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How to Get Endora and Effects

Endora is a mini Oceanid Pet in Genshin Impact. Learn how to get the Endora Pet, how to use Inquisitive Endora during the Wishful Drops event, and all other information on Endora in this guide!

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How to Get Endora

Get Endora from Events

Location 1 Wishful Drops Event Reward

Genshin - Wishful Drop Event guide

Endora is an Oceanid Pet obtainable in the Wishful Drops event as a reward. Similar to the Mini Seelie, Endora will follow the traveler around once equipped.

Evolve Inquisitive Endora

Travelers will need to explore all of the designated areas with their Inquisitive Endora, and complete all Wishful Drops Event Quests to obtain the mini Endora pet.

Wishful Drops Event Guide

How to Use Endora Pet

Genshin - Endora Pet

After having Endora join you, you will be able to equip her from the Gadget inventory as a pet. Endora behaves like a Mini Seelie and is just as adorable!

How to Use Inquisitive Endora

Inquisitive Endora Gadget

Genshin Impact - Inquisitive Endora ImageInquisitive Endora
Availability Period 04/09/2021 - 04/16/2021

Use during the Wishful Drops event

Genshin - How to Equip Endora

During the Wishful Drops event, you can equip Inquisitive Endora in the gadgets menu. Using Inquisitive Endora as a gadget will replace your Elemental Skill with Endora's Bubble Split skill.

Bubble Split Skill

Genshin - How to Use Endora Skill Bubble Split
Pressing and holding the Bubble Split skill will let you adjust the skill's distance. Aim at Oceanid Creatures during the Wishful Drops event to capture them.

Expires on 04/16/2021

Inquisitive Endora will no longer be available after the Wishful Drops event. You will also be unable to equip Inquisitive Endora once you complete the final event quest and get the regular Endora as a pet.

Endora Effects and Basic Information

Endora ImageEndora Rarity 4
Type Gadgets
Effect None

Just a very curious Lochfolk who only wishes to see the world. Might actually get along very well with Mini Seelie: Dayflower, but please do not meld them together, thank you.

Inquisitive Endora Effects and Basic Information

Inquisitive Endora ImageInquisitive Endora Rarity 4
Type Gadgets
Effect None

A strange Lochfolk larva, filled with curiosity about the world at large.

Lochfolk specialize in shifting into watery shapes and can meld with other water bodies to synchronize emotions and knowledge alike. Endora is still small, and Endora is very curious. Endora can spit out bubbles to meld with other beings of water, through which she shall learn everything.

Endora's Educational Notes

You can access Endora's logbook in the event menu during the Wishful Drops event.

Area Lvl Educational Notes
0 Want to grow quickly. Want to find Rhodeia.
1 A child. New life, like Endora. A child's mission is to grow. To grow? I thought it was to see the world.
2 Love. For Oceanids, this is to meld together as one. There will be no division then. That is why Oceanids need no learning or thoughts of their own. All that is needed is love.
3 It seems that Oceanids cannot love for others, for others will only drown in the embrace of pure waters. So they disguise themselves as the dreams of young children, and withdraw from the lives of all other people.
4 Every day, a child takes a stumbling step forward. Every day, a stream flows into the sea.
5 Love, that is our destiny. But I still have a whole world left to see.

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