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How to Get Sacred Seal: Grand Door and Locations

Genshin Impact - How to Get Sacred Seal Grand Door and Effects

Sacred Seal: Grand Door is found in the Desert of Hadramaveth in Genshin Impact 3.4. Learn how to get the Sacred Seal: Grand Door, its rarity and effects, and how to use it here!

Sacred Seal Types
Genshin - Sacred Seal Grand Door Grand Door

How to Get Sacred Seal: Grand Door

Sacred Seal: Grand Door Locations

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How to Get All Sacred Seals: Grand Door

No. Seal and How to Get
Fitted inside the wall and above a torch. Found in a room with a Remarkable Chest located in the ruins of the Wadi Al-Majuj.

How to Use Sacred Seal: Grand Door

Activate Primal Obelisks

Genshin - Sacred Seal Puzzles Guide

Find Sacred Seals scattered around the Ruins of King Deshret and place it on the obelisks to solve it. You can also use the Primal Obelisks to locate nearby Sacred Seals!

Primal Obelisk Puzzle Guide

Sacred Seal: Grand Door Effects and Basic Information

Sacred Seal Grand Door ImageSacred Seal Grand Door Rarity 1
Type Quest Items
Effect Used on Primal Obelisks

A stone plate with ancient text on it that seems to have once been part of a certain building. The desert sands play host to many an unknown wish. Who made them, and who carries them now? The symbol is the silhouetted shape of a stone door from an ancient palace.

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