (V) VeraVera's Melancholy (VI) VeraVera's Melancholy (VII)
VeraVera's Melancholy (VIII) VeraVera's Melancholy (X)

Quest Items

Precious Items

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Character Weapon Food
Materials Quest Items Precious Items
Acquaint Fate ImageAcquaint Fate Anemo Sigil ImageAnemo Sigil Anemoculus ImageAnemoculus
Cake for Traveler ImageCake for Traveler Condensed Resin ImageCondensed Resin Crimson Agate ImageCrimson Agate
Domain Reliquary - Tier I ImageDomain Reliquary - Tier I Domain Reliquary - Tier II
 ImageDomain Reliquary - Tier II Domain Reliquary - Tier III ImageDomain Reliquary - Tier III
Dream Solvent ImageDream Solvent Electro Sigil ImageElectro Sigil Electroculus ImageElectroculus
Fragile Resin ImageFragile Resin Geo Sigil ImageGeo Sigil Geoculus ImageGeoculus
Inazuma Shrine of Depths Key ImageInazuma Shrine of Depths Key Intertwined Fate ImageIntertwined Fate Light Realm Sigil ImageLight Realm Sigil
Liyue Shrine of Depths Key ImageLiyue Shrine of Depths Key Masterless Stardust ImageMasterless Stardust Masterless Starglitter ImageMasterless Starglitter
Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key ImageMondstadt Shrine of Depths Key Original Resin ImageOriginal Resin Radiant Spincrystal 10 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 10
Radiant Spincrystal 12 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 12 Radiant Spincrystal 13 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 13 Radiant Spincrystal 17 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 17
Radiant Spincrystal 2 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 2 Radiant Spincrystal 25 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 25 Radiant Spincrystal 29 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 29
Radiant Spincrystal 30 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 30 Radiant Spincrystal 31 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 31 Radiant Spincrystal 33 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 33
Radiant Spincrystal 35 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 35 Radiant Spincrystal 36 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 36 Radiant Spincrystal 37 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 37
Radiant Spincrystal 40 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 40 Radiant Spincrystal 41 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 41 Radiant Spincrystal 5 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 5
Radiant Spincrystal 6 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 6 Radiant Spincrystal 7 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 7 Radiant Spincrystal 8 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 8
Radiant Spincrystal 9 ImageRadiant Spincrystal 9 Silken Print ImageSilken Print Transient Resin ImageTransient Resin
Vial of Adeptal Speed ImageVial of Adeptal Speed

Precious Items


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Character Weapon Food
Materials Quest Items Precious Items
Adepti SeekerAdepti Seeker's Stove Anemo Treasure Compass ImageAnemo Treasure Compass Anemoculus Resonance Stone ImageAnemoculus Resonance Stone
Artifact Strongbox: Bloodstained Chivalry ImageArtifact Strongbox: Bloodstained Chivalry Artifact Strongbox: GladiatorArtifact Strongbox: Gladiator's Finale Artifact Strongbox: Noblesse Oblige ImageArtifact Strongbox: Noblesse Oblige
Artifact Strongbox: WandererArtifact Strongbox: Wanderer's Troupe AyeshaAyesha's Chaos Prospector Bokuso Box ImageBokuso Box
Electro Treasure Compass ImageElectro Treasure Compass Electroculus Resonance Stone ImageElectroculus Resonance Stone Endora ImageEndora
Floaty Splody ImageFloaty Splody Floral Zither ImageFloral Zither Geo Treasure Compass ImageGeo Treasure Compass
Geoculus Resonance Stone ImageGeoculus Resonance Stone Hot Pod ImageHot Pod Inquisitive Endora ImageInquisitive Endora
Kamera ImageKamera Kurious Kamera ImageKurious Kamera Launch Tube ImageLaunch Tube
Memento Lens ImageMemento Lens Mini Seelie - Curcuma ImageMini Seelie - Curcuma Mini Seelie - Dayflower ImageMini Seelie - Dayflower
Mini Seelie - Rosé ImageMini Seelie - Rosé Mini Seelie - Viola ImageMini Seelie - Viola NRE (Menu 30) ImageNRE (Menu 30)
Omni-Ubiquity Net ImageOmni-Ubiquity Net Parametric Transformer ImageParametric Transformer Peculiar Pinion ImagePeculiar Pinion
Portable Waypoint ImagePortable Waypoint Red Feather Fan  ImageRed Feather Fan Seed Dispensary ImageSeed Dispensary
Serenitea Pot ImageSerenitea Pot Shiki Koshou ImageShiki Koshou Special Kamera ImageSpecial Kamera
Straight Shooter ImageStraight Shooter Treasure-Seeking Seelie ImageTreasure-Seeking Seelie Warming Bottle ImageWarming Bottle
Waverider Repair Toolbox ImageWaverider Repair Toolbox Wind Catcher ImageWind Catcher Wind-Blessed Harpastum ImageWind-Blessed Harpastum
Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon ImageWindblume Festival Commemorative Balloon Windsong Lyre ImageWindsong Lyre


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