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This is a farming guide for Bloodrun Jewel, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Bloodrun Jewel locations and drop sources, as well as Bloodrun Jewel uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Bloodrun Jewel - Basic Information

Name Bloodrun Jewel ImageBloodrun Jewel
Description An indispensable item used in decorations. A shame that these are so high-end.
Rarity 4 Type Other Materials
Sell Price 530 Hold Limit 99

Bloodrun Jewel - How to Farm

Complete ★ 6 Hub Quests to Farm Steadily

The Bloodrun Jewel can be farmed steadily by completing ★6 Hub Quests. They also appear as a Quest Reward in ★7 Hub Quests if you wish to farm those instead!

Easiest Quest to Farm for Bloodrun Jewel

The Lava Caverns Sweep is a ★6 Small Monster hunting quest. Clearing this quest is the easiest chance you have at getting a Bloodrun Jewel since hunting Uroktor and Rachnoid are easier than hunting Large Monsters. Keep in mind that clearing The Lava Caverns Sweep does not always grant a Bloodrun Jewel as a Quest Reward.

The Lava Caverns Sweep Quest and Rewards

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
Hub Quest ★6 Grasp the Gunlance -
Hub Quest ★6 Learn the Long Sword -
Urgent Hub Quest ★6 A Bewitching Chance -
Hub Quest ★6 Red Skies at Night -
Hub Quest ★6 Closer Than it Appears -
Hub Quest ★6 Skies are Gray -
Hub Quest ★6 A Somniferous Elegy -
Hub Quest ★6 Skies Flash, Clouds Boom -
Village Quest ★6 Advanced: The Veterans' Gala -
Event Quest ★6 The Blue Bomber's Best Bud -
Event Quest ★6 Knight in Shattered Armor
Hub Quest ★7 A Whirlwind of a Stage -
Hub Quest ★7 Omnidirectional Threats -
Hub Quest ★7 Fought, Failed, Fired Up -
Hub Quest ★7 A Frosty Stalemate -
Hub Quest ★7 Ruckus in the Ruins -
Hub Quest ★7 Evil Afoot -
Hub Quest ★7 A Resounding Roar -
Hub Quest ★7 Clad in Hellfire -
Hub Quest ★7 It's Gonna Get You! -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 3 -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 2 -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 1 -
Hub Quest ★7 Death From Above -
Hub Quest ★7 May Fire Quell Fury -
Event Quest ★7 Beast of the Shadows -
Hub Quest ★7 The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune -
Hub Quest ★7 The Graceful Apex Rathian -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Crimson Glow -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: The Fallen Comet -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Scaredy-Cat -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Of Storm and Fire -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Monsters in Ink -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Dual Calamities -
Hub Quest ★7 The Voltaic Apex Zinogre -
Hub Quest ★7 The Devastating Apex Diablos -
Hub Quest ★7 The Fearsome Apex Rathalos -
Hub Quest ★7 The Evil Star from Beyond -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 5 -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 4 -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Proof of Power -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Allmother -
Event Quest ★7 Almudron: Fashion Victim -
Event Quest ★7 Fooled in the Flooded Forest -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of a Hero -
Event Quest ★7 An Icy Blade So Bright -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of Rivalry -
Event Quest ★7 Tempest in the Desert -
Event Quest ★7 SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam -
Event Quest ★7 White Desert Blossom -
Event Quest ★7 Boomy Dango -
Event Quest ★7 Trouble in Paradise -
Event Quest ★7 Diablos Deception -
Event Quest ★7 Gales of Ibushi Blow Again -

Item drop rate is ranked from 1 to 5 ★, with five stars being the most common. A half star is indicated with ½.

Bloodrun Jewel - How to Use

Craft Decorations at the Smithy

Jewels such as Lazurite Jewels, Bloodrun Jewel, and Aquaglow Jewel are vital in crafting Decorations at smithy. Check out our Decorations Guide for more info!

Decorations Guide

Used to Craft Decorations

MH Rise - Artillery Jewel 2Artillery Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Attack Jewel 2Attack Jewel 2 (×5)
MH Rise - Blunt Jewel 2Blunt Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Brace Jewel 1Brace Jewel 1 (×2)
MH Rise - Capacity Jewel 3Capacity Jewel 3 (×5) MH Rise - Charger Jewel 2Charger Jewel 2 (×5)
MH Rise - Counter Jewel 2Counter Jewel 2 (×2) MH Rise - Crit Element Jewel 2Crit Element Jewel 2 (×4)
MH Rise - Draw Jewel 3Draw Jewel 3 (×4) MH Rise - Earplug Jewel 3Earplug Jewel 3 (×4)
MH Rise - Enhancer Jewel 2Enhancer Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Evasion Jewel 2Evasion Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Expert Jewel 2Expert Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Footing Jewel 2Footing Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Fungiform Jewel 3Fungiform Jewel 3 (×5) MH Rise - Gambit Jewel 2Gambit Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Guardian Jewel 3Guardian Jewel 3 (×5) MH Rise - Ironwall Jewel 2Ironwall Jewel 2 (×4)
MH Rise - Jumping Jewel 2Jumping Jewel 2 (×2) MH Rise - KO Jewel 2KO Jewel 2 (×1)
MH Rise - Magazine Jewel 2Magazine Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Mighty Jewel 2Mighty Jewel 2 (×5)
MH Rise - MindMind's Eye Jewel 2 (×5) MH Rise - Potential Jewel 2Potential Jewel 2 (×5)
MH Rise - Precise Jewel 2Precise Jewel 2 (×5) MH Rise - Quickswitch Jewel 2Quickswitch Jewel 2 (×3)
MH Rise - Refresh Jewel 2Refresh Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Sheath Jewel 2Sheath Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Shield Jewel 2Shield Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Sniper Jewel 1Sniper Jewel 1 (×1)
MH Rise - Sprinter Jewel 2Sprinter Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Trueshot Jewel 2Trueshot Jewel 2 (×4)
MH Rise - Wind Res Jewel 1Wind Res Jewel 1 (×1) MH Rise - Absorber Jewel 1Absorber Jewel 1 (×2)
MH Rise - Bubble Jewel 2Bubble Jewel 2 (×1) MH Rise - Destroyer Jewel 2Destroyer Jewel 2 (×1)
MH Rise - Friendship Jewel 2Friendship Jewel 2 (×1 ) MH Rise - Gobbler Jewel 2Gobbler Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Protection Jewel 2Protection Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Quickload Jewel 1Quickload Jewel 1 (×3)
MH Rise - Resistor Jewel 2Resistor Jewel 2 (×1) MH Rise - Steadfast Jewel 1Steadfast Jewel 1 (×2)

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