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Genshin Impact - La Signora Details and Voice Actor

La Signora is a potential playable character in Genshin Impact. Learn about La Signora's confirmed info, Japanese voice actor, and our predictions for possible release!

La Signora Basic Information

La Signora Known Information

La Signora
Genshin - Icon - La Signora
Rating and Rarity are currently unknown.

Weapon: None
[align]Element: Pyro IconCryo Icon

JP Voice Actor: Shoji Yui (庄子裕衣)

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Eighth of the Fatui Harbingers

Genshin - La Signora - Fatui Harbinger
La Signora's real name is Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter. She is also known as the Crimson Witch of Embers, and La Signora is her code name or alias amongst the Fatui Harbingers.

Uses the Cryo and Pyro Element

Genshin - La Signora Crimson Witch of Embers
While she isn't seen wearing a Vision, she uses both the Cryo and Pyro element during her encounter with the Traveler in the Archon Quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals.

Cryo Delusion

Genshin - La Signora - Ice Coccoon
It was revealed that La Signora's true form is of the Pyro Element, meaning the Cryo Element she initially used could be her delusion.

La Signora Release Date

As of the moment, there's no information on when La Signora will be released or if she'll even be a playable character in the future. We'll update with more information once anything is confirmed.

La Signora In-Game Appearances

Appears in the Prologue Chapter Act 3

Genshin - La Signora - Venti Gnosis
La Signora first appears during the Prologue chapter when she steals Venti's Gnosis after exiting Mondstadt Cathedral.

Prologue: Act 3 Guide

Appears in Chapter 1 Act 3

Genshin - La Signora in Liyue
She appears again in the third act of Chapter 1, after completing the Contract to end all Contracts with Zhongli in exchange for his Gnosis.

Chapter 1: Act 3 Guide

Appears in Chapter 2 Act 3

Genshin - La Signora - Archon Quest Appearance

La Signora made another significant appearance in the third act of Chapter 2, Omnipresence Over Mortals, where the Traveler end up fighting her in a duel before the throne.

Full Story Walkthrough

La Signora Boss Fight

Genshin Impact - La Signora Boss Guide.png
La Signora becomes a Weekly Boss, much like Childe, after the completion of the Chapter 2 Act 3 Archon Quest.

La Signora Strategy Guide

Possibly Related to the Crimson Witch Artifact Set

One of La Signora's titles was revealed to be the Crimson Witch of Embers, which bears close resemblance to the name of the Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact set, making it highly possible that La Signora is connected to the story in the Artifact set's descriptions.

Crimson Witch Artifact Set Descriptions

Artifact Piece Archive Description
Witch Witch's Flower of Blaze A common species of flower.
It is curiously capable of resisting the Crimson Witch's flames.
A crisis centuries ago dashed all hope of the maiden seeing the future promised to her. Those dear to her, her past days, and her bright future. All gone.
From the ashes, the Crimson Witch of Flame was born, and she burned away her pain with fire. Yet this flower stayed resilient, soft, and moist.
Perhaps both painful and beautiful memories were two sides of the same coin.
Witch Witch's Ever-Burning Plume A forever-burning bird feather.
The fire shall burn for all eternity.
Scorched earth followed in her wake, for she chose a path of hellfire. Though her fires only touched monsters and demons, people still cowered behind closed windows and tried to drive her away. But none of that mattered to her.
New hopes were birthed from the fires of old pains. She needed not comforting nor sympathy.
Chirping by her side, the birds gave her all the understanding she needed.
Witch Witch's End Time A small vessel containing a high-temperature liquid.
It is said to be the molten souls of evil spirits.
A special Hydro timepiece given to the Crimson Witch before calamity struck. Back then she was still a maiden, and had not yet embarked on her journey.
One cycle was the right time required to finish her study at the Academia. By the time the countdown ended and she returned to her hometown, its previous owner had become a casualty of the crisis.
Her maiden years were over. The Crimson Witch of Flame was born, and with her the era of destruction.
The timepiece bore witness to the days of monsters and the pain they caused, until all were burned away.
Witch Witch's Heart Flames A clear bottle containing liquid fire.
The techniques involved in making liquid fire have since been lost.
The Crimson Witch of Flame walked upon the earth, burning monsters into cinders. Rumor told of how she sacrificed her mortal body to become the embodiment of liquid fire herself.
Still, love and longing once dwelt in her maiden heart.
Until fires burned away that beautiful and fragile part. Thus, she became the witch that historians were loath to remember.
Witch Witch's Scorching Hat A traditional witch's pointed hat with a large brim.
It grants a witch the reverence and fear which she commands.
To the Crimson Witch of Flame, this large hat shielded her from surrounding distractions. It was how she was able to hone her Pyro skills when she was still an apprentice.
In combat, she needed not pay attention to monsters disintegrating in flames. Nor did she need to look at her own burnt face in the water's reflection. And so the Crimson Witch continued to burn, blind to the extent of her devastation.

Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact Set

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