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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki and complete strategy guide for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7 Rebirth). Our guides will feature everything you need to know about FF7 Rebirth including a complete story walkthrough and info on its characters, equipment, tips, boss guides, and latest news.

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FF7 Rebirth Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Banner
Story Walkthrough

All Story Chapters
Chapter 1 Fall of a Hero
Chapter 2 A New Journey Begins
Chapter 3 Deeper into Darkness
Chapter 4 Dawn of a New Era
Chapter 5 Blood in the Water
Chapter 6 Fool's Paradise
Chapter 7 Those Left Behind
Chapter 8 All That Glitters
Chapter 9 The Planet Stirs
Chapter 10 Watcher of the Vale
Chapter 11 The Long Shadow of Shinra
Chapter 12 A Golden Key
Chapter 13 Where Angels Fear to Tread
Chapter 14 End of the World
How Long to Beat? Game Length
Post-Game Content and How to Get 100% Clear

FF7 Rebirth Boss Guides

FF7 Rebirth - List of All Bosses

Boss Fight Guide and List of All Bosses

Story Bosses

All Major Story Bosses
Chapter 1 Materia Guardian
Chapter 2 Midgardsormr
Chapter 3 Rude and Elena
Mythril Golem
Chapter 4 Terror of the Deep
Chapter 5 Jenova Emergent
Chapter 6 Grasptropod
Chapter 7 Custom Valkyrie
Chapter 8 Dyne
Anuran Suppressor
Chapter 9 Specimen H1024
Crimson Mare Mk. II
Chapter 10 Gi Nattak
Chapter 11 Diabolic Variant
Yin and Yang
Forgotten Specimen
Galian Beast
Chapter 12 Abzu
Rude and Elena
Chapter 13 Red Dragon
Reno and Rude
Tseng and Elena
Moss-Grown Adamantoise
Demon Gate
Chapter 14 Jenova Lifeclinger
Sephiroth Reborn

Optional Bosses

Summon Titan
Classified Intel Quetzalcoatl
Side Quests White Terror
Summon Phoenix
Classified Intel Mindflayer
Side Quests White Mousse
Hell Rider II
Sandstorm Drake
Summon Alexander
Classified Intel Tonberry King
Side Quests Dark Claw
Minigame Test 0
Summon Kujata
Classified Intel Great Malboro
Side Quests Levridon
Gorgon Mane
Cosmo Canyon
Summon Bahamut Arisen
Classified Intel Jabberwock
Side Quests Irasceros
Summon Odin
Classified Intel King Zu
Side Quests Queen Bee
Meridian Ocean
Gilgamesh's Island Gilgamesh
Titan and Bahamut Arisen
Phoenix and Kujata
Alexander and Odin
Pirate King's Treasure Ogre Raider
Brineborn Demon
Sea Dragon

FF7 Rebirth Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

FF7 Rebirth - Side Quests

List of All Side Quests

Side Quest Guides

All Side Quest Guides
Best Side Quests to Do

List of All Side Quests

Chapter 2
Flowers from the Hill Lifeline in Peril
A Rare Card Lost Livestock's Bane
Where the Wind Blows -
Chapter 4
Stuck in a Rut When Words Won't Do
Calling All Frogs The Hardest Sell
Dreaming of Blue Skies -
Chapter 7
The Saga of the Seaside Inn Rendezvous in Costa del Sol
Bodybuilders in a Bind Of Robed Men and Ransoms
Chapter 9
Missing: Mr. Birdie The Pursuit of Perfection
O Chicken, Where Art Thou Teach Me, Great Warrior
The Spice of Life -
Chapter 10
Bonds of Trust Absence of a Sign
From Whence Life Flows Promises to Keep
Chapter 11
Esoteric Secrets of the Elders My White-Haired Angel
Chapter 12
Hustle and Grind Tides of War and Worry
Beneath Still Waters Gold Cup or Bust
Trouble in Paradise Sand and Circuses
Escape from Endless Writer's Block Woodland Vigil
Victim of Circumstance Lament of the Damned
Can't Stop, Won't Stop -

FF7 Rebirth Recommended Guides

FF7 Rebirth - Recommended Guides

Beginner's Guide and Getting Started

Guides for Getting Started
Beginner's Guide Best Gameplay Settings
Difficulty Setting Differences Should You Watch The Story So Far?
How to Claim Bonuses How to Skip Chapter 1
Trophy List and Guide List of Controls

Gameplay System Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips and Tricks
Combat System Explained Battle Icons and Status Effects Explained
Active and Classic Combat Style Differences First Strike Explained
How to Restore HP and MP How to Change Your Party
How to Pressure and Stagger Enemies How to Fill the ATB Gauge
How to Attack Flying Enemies How to Counter and Parry Attacks
How to Dash (Run) How to Use Terrain Actions
How to Run Away (Fleeing) Chocobo Customization Guide
How to Fix Insert Data Disc Bug How to Fast Travel Across Regions
All Beach Outfits and Which to Choose How to Go Down Ladders Fast
Steal List & Guide: Best Items to Steal Morph List & Guide: Best Items to Morph
What to Spend GP On and All Gold Saucer Items Missable Items, Events, and Quests
Weapon Upgrades Explained How to Get Unbound
How to Take Photos in Photo Mode All Synergy Abilities and How to Use
How to Save the Game and Delete Save Files Shinra Boxes Explained
Weapon Abilities Explained How to Lock On to Enemies
How to Farm GP -

Character Stat Guides

Character Stats Guides
Character Stats Explained What Does Attack Do?
What Does Defense Do? What Does Magic Do?
What Does Magic Defense Do? What Does Magic Attack Do?
What Does Strength Do? What Does Spirit Do?
What Does Vitality Do? What Does Speed Do?
What Does Luck Do? -

Mount Guides

Mount Guides
All Mounts and How to Unlock How to Get the Buggy
How to Get the Tiny Bronco How to Get the Wheelie (Segway)

Farming Guides

Farming Guides
Gil Farming Guide - How to Farm Gil (Money) Fast AP Farming Guide - How to Farm AP Fast
EXP Farming Guide - How to Level Up Fast How to Increase Party Level and Rewards
Moogle Medal Farming Guide SP Farming Guide - How to Farm SP Fast

Post-Game Guides

Post-Game Guides
Chapter Select and New Game Plus Explained Post-Game Content and How to Get 100% Clear
Hard Mode Difficulty Guide List of All Manuscripts Guide
All Johnny's Treasure Trove Locations How to Recover MP in Hard Mode

Story Guides

Story Guides
How to Escape the Depths How to Get Into the Crow's Nest
How to Get the Gondola Ticket How to Wake Up the Dead Businessmen
Should You Pay 2,000 Gil to the Bandits? Swindling Seminar Solution
Which Direction Should You Set the Minecart? World Intel Guide and Rewards
Which Direction Should You Set the Minecart? All Pirate Relic Locations
Which Gift to Choose for Aerith? How to Unlock the Elevator with Yuffie
Point of No Return -

FF7 Rebirth Queen's Blood

FF7 Rebirth - Queen
Queen's Blood Card Locations and Guide

All Queen's Blood Guides

FF7 Rebirth Queen's Blood Guides
Best Cards Tier List Best Decks Tier List
Card Carnival How to Win the Queen's Blood Tournament
How to Beat and Get to the Shadowblood Queen All Queen's Blood Players and Rewards
All Gold Saucer Queen’s Blood Challenges -

FF7 Rebirth Minigames

FF7 Rebirth - Minigames
List of All Available Minigames

All Minigame Guides

All Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Minigames
FF7 Rebirth - Piano Minigame Guide and RewardsPiano Minigame FF7 Rebirth - Hustle de Chocobo Minigame GuideHustle de Chocobo
FF7 Rebirth - Moogle Mischief Minigame GuideMoogle MIschief FF7 Rebirth - Dolphin MinigameDolphin Show Minigame
FF7 Rebirth - Junon Parade Top BannerJunon Parade and All 7th Infantry Locations FF7 Rebirth - Fort Condor Minigame GuideFort Condor
FF7 Rebirth - Cactuar Caper Minigame Guide and All Cactuar LocationsCactuar Caper and All Cactuar Locations FF7 Rebirth - Run Wild Minigame Top Banner.pngRun Wild
FF7 Rebirth - Card Carnival Minigame Guide and SolutionsCard Carnival (Costa del Sol Queen's Blood Challenges) FF7 Rebirth - Pirate’s Rampage Minigame Guide and RewardsPirate's Rampage
FF7 Rebirth - Wheelie Rendezvous Minigame and How to UnlockWheelie Rendezvous FF7 Reload - Minecart AdventureMinecart Adventure
FF7 Rebirth - G-Bike Minigame Guide and RewardsG-Bike Minigame FF7 Rebirth - Desert Rush Minigame Guide and RewardsDesert Rush
FF7 Rebirth - Galactic Saviors Minigame Guide and RewardsGalactic Saviors FF7 Rebirth - 3D Brawler Minigame Guide and Rewards3D Brawler
Ff7 Rebirth - Chocobo Races Minigame Top BannerChocobo Races FF7 Rebirth - Musclehead Colosseum Minigame Guide and Rewards.pngMusclehead Colosseum
FF7 Rebirth - Jumpfrog Minigame GuideJumpfrog FF7 Rebirth - Crunch-Off Minigame GuideCrunch-Off
FF7 Rebirth - Glide de Chocobo Guide and RewardsGlide de Chocobo FF7 Rebirth - Cactuar Crush Top BannerCactuar Crush
FF7 Rebirth - Gears and Gambits Minigame Guide and RewardsGears and Gambits FF7 Rebirth - Gold Saucer QueenGold Saucer Queen's Blood Challenges

FF7 Rebirth Characters

FF7 Rebirth - Characters

List of All Characters

Playable Characters

All Playable Characters
FF7 Rebirth - Aerith GainsboroughAerith FF7 Rebirth - Barret WallaceBarret FF7 Rebirth - Cait SithCait Sith FF7 Rebirth - Cloud StrifeCloud
FF7 Rebirth - Red XIIIRed XIII FF7 Rebirth - SephirothSephiroth FF7 Rebirth - Tifa LockhartTifa FF7 Rebirth - Yuffie KisaragiYuffie

Appearing Characters

All Appearing Characters
FF7 Rebirth - BiggsBiggs FF7 Rebirth - BillyBilly FF7 Rebirth - BrodenBroden FF7 Rebirth - BugenhagenBugenhagen
FF7 Rebirth - Captain TitovCaptain Titov FF7 Rebirth - ChadleyChadley FF7 Rebirth - ChloeChloe FF7 Rebirth - Cid HighwindCid
FF7 Rebirth - CissneiCissnei FF7 Rebirth - DioDio FF7 Rebirth - Doctor SheiranDr. Sheiran FF7 Rebirth - DyneDyne
FF7 Rebirth - ElenaElena FF7 Rebirth - Professor HojoHojo FF7 Rebirth - JohnnyJohnny FF7 Rebirth - PriscillaPriscilla
FF7 Rebirth - RenoReno FF7 Rebirth - RhondaRhonda FF7 Rebirth - RocheRoche FF7 Rebirth - RudeRude
FF7 Rebirth - Rufus ShinraRufus FF7 Rebirth - Solemn GusSolemn Gus FF7 Rebirth - TsengTseng FF7 Rebirth - Vincent ValentineVincent
FF7 Rebirth - Zack FairZack FF7 Rebirth - ZanganZangan

Other Character Guides

Character Guides
Characters Tier List Best Builds
Best Party Compositions Best Abilities

FF7 Rebirth Romance

FF7 Rebirth - Romance and Relationship Guide Banner

Romance and Relationship Guide

All Romance Guides

General Romance Guides
Loveless Bad Date
Gold Saucer Date Guide -
Character Romance Guides
Aerith Tifa
Barret Red XIII
Yuffie -

FF7 Rebirth World Intel

FF7 Rebirth - World Intel

World Intel Guide and Rewards

All World Intel Activities

All Types of World Intel
FF7 Rebirth - TowersTowers FF7 Rebirth - ProtorelicsProtorelics FF7 Rebirth - Divine IntelSanctuaries
FF7 Rebirth - Fiend IntelFiend Intel FF7 Rebirth - LifespringLifesprings FF7 Rebirth - Excavation IntelExcavation
FF7 Rebirth - Classified IntelClassified Intel FF7 Rebirth - Moogle IntelMoogle Intel -

FF7 Rebirth Materia

FF7 Rebirth - Materia

List of All Materia

All Materia by Type

All Materia Types
Magic MateriaMagic Command MateriaCommand Support MateriaSupport Complete MateriaComplete Summon MateriaSummon

Materia Guides

Other Materia Guides
Best Materia and Materia Combinations -

FF7 Rebirth Weapons

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Weapons

All Weapon Guides
List of All Weapons Best Weapons

FF7 Rebirth Armor

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Armor

Other Armor Guides
List of All Armor Best Armor

FF7 Rebirth Accessories

Final Fantasy Rebirth (FF7 Rebirth) - Accessories Partial

Other Accessory Guides
List of All Accessories Best Accessories

FF7 Rebirth Limit Breaks

FF7 Rebirth - Limit Break

List of Limit Breaks

FF7 Folio Skill Tree

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Folio Skill Tree

Folio Skill Tree Guide

All Folio Skill Tree Guides

Related Folio Guides
All Synergy Skills All Synergy Abilities

FF7 Rebirth Mounts

FF7 Rebirth - Chocobos

All Chocobo Locations and Types

All Chocobo Guides

Chocobo Gear Guides
All Chocobo Gear Golden Plumes
Chocobo Types
Mountain Chocobo Jungle Chocobo
Sky Chocobo Ocean Chocobo
Chocobo Per Region
Grasslands Chocobo Junon Chocobo
Corel Chocobo Gongaga Chocobo
Cosmo Canyon Chocobo Nibel Chocobo

FF7 Rebirth Maps and Locations

FF7 Rebirth - Maps and Locations

Map and Locations

All Regions

List of All Regions
Grasslands Junon
Corel Gongaga
Cosmo Canyon Nibel
Meridian Ocean Northwood

All Map Locations

List of All Landmarks
FF7 Rebirth - Chocobo Hidden Treasures IconChocobo Hidden Treasures FF7 Rebirth - Fiend IntelFiend Intel FF7 Rebirth - TowersTowers FF7 Rebirth - Chocobo StopChocobo Stop
FF7 Rebirth - Lifespring IconLifespring FF7 Rebirth - CacheCache FF7 Rebirth - ProtorelicProtorelics FF7 Rebirth - SanctuarySanctuaries
FF7 Rebirth - Excavation IntelExcavation Intel FF7 Rebirth - Classified IntelClassified Intel FF7 Rebirth - Moogle IntelMoogle Intel FF7 Rebirth -  PortsPorts

FF7 Rebirth Combat Simulator

FF7 Rebirth - Combat Simulator Partial

All Combat Simulator Battles and Rewards

All Combat Simulator Articles

Combat Simulator Guides
Brutal and Legendary Combat Simulator Guide

Biological Intel

List of Biological Intel Missions
Know Thine Enemy Blinded by Light
Breath of Life At Any Cost
Head Case That's the Smell
Stony Stare -

Brutal Challenges

List of Brutal Challenges
Army of the Damned Requiem for the Scorned
Unending Nightmare Hellions' Intonement
The Seventh Seal Rulers of the Outer Worlds

Legendary Bouts

List of Legendary Bouts
Cloud vs. The Warriors Barret vs. The Colossi
Tifa vs. The Martialists Aerith vs. The Magi
Red XIII vs. The Beasts Yuffie vs. The Wronged
Cait Sith vs. The Abominable Bonds of Friendship
To Be a Hero -

FF7 Rebirth Items

FF7 Rebirth - Items

List of Items

FF7 Rebirth Crafting Materials

Materials Partial

List of All Materials

FF7 Rebirth Enemies

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Enemies

List of All Enemies

FF7 Rebirth News

FF7 Rebirth is Out Now!

FF7 Rebirth Now Available

FF7 Rebirth is now officially available to play as of midnight, February 29, 2024. Players who pre-ordered or purchased digital copies should now be able to play the full game once they have it downloaded!

FF7 Rebirth Release Time and Countdown

Save Data, Pre-Order, and Edition Bonuses are Now Available

All In-Game Bonuses
FF7 Remake Bonuses Demo Bonuses
Preorder Bonuses Game Edition Bonuses

Players who played the FF7 Rebirth Demo, FF7 Remake, and FF7 Remake INTERGRADE can now claim their bonuses in-game. Make sure your account has save data in the PS5 for each of the different games to register the bonuses.

Additionally, players who pre-ordered the game and purchased the Digital Deluxe edition will also be able to claim their bonuses as soon as they download and play the full version of FF7 Rebirth.

All Latest News and Updates

News and Game Info

FF7 Rebirth Demo Walkthrough

FF7 Rebirth - Demo Walkthrough

Demo Walkthrough and Everything Included

Demo Walkthroughs
Nibelheim: Demo Part 1 Junon: Demo Part 2
Demo Guides
How to Download the Demo Can You Carry Over Progress?
All Demo Choices and Results Piano Minigame Guide
How to Beat Materia Guardian How to Beat Terror of the Deep
How to Beat Phoenix -

FF7 Rebirth Game Info

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Genre Action RPG
Release Date February 29, 2024
Platform PS5

FF7 Remake Part 2

FF7 Rebirth Zack Carrying Cloud

The second part of FF7 Remake, FF7 Rebirth, carries the story into a new section of the original FF7 timeline, with a twist added by potential changes to events through alterations of fate.

Out Into the Open World

FF7 Remake Intergrade Traveling to Kalm

Leaving Midgar will take our heroes out into the broad world of FF7, and like the original game, this is the part of the story where the map opens up and the party is free to explore all currently accessible areas.

While the original game didn't allow for the story to be progressed in any order, and a freely open-world progression system doesn't seem likely for such a complex plot, the open map should serve as a breath of fresh air after the tight spaces of the original FF7 Remake.

Keeps the Action RPG Genre

FF7 Rebirth - Action RPG

As seen in the official gameplay trailers, FF7 Rebirth follows the same basic gameplay style of its predecessor, with a focus on high-energy action, a strong departure from the turn-based combat of the original FF7.

Announced at FF7 25th Anniversary Event

FF7 25th Anniversary

FF7 Rebirth was announced at a 25th anniversary event for the original Final Fantasy VII, which also revealed Crisis Core Reunion, a remake for the original 2007 PlayStation Portable classic Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Series
FF7 RemakeFF7 Remake FF7 RebirthFF7 Rebirth
Crisis Core FF7 Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion
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