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This is a guide about Attack Melody Ramp-Up Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn Attack Melody's effects, its effect per level, and which weapons can use the Attack Melody Ramp-Up skill.

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Attack Melody Effects

Effect by Level

Rampage Skill Effect
Attack Melody I Enables attack-focused performances.
Attack Melody II Enables attack-focused performances.

Weapons with Attack Melody Ramp-Up Skills

Rampage Weapons List

Type Weapon
Hunting Horn Image Rampage Agitato III

MH Rise Related Rampage Skills

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Rampage Skills List

Related Rampage Skills
Add: Normal Ammo Affinity Surge Arc Shot: Affinity
Arc Shot: Anti-shock Arc Shot: Recovery Attack Melody
Attack Surge Blast Close-range Coating Boost
Defensive Melody Dragon Effect Dragon
Elemental Boost Elemental Surge Exhaust Effect
Fire Effect Fire Firing: Charge
Firing: Pierce Firing: Rapid Firing: Spread
Healing Melody Ice Effect Ice
Maximum Volume Non-elemental Boost Paralysis
Phial: Dragon Phial: Element Phial: Exhaust
Phial: Paralysis Phial: Poison Poison Effect
Poison Rapid Fire (Normal) Rapid Fire (Piercing)
Rapid Fire (Shrapnel) Rapid Fire (Spread) Rapid Fire (Sticky)
Recoil Down Boost Recoil Down Surge Reload Speed Boost
Reload Speed Surge Resilient Melody Secondary: Dragon
Secondary: Fire Secondary: Ice Secondary: Thunder
Secondary: Water Sharpness Type Shelling: Long
Shelling: Normal Shelling: Wide Sleep Effect
Sleep Special: Wyvernheart Special: Wyvernsnipe
Steadiness Boost Steadiness Surge Sticky/Cluster Effect I
Thunder Effect Thunder Use Blast Coating
Use Exhaust Coating Use Para Coating Use Poison Coating
Use Power Coating Use Sleep Coating Water Effect

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