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How to Get Wanderer

Wanderer's Advice is an Item in Genshin Impact. Learn how to use and where to find it, its rarity and effects, and everything you need to know about Wanderer's Advice here!

How to Get Wanderer's Advice

Wanderer's Advice Location

Location 1 Adventure and Expedition Reward

Get Wanderer's Advice from Ley Line Blossoms

Get Wanderer
You can get Wanderer's Advice by challenging the enemies from Ley Line Outcrops (Revelation and Wealth). You can track them using the Adventurer's Handbook, Bosses section.

Touch Ley Line opening.png
Ley Line Blossom Outcrops are not aggressive; you need to touch the opening and defeat all the enemies that will appear to reveal the Ley Line Blossoms. Make sure you have enough Original Resins before hunting Ley Line Blossoms; you need those to receive the rewards.

Get Wanderer's Advice from Quests

Wanderer's Advice can be received from completing a quest. It is one of the surest ways to get Wanderer's Advice, so if you want to level up your characters, and you have an available quest that you can complete, set it is as your high priority!

Get Wanderer's Advice from Treasure Chests

Luxurious Chests - Genshin Impact.png
Wanderer's Advice is also available from Treasure Chests around the world of Genshiin Impact. However, Wanderer's Advice is more often available from Luxurious Chests and Precious Chests.

How to Use Wanderer's Advice

Level up using Wanderer

Experience Points +1000

Wanderer's Advice is a Character Development material that you can use to level up your characters. By using Wanderer's Advice, you will receive 1000 EXP points. Remember, characters who have gained experience points will have higher levels and higher stats.

How to Level Up Characters

Wanderer's Advice Effects and Basic Information

WandererWanderer's Advice Rarity 2
Type Character Development Items
Effect Character EXP material. Gives 1000 EXP. These experiences are still beneficial even if one does not live in Teyvat.

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