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List of All Claymore Characters

Genshin Impact - List of Claymore Characters and Users

Here is the list of characters that use Claymores in Genshin Impact, arranged by rarity, element, and region. We also have the rankings for the best Claymore characters to get a better idea on their roles and strengths!

List of All Claymore Users

Upcoming Claymore Users

No characters!

All Claymore Users

Character Rarity Element Nation
5★ Pyro Pyro Sumeru
5★ Pyro Pyro Mondstadt
5★ Cryo Cryo Mondstadt
5★ Geo Geo Inazuma
5★ Geo Geo Fontaine
4★ Electro Electro Liyue
4★ Cryo Cryo Liyue
4★ Electro Electro Sumeru
4★ Cryo Cryo Fontaine
4★ Pyro Pyro Liyue
4★ Dendro Dendro Sumeru
4★ Geo Geo Mondstadt
4★ Electro Electro Mondstadt
4★ Anemo Anemo Inazuma
4★ Pyro Pyro Liyue

List of Claymore Weapons

Best Claymore Characters

Best Claymore Characters Ranked

SS Tier
Genshin - Navia Image
S Tier
Genshin - Diluc ImageGenshin - Gaming Image
A Tier
Genshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Beidou ImageGenshin - Eula ImageGenshin - Itto Image
B Tier
Genshin - Sayu ImageGenshin - Dehya ImageGenshin - Kaveh ImageGenshin - Freminet Image
C Tier
Genshin - Razor ImageGenshin - Chongyun ImageGenshin - Xinyan ImageGenshin - Dori Image
D Tier
No characters!

Characters are shown in no particular order.

SS Tier Claymore Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Navia Navia As a DPS
・High frontloaded Elemental Skill damage that can instantly one-shot medium level opponents and chunk bosses per rotation.
・Her team allows high flexibility because she's not constricted by mono-Geo.
・Frontloaded damage has downsides when looking at damage over time.
As a Sub-DPS
・Great quick-swap potential as she can obtain charges with her Elemental Burst before swapping to damage opponents with her Elemental Skill.
・Her kit doesn't enable teams other than pure damage.

S Tier Claymore Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Diluc Diluc As a DPS
・Weaves Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill together as his combat mechanic, which enables him to use the best supports like Xingqiu for Vaporize.
・Low energy cost for his Elemental Burst, which also covers a wide range. However, this burst pushes back lighter enemies.
Genshin - Gaming Gaming As a DPS
・Overperforming as a 4-star character at C6 with high plunging damage with his best teams.
・Reliant on his Elemental Burst to be used off-cooldown to deal damage.

A Tier Claymore Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Noelle Noelle As a DPS
・Balances ATK and DEF stats for great sustain DMG, with her power spike increasing further with her C6.
・Self-sufficient as well with her shields and healing.
As a Support
・Can heal with her Normal and Charged Attacks, but she has to be on-field and her shield active to activate.
・Elemental Skill has a high cooldown.
Genshin - Beidou Beidou As a DPS
・Counter stance and shield provide great defense and offense.
.・C4 enables Electro infusion, but only if she or her shield gets hit.
As a Sub-DPS
・Works great as an off-field Electro Sub-DPS, which arcs and spreads to and from enemies.
・Has a high energy cost and requires another either high ER or Electro batteries.
Genshin - Eula Eula As a DPS
・Elemental Burst covers a significant amount of Eula's overall DMG to a wide range, especially if the enemy is Superconducted.
・Consuming 2 stacks from Elemental Skill debuffs enemies and raises DPS output.
・If Elemental Burst doesn't hit or crit, the bulk of Eula's damage is lost.
Genshin - Itto Itto As a DPS
・High base scaling on his Charged Attacks and Elemental Skill, especially during Burst.
・Requires his high-energy Elemental Burst to start dealing damage, and switching out ends it.
・Requires high investment from his artifacts, weapons, and team comps to deal top-tier damage.

B Tier Claymore Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Sayu Sayu As a Sub-DPS
・Elemental Skill allows her to be a driver for Swirl-related reactions, but has to be on-field to do this.
・Her Elemental Burst, especially at high constellations, enable her to apply Viridiescent Venerer to opponents, but has a high energy requirement.
As a Support
・Off-field healing that has wide coverage, especially at C2. Her initial trigger for her Elemental Burst also has strong party-wide healing.
・The amount of HP recovered can be increased with Elemental Mastery.
・Elemental Burst healing is improved by her constellations.
Genshin - Dehya Dehya As a DPS
・Deals low Elemental Skill and Burst damage without multiple buffs. Needing a lot of Energy to have her Burst back again.
・Requires more constellations to perform optimally.
As a Sub-DPS
・Provides consistent off-field Pyro damage to set up reactions like Burgeon.
・Needs more constellations as a 5-star to perform optimally.
As a Support
・Provides strong interruption resistance and damage mitigation with her pseudo-shield.
・If there's a point where your active characters need to heal, Dehya cannot provide it.
Genshin - Kaveh Kaveh As a DPS
・Decent Dendro driver for Bloom-specific teams and buffs.
・Low personal DMG.
Genshin - Freminet Freminet As a DPS
・Can work as both a Cryo DPS and/or a Physical DPS, depending on the preferred playstyle and teamcomps.
・4-Star rarity weights down his stats to compete with other Main DPS.

C Tier Claymore Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
Genshin - Razor Razor As a DPS
・Elemental Burst enables consistent Superconduct coverage with his mix of Electro and Physical damage.
Genshin - Chongyun Chongyun As a DPS
・Elemental Skill changes melee attacks to the Cryo Element, allowing him to be a Cryo DPS.
・Recommended to get C1 and C6 to help his Main DPS capabilities.
As a Sub-DPS
・Elemental Burst is a quick-swap nuke that can deal high amounts of damage, especially with its low energy cost.
As a Support
・Elemental Skill increases ATK Speed and provides Cryo DMG infusion for melee characters.
・High Recharge Rate makes Elemental Skill application constant.
Genshin - Xinyan Xinyan As a DPS
・Elemental Burst can be used as a nuke damage for Physical Builds.
・Scaling as a a Main DPS, especially with Physical, is split. She will either need to focus on ATK or DEF, which severely impacts her performance.
As a Sub-DPS
・Elemental Skill can provide a weak off-field Pyro DMG over time, which is decent albeit inconsitent for Burgeon or other Pyro-related reactions.
・C2 guarantees a CRIT Hit from using Xinyan's Elemental Burst, which can be used for quick-swap builds.
As a Support
・Can provide a decent shield that scales with the amount of enemies hit.
Genshin - Dori Dori As a Support
・Provides flat Energy Recharge for any character.
・Okay single-target healing but is only limited to her burst.
・Can apply Electro if tether is placed nearby enemies, letting you setup reactions should you need an Electro applicator.

D Tier Claymore Characters

Character Roles and Strengths
There are no characters in this tier!

Character Tier List

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Alice Alice Arlecchino Arlecchino Capitano Capitano Chiori Chiori
Clorinde Clorinde Columbina Columbina Dainsleif Dainsleif Dottore Dottore
Emilie Emilie Iansan Iansan Pantalone Pantalone Pierro Pierro
Pulcinella Pulcinella Sandrone Sandrone Sigewinne Sigewinne Skirk Skirk
Tsaritsa Tsaritsa Varka Varka

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