Genshin Impact

How to Get Condensed Resin and Effects

Genshin Impact - How to Get Condensed Resin and Effects

Condensed Resin is a Precious Item in Genshin Impact. Learn how to use and how to craft it, its rarity and effects, and everything you need to know about Condensed Resin here!

Ver. 1.1 Updates
Genshin - Version 1.1Ver. 1.1 Update Summary Anemoculus Resonance Stone IconResonance Stones Anemo Treasure Compass IconTreasure Compass
Condensed ResinCondensed Resin City ReputationCity Reputation PortableWaypointPortable Waypoint
StoveAdepti Seeker's Stove NRENRE (Menu 30) WindCatcherWind Catcher

How to Get Condensed Resin

Condensed Resin Locations

Condensed Resin Image Condensed Resin
Type Precious Items
Location & Source Reach Lv. 3 Reputation in Liyue to unlock the blueprint, then craft it.

Version 1.4 Condensened Resin Update

Up to 5 Condensed Resin can be Stored

As of Update 1.4, players can store up to 5 Condensed Resin. This is equivalent to 200 Original Resin, which means that you can craft 5 in a single day (after waiting for resin to refresh or by using Fragile Resin)

Be sure to plan out when to craft them when farming artifacts and materials!

Raise Your Reputation in Liyue

The blueprint for the Condensed Resin can only be unlocked by raising your reputation level in Liyue. You can raise it by doing quests, Request and Bounties in the Liyue area!

City Reputation System Guide

How to Craft Condensed Resin

Crafting Condensed Resin.PNG

You must first use the Instruction: Condensed Resin in your inventory to learn how to make a Condensed Resin. After that, you can approach any Crafting Bench and select it from the list. This process will require you to have the following items.

Condensed Resin Crafting Materials

Item Materials
Genshin Impact - Condensed Resin Image Condensed Resin
Mora Mora ×100

How to Use Condensed Resin

Gain Double Rewards from Ley Line Outcrop and Domains

Use Condensed Resin

Condensed Resin can be used on Ley Line Outcrops and Petrified Trees within Domains, which otherwise cost 20 Original Resin to gain rewards from. When using Condensed Resin instead of Original Resins, players can receive double the standard rewards from these sources, effectively cutting the time needed to farm rewards in half.

Condensed Resin Effects and Basic Information

Condensed Resin ImageCondensed Resin Rarity 4
Type Precious Items
Effect Can be used instead of Original Resin to revitalize Petrified Trees and Ley Line Blossoms to receive greater rewards.

Crystal filled with immense energy. The silver -white Irminsul trees and blossoms are connected to ley lines that have become blocked over time. The energy contained in tree resin can purify the obstructing substance.

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