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This is a guide about Defense Boost Ramp-Up Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn Defense Boost's effects, its effect per level, and which weapons can use the Defense Boost Ramp-Up skill.

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Defense Boost Effects

Effect by Level

Ramp-Up Skill Effect
Defense Boost I Defense Bonus +10
Defense Boost II Defense Bonus +20
Defense Boost III Defense Bonus +30

Weapons with Defense Boost Ramp-Up Skills

Melee Weapons with Defense Boost Ramp-Up Skill

Defense Boost 1 Melee Weapons

Defense Boost 2 Melee Weapons

Defense Boost 3 Melee Weapons

Defense Boost 4 Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons with Defense Boost Ramp-Up Skill

Defense Boost 1 Ranged Weapons

Defense Boost 2 Ranged Weapons

Defense Boost 2 Ranged Weapon List
Kamura L. Bowgun IV Hidden Eye I
Khezu Syringe I Shotgun (Viper) II
Sniper Shot Jaeger I
Almudron Bowgun I Desolate Mist I
Cross Bowgun I Cross Bowgun II
Cross Blitz Yakt Shooter I
Rathling Gun I Blizzard Cannon I
Grenade Launcher I Grenade Launcher II
Royal Launcher I Royal Launcher II
Sinister Bowgun I Kamura H. Bowgun IV
Tigrex Howl I Cirrus Blaster I
Arzuros Gun II Iron Assault II
Steel Assault Meteor Bazooka I
Carom Shot I Carom Shot II
Bone Shooter I Bone Shooter II
Bone Buster Hidden Gambit I
Highpriest Bowgun II Spheniscine Slayer II
Sinister Volley I Journey Jelly I
Kamura Iron Bow IV Blessed Rain I
Hidden Bow I Ice Crest I
Ice Crest II Arzuros Bow II
Steel Bow Hunter's Stoutbow I
Mud Shot I Queen Blaster II
Khezu Bow I Bone Gun I
Bone Gun II Hyper Bone Gun
Hunter's Bow I Tigrex Archer I
Pukei Bow I Spongia Bow I
Spongia Bow II Arko Nulo II
Arko Unu Arko Nulo Yellow I
Arko Nulo Red II Arko Nulo White II
Sinister Bow I Felyne Bow II
Chaos Bow II Lotus Bowgun II
Great Lotus Bowgun Jaeger II
Usurper's Crime II Despot's Wildfire
Desolate Mist II Valkyrie Fire II
Valkyrie Blaze Rathling Gun II
Grenade Launcher III Tigrex Tank I
Thunderbolt Bowgun I Watchdog's Howl
Tigrex Howl II Cirrus Blaster II
Queen's Longfire II Queen's Farflier
Guerrera Cannon I Usurper's Tremor II
Despot's Paroxysm Striker's Bowgun I
Striker's Bowgun II Pukei Launcher I
Kadachi Raijodo Baleful Night
Spheniscine Ruler Thunderbolt Cannon I
Journey Jelly II Felyne Bowgun II
Blessed Rain II Dawn Ray Bow II
Summit's Grand Glow Kadachi Strikebow III
Flying Kadachi Striker Arzuros' Honeypot
Hunter's Stoutbow II Yekla Arc I
Yekla Arc II Herald's Battlebow
Crystalline Flower I Queen's Melody
Prominence Bow I Prominence Bow II
Kulu Piercer Tigrex Archer II
Usurper's Rumble II Despot's Earlybolt
Spongia Bow III Arko Nulo Black I
Arko Nulo Black II Arko Nulo Yellow II
Arko Unu Red Arko Unu White
Thunderbolt Bow I Chaotic Rapture
Blessed Lamp I Genie's Grimoire I
Icesteel Wasp I Icesteel Bow I
Teostra's Dart I Teostra's Artillery I
Bow of Hope & Valor I Tigrex Tank II

Defense Boost 3 Ranged Weapons

Defense Boost 4 Ranged Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Related Rampage Skills

Rampage Skills Partial.jpg
Rampage Skills: Best Rampage Skills

Rampage Skills List

Related Ramp-Up Skills
Affinity Boost Anti-Aerial Species Anti-Aquatic Species
Attack Boost Blast Boost Boost Equipped Coating
Brutal Strike Buddy Rally Chameleos Soul
Cluster Effect Coating Switch Boost Defense Boost
Defense Grinder Dragon Boost Dragon Exploit
Dulling Strike Element Exploit Fire Boost
Fireblight Exploit Hellion Mode Ibushi Soul
Ice Boost Iceblight Exploit Kinsect Level Boost
Kushala Daora Soul Lasting Arc Shot Magnamalo Soul
Master Rider Narwa Soul Normal Effect
Paralysis Boost Paralysis Coating Boost Pierce Effect
Poison Boost Poison Coating Boost Shrapnel Effect
Silkbind Boost Sleep Boost Sleep Coating Boost
Small Monster Exploit Spiribird Doubled Spread Effect
Sticky Effect Teostra Soul Thunder Boost
Thunder Boost Water Boost Waterblight Exploit

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