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List of TRs and Prices

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List of TRs
This page lists all TRs in Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch, as well as where they are found. Read on if you would like to know more about each TR and its associated move!

Obtainable Moves
List of TMs List of TRs

List of TRs and Prices

No. Move Price (Watts)
TR00 Swords Dance 2000
TR01 Body Slam 3000
TR02 Flamethrower 5000
TR03 Hydro Pump 8000
TR04 Surf 5000
TR05 Ice Beam 5000
TR06 Blizzard 8000
TR07 Low Kick 3000
TR08 Thunderbolt 5000
TR09 Thunder 8000
TR10 Earthquake 8000
TR11 Psychic 5000
TR12 Agility 2000
TR13 Focus Energy 1000
TR14 Metronome 1000
TR15 Fire Blast 8000
TR16 Waterfall 3000
TR17 Amnesia 2000
TR18 Leech Life 3000
TR19 Tri Attack 2000
TR20 Substitute 3000
TR21 Reversal 2000
TR22 Sludge Bomb 5000
TR23 Spikes 2000
TR24 Outrage 8000
TR25 Psyshock 3000
TR26 Endure 1000
TR27 Sleep Talk 2000
TR28 Megahorn 8000
TR29 Baton Pass 2000
TR30 Encore 2000
TR31 Iron Tail 5000
TR32 Crunch 3000
TR33 Shadow Ball 3000
TR34 Future Sight 3000
TR35 Uproar 3000
TR36 Heat Wave 5000
TR37 Taunt 2000
TR38 Trick 2000
TR39 Superpower 8000
TR40 Skill Swap 1000
TR41 Blaze Kick 3000
TR42 Hyper Voice 5000
TR43 Overheat 8000
TR44 Cosmic Power 2000
TR45 Muddy Water 5000
TR46 Iron Defense 2000
TR47 Dragon Claw 3000
TR48 Bulk Up 2000
TR49 Calm Mind 2000
TR50 Leaf Blade 5000
TR51 Dragon Dance 2000
TR52 Gyro Ball 3000
TR53 Close Combat 8000
TR54 Toxic Spikes 2000
TR55 Flare Blitz 8000
TR56 Aura Sphere 3000
TR57 Poison Jab 3000
TR58 Dark Pulse 3000
TR59 Seed Bomb 3000
TR60 X-Scissor 3000
TR61 Bug Buzz 5000
TR62 Dragon Pulse 3000
TR63 Power Gem 3000
TR64 Focus Blast 8000
TR65 Energy Ball 5000
TR66 Brave Bird 8000
TR67 Earth Power 5000
TR68 Nasty Plot 2000
TR69 Zen Headbutt 3000
TR70 Flash Cannon 5000
TR71 Leaf Storm 8000
TR72 Power Whip 8000
TR73 Gunk Shot 8000
TR74 Iron Head 5000
TR75 Stone Edge 8000
TR76 Stealth Rock 3000
TR77 Grass Knot 3000
TR78 Sludge Wave 5000
TR79 Heavy Slam 3000
TR80 Electro Ball 3000
TR81 Foul Play 3000
TR82 Stored Power 2000
TR83 Ally Switch 2000
TR84 Scald 3000
TR85 Work Up 1000
TR86 Wild Charge 5000
TR87 Drill Run 3000
TR88 Heat Crash 3000
TR89 Hurricane 8000
TR90 Play Rough 5000
TR91 Venom Drench 2000
TR92 Dazzling Gleam 3000
TR93 Darkest Lariat 5000
TR94 High Horsepower 5000
TR95 Throat Chop 3000
TR96 Pollen Puff 5000
TR97 Psychic Fangs 5000
TR98 Liquidation 3000
TR99 Body Press 3000

What are TRs?

What Are TRs

Items that vanish after teaching a Pokemon a move

TRs (Technical Records) are similar to TMs (Technical Machines) in the older games, in that they can teach specific Pokemon a move, but the item can only be used once before disappearing. TMs on the other hand can now be used inifinitely, and they do not disappear.

Obtained in the Watt Shop and via Max Raid Battles

TRs are purchased for Watts or won as a reward from Max Raid Battles. This means that to obtain them, you will have to spend some time in the Wild Area.

Note that the TRs available from the Watt Shop will change every day, so be sure to check back every day when trying to obtain a specific TR.

Wild Area and Raid Strategy

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