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This is the page for the Sharp Dango in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to find out what effects this Dango provides, its activation rate, and how to unlock it!

Sharp Effects

Dango Basic Info

MH Rise Sunbreak - SharpSharp Basic Information
Activation Rate: 70%
Daily: No
Upgrades to: Blastslash
How to Unlock
From the start

Dango Polisher

Dango Polisher Effect
Level Effect by Level
1 May speed up weapon sharpening.
2 Speeds up weapon sharpening.
3 Greatly speeds up weapon sharpening.
4 Significantly speeds up weapon sharpening.

This dango's skill level can be changed with the use of Hopping Skewers, which is a new feature at the Canteen added in the Sunbreak update!

Hopping Skewers Guide

Should You Use Sharp?

Rank Explanation
S Rank.png You'll be sharpening your weapon quite frequently, especially in lengthier fights, so this Dango is perfect. Sharpening typically takes a few seconds but eating this will shorten it to around a second so you can get back to slaying that monster asap.

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