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How to Get Vitalized Dragontooth and Effects

Vitialized Dragontooth is an Item in Genshin Impact. Learn how to use and where to find it, its rarity and effects, and everything you need to know about Vitialized Dragontooth here!

How to Get Vitialized Dragontooth

Vitalize Dragontooth In the Core of Wyrmrest

Wyrmrest Core.png
Wyrmrest Core

Strange Teeth can be found in the Dragonspine region on pieces of dragon bone sticking out of the environtment. Vitalizing the Strange Tooth in the Core of Wyrmrest will turn it into a Vitalized Dragontooth just like in the Festering Fang Quest.
Festering Fang Quest Walkthrough

Vitialized Dragontooth Locations

Location 1 Found in Dragonspine

Genshin - Vitalized Dragontooth Locations in MapEnlarge

Collect the Strange Teeth in these locations to turn them into Vitalized Dragonteeth!

Location 1:

Genshin - Vitalized Dragontooth Location 1.png

When completing The Festering Fang, the Strange Tooth will be protected by a forcefield and a Frostarm Lawachurl. Defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl to disable the forcefield and get the Strange Tooth.

If you have already completed The Festering Fang, you won't have to fight any more Frostarm Lawachurls when you collect the Strange Tooth here.

Location 2:

Genshin - Vitalized Dragontooth Location 2

Go to location #2 on the map. The Strange Tooth will be on an island in the middle of the river. A Hydro Abyss Mage will appear when you get close to the tooth and it might alarm the other nearby Cryo Abyss Mage.

You don't have to defeat the Abyss Mages to get the Strange Tooth.

Location 3:

Genshin - Vitalized Dragontooth Location 3

The Strange Tooth in location #3 is beside a bigger tooth-like structure, and guarded by a Fatui Skirmisher. You don't have to defeat the Fatui Skirmisher to get the Strange Tooth.

Location 4:

Genshin - Vitalized Dragontooth Location 4

It is recommended that you collect this Strange Tooth last because it is in the same location you can turn a Strange Tooth into a Vitalized Dragontooth. The Strange Tooth is in the cave with the Heart. When entering the cave, it will be on your left side.

Vitalized Dragontooth Respawn Time

Strange Teeth Respawn in Around 48 Hours

The Strange Teeth used to make Vitalized Dragonteeth probably takes around 2 days (or 48 hours) to respawn in the locations.

How to Use Vitialized Dragontooth

Output Weapon Materials Needed
Dragonspine Spear Image Dragonspine Spear
Vitalized Dragontooth Image Vitalized Dragontooth

Vitialized Dragontooth Effects and Basic Information

Vitalized Dragontooth ImageVitalized Dragontooth Rarity -
Type Materials
Effect Coming soon.

A Dragontooth infused with vitality. Just its luster and texture are enough to make one uneasy...

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