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Alice Story and Details

Genshin Impact - Alice Story and Details
Alice is a potential playable character in Genshin Impact. She's also a Witch from the Hexenzirkel. Check out Alice's voice actor, her story so far, and her in game appearances here!

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Alice Character Information

Alice Character Profile

Adventurer and Writer
Genshin - Alice Profile Nation: Mondstadt
Faction: Adventurer's Guild
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Great Adventurer of the Realms
Defender of Old Mondstadt
Friend of Adults Who Yet Harbor Hope
Author of the Teyvat Travel Guide
Originator of the Kujirai Art - Temari Jutsu
Supplier to the Renowned Lord Sangemah Bay
Elder of the Hexenzirkel, Codename "A"
Mother of the Most Adorable Klee

Alice Voice Actor

JP Voice Actor Revealed

Alice's voice actor is Kikuko Inoue in JP, as announced by Genshin Impact's JP Twitter account!

Alice Story and Lore

Who is Alice?

Genshin - CheckmarkShe is a well-known adventurer.

Genshin - CheckmarkAlice wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide.

Genshin - CheckmarkShe is Klee's mother.

Genshin - CheckmarkShe is the Rival of Mona's Master.

Genshin - CheckmarkShe prepared the entire Golden Apple Archipelago for Klee.

Elder of the Hexenzirkel

Alice is also an elder of the Hexenzirkel, the group of Witches who convene for tea parties and Irminsul expeditions. She's one of the nonhuman members of the Coven, alongside Nicole, whose appearance is yet to be seen.

What is the Hexenzirkel?

Story Teaser: The Mages' Tea Party

A Renowned Adventurer

Alice is a well-known adventurer across Teyvat, and has authored the Teyvat Travel Guide, which many travelers and adventurers alike have been using for their journey. It's believed that Alice has traveled the entirety of Teyvat, which makes her a reliable source in writing such resource material.

Comes From A Nonhuman Race

Both Alice and her daughter Klee comes from a race blessed with longevity. During the Joy Above the Clouds quest in Windblume Festival, Alice mentioned Hexenzirkel challenged the Anemo Archon, Barbatos in a battle.

This could very well have happened around 2600 years ago, after the Old Monstadt had been replaced by the new Mondstadt, or around the fall of Khaenri'ah.

Alice In-Game Mentions and Appearances

Mona's Story Quest

Genshin - Alice - The Astrolabos Chapter
Alice is known to be talented in astrology, so much so that it rivals even Mona's powers. As it was revealed in Mona's story, her master is actually Alice's rival. This was mentioned in some of the conversations between Mona and the Traveler.

Mona Story Quest Guide

Midsummer Island Adventure

Genshin - Alice - Midsummer Island Adventure
During the Midsummer Island Adventure event, it was revealed that the Dodo King was actually Alice, setting up a grand surprise for her daughter, Klee.

Characters such as Jean, Barbara, Albedo, and many others were present on the island, most of them being secretly invited by Alice with an ulterior motive of having them protect and watch over Klee.

Midsummer Island Adventure Guide

Irodori Festival

Genshin - Alice Story - Irodori Festival Mention

During the Hues of the Violet Garden event, it was revealed that the Inazuma volume of the Teyvat Travel Guide had been published and sold with a book that Klee and Yoimiya wrote for the festival!

The pair had met in the Irodori Anecdotes Part 1 ''A Story for You.'' Due to Albedo's participation in the Irodori Festival, he was unable to entertain Klee and had asked the Traveler to show her around.

A Story for You Event Quest

Summertime Odyssey

Genshin - Golden Apple Archipelago Preview 2.8 - 1.png

During the Summertime Odyssey event. Alice took Klee to her second trip to the Golden Apple Archipelago. Alice and Klee bumped into Venti and gave him the Dodocommunication Device, which allows people to communicate over long distances.

Summertime Odyssey Event Guide

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