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NRE (Menu 30) is an Item in Genshin Impact. Learn how to use it and where to find it, its rarity and effects, and everything you need to know about NRE (Menu 30) here!

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How to Get NRE (Menu 30)

NRE (Menu 30) Locations

NRE (Menu 30)
Type Gadget
Location & Source Reach Lv. 5 Reputation in Mondstadt to unlock the blueprint, then craft it.

Raise Your Reputation in Mondstadt

To unlock the NRE blueprint, you first need to raise your reputation level in Mondstadt to level 5. You can do this by doing quests, Requests, and Bounties in the Mondstadt area.

Have it Crafted at a Blacksmith

Once you have obtained the NRE blueprint, you can have it crafted at the blacksmith as it is not an item you can craft yourself.

Unlocking it will take around 2 weeks

If you do all your weekly Requests and Bounties in Mondstadt, you'll be able to get 420 Reputation Exp per week. The Exp needed to go up a level seems to increase by 20 Exp per level, so from our calculations, you should be able to unlock the NRE blueprint in roughly two weeks.

City Reputation System Guide

How to Craft NRE (Menu 30)

Output Item Materials
NRE (Menu 30) Image NRE (Menu 30)

How to Use NRE (Menu 30)

The NRE will allow you to set your cooked food to a hotkey and press that hotkey to eat them on the fly. Players who are weary of navigating to the menu every time you want to use a Food item, the NRE is here for you!

You can store two types of food in it, one for healing and one for reviving characters that got knocked out.

Switches to Revival Food Automatically

original (1).jpg
If you press the hotkey when a character is dead, it will automatically switch to revival food and resurrect that character, so you don't need to change anything even during battle.

We recommend that you always have food prepared in the NRE so you can battle strong enemies without worries!

Recommended Equipment for Multiplayer

With the ability to instantly use a healing item even during battle, it will be very useful during multiplayer where you can not pause and every second will count.

NRE (Menu 30) Effects and Basic Information

NRE (Menu 30) ImageNRE (Menu 30) Rarity 4
Type Gadgets
Effect Coming soon.

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It's actually 50 electro crystals, not 20 :(

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