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Genshin Impact - Shiki Taishou Story and Profile

Shiki Taishou is an NPC during the Labyrinth Warriors event story in Version 2.2 Update of Genshin Impact. We have more about Shiki Taishou, their story and profile, possible voice actor, gameplay details, in-game appearances, and other information in this guide.

Shiki Taishou Character Information

Shiki Taishou Character Profile

Shiki Taishou
Genshin Impact - Shiki Taishou Icon Nation: Inazuma
Faction: Mystic Onmyou Chamber
Race: Shikigami
Gender: Male

Shiki Taishou Voice Actor

Voice Actor Currently Unknown

At the moment, Shiki Taishou's voice actor in any language has not been announced. We will update this page once there are any official information released.

Who do you think Shiki Taishou's VA is?

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Appears in Labyrinth Warriors Event

Genshin - Labyrinth Warriors Banner

Shiki Taishou appears during the Labyrinth Warriors event as the overseer and acting guide for the Traveler through the mysterious Mystic Onmyou Chamber domain.

During the event, Shiki Taishou uses Charm Magic to summon barriers and spirits to assist with clearing the domain.

Labyrinth Warriors Event Guide

Shiki Taishou Story and Lore Summary

Oversees the Mystic Onmyou Chamber

Genshin - Shiki Taishou - Overseer

Shiki Taishou is a shikigami that oversees the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. As the oversee, he possesses the ability to control the domain.

Created by Kamina Harunosuke

Genshin - Shiki Taishou - Kamuna Harunosuke
Shiki Taishou is created by Kamina Harunosuke, who also designed the Mystic Onmyou Chamber many centuries ago. It was intended to be a Training Ground for soldiers under Kamuna Harunosuke to fend off against evil entities, but was lost to irrelevancy.

As a result, the domain was abandoned, but Shiki Taishou was left inside to control the domain and protect the outside world from the monsters inside.

Lost His Memories and Power

Genshin - Shiki Taishou - Traveler, Xinyan, Tartaglia, and Shiki Taishou

When Shiki Taishou makes his first appearance, he seems to have lost most of his memories. Along with that was the power to control the domain. As a result, the monsters inside were able to escape the chamber.

Traveler, Paimon, Xinyan, along with an unlikely ally, Tartaglia, agreed to help Shiki Taishou traverse the domain for him to regain his memories and powers.

Shiki Taishou In-Game Appearances Summary

A Tricky Situation Event Quest

Genshin Impact - Shiki Taishou First Appearance

Shiki Taishou first appears in the opening quest, A Tricky Situation, during the Labyrinth Warriors event. The Traveler and Xinyan found him on the ground after defeating some enemies just outside of the Mystic Onmyou Chamber domain.

He helps the Traveler by acting as the guide through the Mystic Onmyou Chamber, as well as providing some of his charm magic to defeat the enemies that appear.

A Tricky Situation Quest Guide

Pushing On Event Quest

Genshin - Shiki Taishou - Pushing On Replicas of Shiki Taishou
As the Traveler and the group go deeper into the Mystic Onmyou Chamber, they come across more replicas of Shiki Taishou. Shiki Taishou fuses with these replicas, which regain parts of his power and memories.

To Trust Shiki Taishou or Not

At the end of the domain, Traveler and Xinyan had their reservations whether they should trust Shiki Taishou or not, as Kamuna Harunosuke might have created him and the chamber for evil purposes.

Shiki Taishou reassures that if it indeed comes to that point, he trusts the group to make the decision and provide a ''fitting end'' for Harunosuke and himself.

Pushing On Quest Guide

Away with Obsessions and Falsehood Event Quest

Genshin - Shiki Taishou - Kamuna Harunosuke
After fusing with all of Shiki Taishou's replicas in The Vengeful Wood, Shiki Taishou finally remembers the reason why he was created, and why the domain was abandoned.

In that memory, his master, Kamuna Harunosuke, has left the domain to Shiki Taishou's hands, as Kamuna Harunosuke realizes that his sworn mission had already ended.

After remembering this, Shiki Taishou decides to remain and take control of the domain to seal the monsters inside, away from the outside world.

Shiki Koshou Parting Gift

He conjures a Shiki Koshou as a parting gift to the Traveler. This replica of himself would allow Shiki Taishou to communicate with them even if they are far away.

Away with Obsessions and Falsehood Guide

Path of the Taishou Event Quest

Genshin - Shiki Taishou - Outside of the Domain

With the domain fully taken in control, Shiki Taishou tells the Traveler that he has already explained everything to the Tenryou Commission, and that the domain has already been absolved of any suspicions.

Inside the The Echoes of Extinction, Shiki Taishou will sometimes talk and let you hear about the memories of the soldiers who once used the domain as their Training Ground.

Path of the Taishou Story Quest Guide

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