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This is a farming guide for Armor Sphere, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Armor Sphere locations and drop sources, as well as Armor Sphere uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Armor Sphere - Basic Information

Name Armor Sphere ImageArmor Sphere
Name (JP) 鎧玉
Description Reacts uniquely to heat. Fuse this to armor to improve it by a tiny amount.
Rarity 4 Type Other Materials
Sell Price 80 Hold Limit 99

Armor Sphere - How to Farm

Location Summary
Obtained from Optional Subquests, Quest Rewards, or Endemic Life.

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Hub Quest ★1 A Grizzly Encounter ★★
Hub Quest ★1 A Snowball's Chance... ★★
Hub Quest ★1 Shady Monster ★★½
Village Quest ★2 Rabid Rabbit ★★
Village Quest ★2 Grizzly Glutton ★★
Urgent Hub Quest ★2 Dead Ringer ★★
Hub Quest ★2 Fried and Baptized ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★2 Bouncing Brawlers ★★
Hub Quest ★2 The Path to Royalty ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★2 Blasted Basarios! ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★2 Reinventing the Wheel ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★2 A Pale Shadow ★★½
Hub Quest ★2 So Muddy Hardheaded! ★★½
Hub Quest ★2 The Flooding Flooded Forest ★★½
Hub Quest ★2 Way of the Pukei ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★2 I Want Off This Ride ★½ (x2)
Urgent Village Quest ★3 Feathered Frenzy ★★½
Village Quest ★3 The Cactus Diet ★★½
Village Quest ★3 Faceless Foe ★★½
Village Quest ★3 Spongy Oasis ★★½
Village Quest ★3 Fightin' Dirty ★★½
Village Quest ★3 Can't Stomach the Thought ★★
Hub Quest ★3 White Knight vs. Hunter ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★3 Zigzagging Zapper ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★3 The Blizzard Blender ★ (x2)
Village Quest ★3 Special License Quest 1 ★½ (x2)
Event Quest ★3 Heart of a Warrior -
Village Quest ★4 Third Wheel ★★
Village Quest ★4 A Poisonous Project ★½ (x2)
Urgent Village Quest ★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★4 Off Your Rocker ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★4 A Song of Red and Fire ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★4 Streaking Shadow ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★4 The Queen's Procession ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★4 Raging White-out ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★4 Infernal Lacrimosa ★½ (x2)
Hub Quest ★4 Study the Sword & Shield -
Village Quest ★5 The Hottest Around ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★5 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★5 The Secret Ingredient ★½ (x2)
Village Quest ★6 Abominable Snow-beast ★ (x2)

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½. Items which are guaranteed a minimum of a set amount are marked as "min."

Obtained from Optional Subquests

You can easily amass a lot of Armor Spheres just by completing the Optional Subquests. They're quite convenient too since you can complete them alongside your main quests.

Side Quests Guide | Optional Subquests

Obtained from Quest Rewards

Armor Spheres can also be obtained as a reward for clearing quests. However, the probability of it appearing as a reward is not high, so it's not recommended to go looking for it through this method.

Obtained from Endemic Life

Endemic Life (Crafty Creatures)
Monster Hunter Rise - Boulder Lizard icon.pngBoulder Lizard Monster Hunter Rise - Rock Lizard icon.pngRock Lizard Monster Hunter Rise - Scale Lizard icon.pngScale Lizard

Armor Spheres can also be obtained from the Crafty Creatures type of Endemic Life. However, these Lizards' locations are pretty obscure and random, so you might want to refrain from looking for them to farm Armor Spheres.

Armor Sphere - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used for improving armor.

Used to Upgrade Armor

Type of Armor Sphere Value
Armor Sphere 1
Armor Sphere+ 5
Advanced Armor Sphere 20
Hard Armor Sphere 80
Heavy Armor Sphere 200
King Armor Sphere 800

Armor Spheres are used to increase an armor's defense value, but each Armor Sphere's value increases depending on what armor sphere it is. The more basic Armor Spheres give lesser value than the more advanced ones, so feel free to use the basic ones on low-rank gear.

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