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Genshin Impact - List of Bow Characters and Users

Here is the list of characters that use Bows in Genshin Impact, arranged by rarity, element, and region. We also have the rankings for the best Bow characters to get a better idea on their roles and strengths!

List of All Bow Users

Upcoming Bow Users

No characters!

First Dendro Bow Characters

Genshin - Collei First Dendro Bow User
Collei will release with Tighnari and Dori in Version 3.0! Tighnari and Collei will be the first Dendro Bow Characters to debut in the game.

New and Upcoming Characters

All Bow Users

Character Rarity Element Nation
5★ Cryo Cryo Mondstadt
5★ Cryo Cryo Liyue
5★ Hydro Hydro Snezhnaya
5★ Dendro Dendro Sumeru
5★ Anemo Anemo Mondstadt
5★ Hydro Hydro Liyue
5★ Pyro Pyro Inazuma
4★ Pyro Pyro Mondstadt
4★ Dendro Dendro Sumeru
4★ Cryo Cryo Mondstadt
4★ Electro Electro Mondstadt
4★ Geo Geo Inazuma
4★ Electro Electro Inazuma

List of Bows

Best Bow Characters

Best Bow Characters Ranked

SS Tier
Genshin - Ganyu ImageGenshin - Yelan Image
S Tier
Genshin - Venti ImageGenshin - Fischl ImageGenshin - Tartaglia ImageGenshin - Diona ImageGenshin - Yoimiya ImageGenshin - Sara ImageGenshin - Gorou ImageGenshin - Tighnari Image
A Tier
Genshin - Collei Image
B Tier
No characters!
C Tier
Genshin - Amber ImageGenshin - Aloy Image

Characters are shown in no particular order.

SS Tier Bow Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Ganyu Icon Ganyu As a DPS
・Level 2 Charged Shot is great vs mobs of enemies.
・Using her Charged Shot after her Elemental Burst creates a high damage skill combo.
C6 removes the charge up for her Charged Shot after her Elemental Skill.
As a Sub-DPS
・All Skills have an AoE effect great against mobs of enemies.
・Elemental Skill provides a decoy to reduce aggro.
With high Energy Recharge her Elemental Burst is almost always up.
As a Support
・C4 increases stacks DMG over time within Elemental Burst AoE.
・Can swap in for crowd control from Elemental Skill.
・Enemies continue to take increased DMG for 3s outside of the AoE.
Genshin - Yelan Icon Yelan As a DPS
・Overall damage is increased and applies Hydro to attacks when Elemental Burst is used.
・Elemental Skill increases mobility and can target multiple enemies even when far apart.
As a Sub-DPS
・Sub-DPS character that can easily apply the Hydro element.
・Elemental Skill can deal a lot of damage.
・Powerful Elemental Burst that can be used to set up and trigger Elemental Reactions.
As a Support
・Elemental Burst can be used to buff characters and also as start of Elemental Reactions.
・Combo with Main DPS normal attacks to increase overall damage.

S Tier Bow Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Venti Icon Venti As a Sub-DPS
・Powerful crowd control from Elemental Burst.
・High energy recharge rate.
Constellations reduce enemy elemental resistances.
As a Support
・Provides strong consistent crowd control.
・Elemental Skill can be uses to dodge attacks and crowd control small enemies.
Genshin - Fischl Icon Fischl As a DPS
・Constant DMG from Normal attacks and Oz.
・Easy to set up Elemental Reactions with.
Constellations boost Oz's up time and DMG.
As a Sub-DPS
・Oz stays on the field to deal continuous Electro DMG.
・Rotating between Elemental Skill and Burst let's Oz have permanent field time.
C6 transforms Fischl into one of the best off-field Electro damage dealer.
Genshin - Tartaglia Icon Tartaglia As a DPS
・Deals large amounts of damage in Melee Mode.
・Gets insanely strong at full constellation.
・Switches from Bow to dual blades.
As a Sub-DPS
・Reliable massive DMG from Elemental Burst.
・Can quickly and easily trigger multiple Vaporize Reactions
・Ranged and melee stances offers flexibility against various enemies.
As a Support
・Passive Talent increases the party's Normal Attack lvl by 1.
・Supports Main DPS DMG by simply being in the party.
Genshin - Diona Icon Diona As a Support
・Constantly provides shields and heals.
C1 increases Elemental Burst Recharge Rate
Buffs shielded character's DMG at C6.
Genshin - Yoimiya Icon Yoimiya As a DPS
・Elemental Skill infuses normal attacks with Pyro.
・Even without her Elemental Skill, Yoimiya can deal high Pyro DMG with her Charged Attacks.
・More constellation levels will increase damage output.
As a Sub-DPS
・After activating her Elemental Burst switch to your main DPS and trigger Elemental Reactions using Hydro or Cryo.
Genshin - Sara Icon Sara As a Sub-DPS
・Deals high Electro DMG from Burst.
As a Support
・Increases party members' ATK.
・Becomes the best Electro Support buffer after unlocking C6.
Genshin - Gorou Icon Gorou As a Support
・Great Geo Support that provides Geo DMG, shields, and buffs.
・Using Elemental Burst at C4 will heal active characters within its AoE.
Genshin - Tighnari Icon Tighnari As a DPS
・Damage Primarily comes from Charged Attacks and Elemental Bursts
・Deals big damage by using the Spread Dendro Elemental Reaction..
・Can distract most enemies with his taunt.

A Tier Bow Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Collei Icon Collei As a Sub-DPS
・Deals off-field Dendro damage, perfect for triggering Spread Elemental Reactions.
・Elemental Burst has a wide area of effect.

B Tier Bow Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
There are no characters in this tier!

C Tier Bow Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Amber Icon Amber As a Sub-DPS
・Can apply AoE Pyro with Burst.
・Use Elemental Skill to taunt enemies away from Main DPS.
・C6 Constellation provides party-wide buffs with Elemental Burst.
Genshin - Aloy Icon Aloy As a DPS
・Deals high Cryo DMG.
・Can increase own ATK DMG with Elemental Skill.
As a Support
・Combat Override increases the team's ATK.
・Can help you farm Fowl in Teyvat.

Character Tier List

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Yanfei ImageYanfei Thoma ImageThoma Amber ImageAmber
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Upcoming Characters

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Kaveh ImageKaveh Layla ImageLayla Lynette ImageLynette
Lyney ImageLyney Mika ImageMika Nahida ImageNahida
Nilou ImageNilou Pulcinella ImagePulcinella Scaramouche ImageScaramouche
Skirk ImageSkirk Tsaritsa ImageTsaritsa Varka ImageVarka

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