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Sunbreak Best Follower Tier List

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This is our tier list rankings for the best followers in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. You can now bring followers with you after Title Update 3! Read on to know the best followers to bring in hunts, and why they're at the top and bottom of the tier list!

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Sunbreak Follower Tier List

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SS Tier Icon
MH Rise Sunbreak - Hinoa Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Utsushi Icon
S Rank Icon
MH Rise Sunbreak - Dame Luchika Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Minoto Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Fiorayne the Knight Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Rondine the Trader Icon
A Rank Icon
MH Rise Sunbreak - Fugen the Elder Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Admiral Galleus Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Arlow Icon MH Rise Sunbreak - Sir Jae Icon

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Tier List Criteria

MH Rise Sunbreak - Follower Utsushi
We consider the ability of a follower to give support to the player since followers don't deal as much damage as real players. Although there are some that deal amazing damage, a majority of them give more utility as support followers than as damage followers.

We also consider their frequency of use of items and skills. If a follower isn't dealing a lot of damage and barely uses items, healing, or support abilities, then it may be cause for consideration.

Tier List Explanation

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SS Tier

Followers Tier Best Weapon
MH Rise Sunbreak - Hinoa IconHinoa SS Tier Icon Hunting Horn
Hinoa is the best follower to bring with you when you need Support. With the use of her Hunting Horn, the Health Regeneration song can help you restore any health you've lost over time, and the Attack and Defense Up song can both boost your damage and prevent you from fainting. She also frequently heals which is an added bonus if you take big hits that the Health Regen cannot heal immediately.
Note: Having Hinoa use Hunting Horn, and bringing another follower to use Hunting Horn like Utsushi or Minoto will balance out her healing/defensive skills with their damage buffs.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Utsushi IconUtsushi SS Tier Icon Hunting Horn
Although Utsushi loves Skill Swapping, he makes an amazing Support follower with his Hunting Horn. Unlike Hinoa, he uses Attack Up, Blights Negated, and Elemental Attack Boost which will help buff your Elemental attacks.
Note: We recommend you bring him with Hinoa and have them both use Hunting Horn skills as their songs balance each other out with both Damage buffs, Defense buffs, and Health Regen.

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S Tier

Followers Tier Best Weapon
MH Rise Sunbreak - Dame Luchika IconLuchika S Rank Icon LBG / HBG
Luchika deals amazing damage with her LBG and HBG. With her Mech Silkbind Shot skill, she makes part-breaking easier! The reason she's in S tier however is because she never heals, and this means you may need to support her from time to time as she may lose her health a lot. This means you need to drop everything to help her up, and can hinder your hunt progress.
Note: We suggest you bring another follower that specializes in healing and support, like Hinoa to prevent her from losing all of her health.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Minoto IconMinoto S Rank Icon HH / Lance
Minoto is versatile with her handy use of either the Hunting Horn or Lance. The songs she uses with her Hunting Horn are Divine Protection, Stamina Use Reduced, and Sonic Barrier. A combination of these songs are useful buffs on hunts. With her Lance, she draws attention to herself so the monster won't be as focused on you. She barely does any offensive skills however, and is very defensive with her skills.
Note: For a secure hunt, using Minoto and Hinoa together will guarantee you, the main hunter, less deaths.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Fiorayne the Knight IconFiorayne S Rank Icon Sword and Shield
Fiorayne is a well-balanced character that attacks and uses items as required. Although she doesn't have anything unique as a follower, she is still useful to have in hunts. She makes sure to heal up whenever you or anyone in the party has low health, and utilizes her skills accordingly.
Note: We recommend you make her use her Sword and Shield since she tends to use less items on other weapons.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Rondine the Trader IconRondine S Rank Icon Switch Axe
Like her sister Fiorayne, Rondine is another well-balanced character that uses both items and support accordingly. She likes using Flash Bombs during hunts, and makes sure to use healing and support items as well when anyone is low on health.
Note: We recommend you make her use her Switch Axe since she tends to use less items on other weapons.

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A Tier

Followers Tier Best Weapon
MH Rise Sunbreak - Fugen the Elder IconFugen A Rank Icon Dual Blades
Fugen utilizes some of his items like Paratoads and Sleeptoads, however there are times where he seldom uses these items. He also performs best in Dual Blades because of Demon Mode.
Note: We don't recommend you make him use his Long Sword since he spams Spirit Helm Breaker without charging the Spirit Gauge to red.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Admiral Galleus IconGalleus A Rank Icon Sword and Shield
Although Galleus' movement tendencies are officially listed as support in-game, he barely makes use of his items on hunts if you're low on health. He usually heals up whenever his health is low, but rarely heals the hunter. He also doesn't make use of any other support items like traps or toads.
Notes: It is also recommended to use Sword and Shield since this is the best weapon for well-balanced followers or support roles. We don't recommend you make him use his Great Sword since he has to sheathe to be able to use his items, and is just not fit for a support role.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Master Arlow IconArlow A Rank Icon Gunlance
Arlow is a master of riding monsters, and is really good with Gunlance. He focuses mostly on shelling so expect lots of explosions. Although he's good at that weapon, he uses Guard Reload skill as well so he's not maximizing his shelling as much. He also uses healing items infrequently.
Note: Compared to other weapons, Arlow really shines on the Gunlance with the skills that he uses.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Sir Jae Icon A Rank Icon Insect Glaive
Jae's playstyle is similar to Luchika's, especially when he's using Insect Glaive. You barely see him on the ground with this weapon on hand and he can stun monsters. Compared to Luchika, she performs better with her part-breaking skills and overall damage, plus Luchika can stun monsters as well.
Note: Although he performs okay with other weapons, Insect Glaive is the preferred choice of weapon because of the stun ability.

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Poll: Sunbreak Followers Popularity Ranking

Who is the Best Follower to Bring on Hunts?

Rondine the Trader 1
Master Utsushi 7
Minoto the Hub Maiden 10
Hinoa the Hub Maiden 66
Fugen the Elder 3
Dame Luchika 37
Sir Jae 2
Master Arlow 5
Admiral Galleus 1
Fiorayne the Knight 6

Let us know why in the comments!

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