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FF7 Rebirth, Part 2 of 2020's FF7 Remake, is coming Winter 2023 as the second part of a trilogy. Find out the release date and available platforms for the game, and what happens to Aerith, Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth in the new continuation of the story!

FF7 Rebirth News

Release Date

Available Winter 2023

FF7 Rebirth Release Date.png

FF7 Rebirth will be arriving exclusively to PS5 in Winter 2023. Based on this, it's easy to guess that the game will be arriving in either November or December 2023.

Available Platforms

PS5 Exclusive on Release

The announcement trailer has confirmed that the game will be available only on PS5 at launch, similar to the Intergrade DLC's PS5 exclusivity at launch in June of 2021.

Intergrade later became available on the Epic Games Store on PC, with availability on Steam being added simultaneously to the Rebirth announcement on June 16, so a PC port is highly likely within 1-2 years of release.

Part 2 of a Trilogy

It has been officially confirmed that FF7 Rebirth will be Part 2 in a trilogy of games, with one final in the series to follow. With the naming pattern of Remake and Rebirth now established, and Reunion already used by the newly-announced Crisis Core remake, fans are dying to know what the title of the third and final part will be.

First Look Trailer

The First Look Trailer released with the announcement of the game shows off some of the main scenes from the original FF7, including Cloud and Sephiroth heading to the Mako Reactor in the Nibelheim Incident, as well as Zack and Cloud on their way back to Midgar afterwards – though some aspects seem to be rather different from the original!

FF7 Rebirth Characters

Spoilers for the original FF7 are discussed below, so read at your own risk!

Zack Fair

FF7 Rebirth Zack Carrying Cloud 2.png

Zack Fair is a SOLDIER First Class who accompanied Sephiroth in the Nibelheim Incident, an event before the main story of FF7 and FF7 Remake. In the original game, he dies after these events in a battle with Shinra troops, but in the ending of FF7 Remake Intergrade and the trailer for FF7 Rebirth, he is shown to have survived the battle.

Zack's survival seems to imply that the path from this point on will occur in an alternate timeline to the original game.


FF7 Rebirth Cloud and Sephiroth.png

Although appearing sparingly throughout FF7 Remake, Sephiroth will play a much larger role in the story in the second part of the trilogy. The scene in the trailer depicts Cloud and Sephiroth heading to the Mako reactor in Nibelheim – in the original game, after this event, Sephiroth discovers his origins and goes berserk, killing the residents of Nibelheim and finally being subdued by Cloud and thrown into the lifestream in an event known as the Nibelheim Incident.

Aerith Gainsborough

FF7 Rebirth Aerith.png

Wait... What are you implying? That I died? That I'm some kind of impostor?

Aerith's famous death at the hands of Sephiroth in the original game is one of the most famous scenes in any video game. With the timeline split created at the end of FF7 Remake, however, it's possible that this key event can be avoided this time.

Do you think Aerith will die? Should she?

Yes, otherwise it's not FF7 20
Yes, but I don't want her to 5
No, we will change fate! 29

Cloud Strife

FF7 Rebirth Zack Carrying Cloud.png

Let's not forget our favorite protagonist, Cloud Strife. He's shown first walking together with Sephiroth, then being carried by Zack Fair as they head back toward Midgar. As these scenes take place before the events of FF7 Remake, it's unclear what happens between them to once again separate Zack and Cloud.

FF7 Rebirth Game Info

Genre Action RPG
Release Date Winter 2023
Platform PS5

FF7 Remake Part 2

FF7 Rebirth Zack Carrying Cloud 3.png

The second part of FF7 Remake, FF7 Rebirth carries the story into a new section of the original FF7 timeline, with a twist added by potential changes to events through alterations of fate.

Out into the Open World

FF7 Remake Intergrade Traveling to Kalm

Leaving Midgar will take our heroes out into the broad world of FF7, and like the original game, this is likely to be the part of the story where the map opens up and the party is free to explore all currently accessible areas.

While the original game didn't allow for the story to be progressed in any order, and a freely open-world progression system doesn't seem likely for such a complex plot, the open map should serve as a breath of fresh air after the tight spaces of the original FF7 Remake.

Likely to be an Action RPG

FF7 Remake Action RPG

Although footage of actual gameplay hasn't been shown yet, it's highly likely that the game will follow the same basic gameplay style of its predecessor, with a focus on high-energy action, a strong departure from the turn-based combat of the original FF7.

Announced at FF7 25th Anniversary Event

FF7 25th Anniversary.jpeg

FF7 Rebirth was announced at a 25th anniversary event for the original Final Fantasy VII, which also revealed Crisis Core Reunion, a remake for the original 2007 PlayStation Portable classic Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

FF7 25th Anniversary Event Full Livestream

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