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Genshin Impact - How to Get Birch Wood and Effects

Birch Wood is a furniture crafting material in Genshin Impact. Learn how to use Birch Wood, where to farm and locations, and the list of furnitures you can craft in this item guide!

Birch Wood Map Locations

Birch Wood Locations

Location 1 Obtained by chopping Birch Trees
Location 2 Windwail Highland, Mondstadt
Location 3 Starfell Valley, Mondstadt
Location 4 Stormbearer Mountains, Mondstadt
Location 5 Ridge Watch, Liyue

Birch Tree Locations

Northeast Dawn Winery

Starfell Valley

Stormbearer Mountains

Northwest of Ridge Watch

South of Ridge Watch

How to Get Birch Wood

Chop Birch Trees to Get Birch Wood

Birch Tree

You can farm Birch Wood by attacking its tree with either a Sword, a Polearm, or a Claymore. Each tree gives three pieces of wood and resets every few minutes, making farming easier!

Birch Wood can be farmed all over Mondstadt, but the easiest farming spot to access is by the Statue of the Seven near Dawn Winery.

How to Use Birch Wood

Used to Craft Housing System Furnishing

Genshin - Create Furnishings
Birch Wood is used to craft Furnishing in Genshin Impact's Housing System. It is one of the eleven types of wood needed to create certain Furnishing items.

Housing System & Serenitea Pot Guide

Furnishing that Uses Birch Wood

List of Furnishing
Genshin Impact - Hilichurl Straw Hut ImageHilichurl Straw Hut Genshin Impact - Warm and Dry Mondstadt Apartment ImageWarm and Dry Mondstadt Apartment Genshin Impact - Two-Tier Candle Chandelier ImageTwo-Tier Candle Chandelier
Genshin Impact - Two-Story Hilichurl Sentry Tower ImageTwo-Story Hilichurl Sentry Tower Genshin Impact - Sturdy Birch Vanity ImageSturdy Birch Vanity Genshin Impact - Roll-Roofed Fruit and Vegetable Cart ImageRoll-Roofed Fruit and Vegetable Cart
Genshin Impact - Rally Banner ImageRally Banner Genshin Impact - Pure Spirit Banner ImagePure Spirit Banner Genshin Impact - Old Wind-Resistant Mondstadt House ImageOld Wind-Resistant Mondstadt House
Genshin Impact - Multi-Arched Mondstadt Building ImageMulti-Arched Mondstadt Building Genshin Impact - Mondstadt House With Overhanging Attic ImageMondstadt House With Overhanging Attic Genshin Impact - Large Birch Wardrobe ImageLarge Birch Wardrobe
Genshin Impact - Hilichurl Spiral Watchtower ImageHilichurl Spiral Watchtower Genshin Impact - Hilichurl Outpost Hut ImageHilichurl Outpost Hut Genshin Impact - Country Home With Tall Attic ImageCountry Home With Tall Attic
Genshin Impact - Birch Double Drawer Nightstand ImageBirch Double Drawer Nightstand Genshin Impact - “Unwavering Determination” Image“Unwavering Determination” Genshin Impact - “Night of the Party Pumpkins” Image“Night of the Party Pumpkins”
Genshin Impact - Hilichurl Chieftain Hall ImageHilichurl Chieftain Hall Genshin Impact - Carved Courtyard Fence Ending ImageCarved Courtyard Fence Ending Genshin Impact - Carved Courtyard Fence ImageCarved Courtyard Fence
Genshin Impact - Birch Main Courtyard Gate ImageBirch Main Courtyard Gate Genshin Impact - “Ballad-Spinning Windwheel” Image“Ballad-Spinning Windwheel” Genshin Impact - “Archivist“Archivist's Treasure Trove”
Genshin Impact - Simple Single-Person Tent ImageSimple Single-Person Tent Genshin Impact - Lightning Protective Tent ImageLightning Protective Tent Genshin Impact - Classic Country Home ImageClassic Country Home
Genshin Impact - Northern Birch Folding Counter ImageNorthern Birch Folding Counter Genshin Impact - “Four-Quadrant Cooking Cauldron” Image“Four-Quadrant Cooking Cauldron” Genshin Impact - “Lost Between the Pages of a Book” Image“Lost Between the Pages of a Book”
Genshin Impact - “A Messenger in the Summer Woods” Image“A Messenger in the Summer Woods” Genshin Impact - “A Guide in the Summer Woods” Image“A Guide in the Summer Woods” Genshin Impact - “Summer Forest Banquet” Image“Summer Forest Banquet”
Genshin Impact - “Cradle of Flowers” Image“Cradle of Flowers”

Birch Wood Effects and Basic Information

Birch Wood ImageBirch Wood Rarity 1
Type Materials
Effect None

Timber obtained from Birches. It is easy to work with and produces smooth cuts. Furniture made using such wood is both beautiful and durable.

Can be used to create furnishings.

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List of Materials and Ingredients

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