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Genshin Impact - Star-Shaped Gem Locations and Electro Seelie Puzzle Guide
Star-Shaped Gems are quest items used for a Tsurumi Island puzzle in Genshin Impact. Find out all its locations, how to use them, all Star-Shaped Gem Seelie locations, and other related puzzles in this guide!

Tsurumi Island Map Guide
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All Star-Shaped Gem Locations

Map of Star-Shaped Gems

All of the Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact are found in the underground ruins between Shirikoro Peak and Chirai Shrine. This area will be unlocked by doing the Particularly Particular Author quest.
A Particularly Particular Author Guide

How to Get Each Star-Shaped Gem

Thunderbird Wall Locations

Gem 1 Location

Gem 2 Location

Gem 3 Location

Found inside 3 Thunderbird Walls

All of the Star-Shaped Gems are found in one area of the ruins. The walls with Thunderbird Paintings hide chests with Star-Shaped Gems in them!

You'll need to climb up the hole in the room for Star-Shaped Gem 3 to get it. The room also has a Pyro Torch and Lightning Strike Probe puzzle. You won't need to solve it for the Star-Shaped Gem, but we recommend doing it anyway for the Treasure Chest rewards!
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Use the Peculiar Pinion to Open the Wall

Genshin - Peculiar Pinion turning into a Gadget
Thunderbird walls only open after using the Peculiar Pinion near them. You can only unlock the Peculiar Pinion gadget by playing through the early part of the Octave of the Maushiro quest.
Octave of the Maushiro Guide

Star-Shaped Gem Puzzle Guide

How to Use Star-Shaped Gems

Genshin - Ruin Mural 2 3 4

Used on three Ruin Murals

How to Get to the Mural Room
Proceed to the next location by going through the circular door.
Look for three Seelie Courts in one area. Enter the room there.

Place a Star-Shaped Gem on each of the Mural Room's walls to make three Electro Seelie appear. They will run off to different parts of Tsurumi Island, so you'll have to go and search for them!
All Ruin Mural Locations

Star-Shaped Gem Seelie Locations

Map of all Star-Shaped Gem Seelie

Go to the Seelie Locations in Shirikoro Peak, Mt. Kanna, and south of Chirai Shrine. Follow them until they have all returned to their Seelie Courts in the marked location.

Rewards you with a Luxurious Chest

After all Seelie have been guided home, a Luxurious Chest will appear. Open the chest and claim the rewards for solving the Star-Shaped Gem puzzle!

More Star-Shaped Gem Puzzles

Pyro Torch Puzzle Solution

How to Solve the Pyro Torch Puzzle

You only need to light the 4 Pyro Torches marked in the image above to solve this puzzle. This hint was shown on the room's Ruin Mural!
Other Shirikoro Peak Puzzles

Electro Seelie and Lightning Strike Probe Solution

Video Walkthrough of the Puzzle

How to Solve the Puzzle

You will need to approach the Electro Seelie in the room so they move around. The Lightning Strike Probes will point to the nearest Electro Seelie it's facing. You'll need to move the Seelie to make the Lightning Strike Probes align correctly!
Other Shirikoro Peak Puzzles

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